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  1. OK....Kanter is with Portland now Thomas Bryant is driving me nuts. He would be a stud with 25 minutes so Bryant for Kanter?
  2. i think you are better off moving Butler and Ibaka as well
  3. Plumlee is the obvious choice there
  4. I have both Thomas Bryant and Ivaca Zubac. Should I pick up Kanter and if I do, who should I keep out of those two?
  5. Valanciunas is coming back and I am trying to figure out who to drop. It has to be a center and I am obviously looking at Zubac or Bryant The other thing is that I will have a first round bye, and both Allen and Harris have 2-3 schedules for the semi-final and final week. I will probably hold Allen unless I can trade, but should I be looking for a replacement for Harris?
  6. I have had him all season, but I should be getting a bye week for the playoffs and he only has 2 games in week two and 3 games in week three of the postseason think I need to find a replacement
  7. yeah I think you are giving up too much Collins may not have the best playoff schedule but those are two really good players and I don't think you will make it up with another streamer at the end of the season
  8. I would drop Huerter. Definitely keep WCJ
  9. Gay and Aminu have similar stats, if I am correct. Rudy has like 1 RB less per game, but his FG is way higher which do you need more is the answer IMO
  10. How close are you to first place and what improvements would this trade make to get you there?
  11. So I am being offered KD for Lillard and in the surface I want to jump at it but please consider this... 1) I only have 2 players who can play PG so I would likely need to drop someone and the only pg that would come close to fitting my build on the waiver is Alec Burks. So its a question of 2) I am punting assists and steals. I am in second overall and my ranking in other cats are FG: 2, FT: 2, 3s: 4 (and rising), PTS: 3, REB: 3, BLK: 1, TO: 1 It looks like I would help my FG, but it is questionable how much (or at all) if I have to drop one of my other high FG players and pick up another PG. It would also help out my rebounds but there is a pretty wide gulf between me and the #2 team Also, what are the chances that KD starts getting rest days after the break?
  12. Who is the better player to have in a 9 cat league?