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  1. More games like this with Levert out?
  2. 5/16 now, punting FG anyway but that's never fun. Still the rest of the line made up for it. Not sure if I'll hold when Russ get's back but I think we'll have maybe another week of high usage.
  3. Would probably go for Turner, think he’ll bring it up sooner or later. Depends how deep your league is
  4. Topic, getting offered Conley for Bazegod. Would be a no brainer honestly but I'm just a bit worried about injuries or getting shutdown if the Grizzlies start playing worse. Could use the extra assists, will miss the stocks but Conley's pretty good on steals anyway. Baze was also my last pick so maybe there's keeper value if he gets traded? Let me know what you think, leave a link, thanks!
  5. Let's hope this means more statlines like last night. I think he's the big winner here let's just hope he puts the work in.
  6. I would go with Tobias. The other two are solid but Tobias is putting up early round value. Plus in a 10 team league there’s usually decent streamers available. thanks!
  7. I’d go Lebron side. Lebron over Simmons, Lebron will probably rest some games but they sit Simmons a few games as well. Capela over Whiteside ROS/consistency wise. If anything you’re selling high off that monster game, plus I’m sure you’ll find someone like Morris on the wire at some point.
  8. I would take either of those trades no doubt. Especially the Booker trade.
  9. Marc Gasol for Wendell Carter Jr

    Bold move but still a pretty good one I think. Marc’s had injuries and there’s shutdown potential if/when Memphis starts losing games, WCJ looks like the real deal and he’ll be playing all season as long as he’s healthy. Would’ve tried to sell a bit higher personally but I get it. Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks guys. Still haven’t put the offer out, a little hesitant given Jimmy’s recent history and Twolves messing up trade opportunities, would be losing alot of 3s but efficiency should be way up. Any other opinions welcome
  11. Jwall or kyrie?

    Your team doesn’t seem too focused on assists so I would stick with Kyrie. Wall’s TOs and FG% would hurt also. Thanks for your help!
  12. Close call, Kawhi's always tempting. When he's played he's been amazing. All 3 have had injuries but I think Kawhi's the most likely to miss games given how cautious the Raps have been with him. I'd stay put but that could change depending on your team. Thanks for your help!
  13. Is it this fair? Whir

    I think OPJ is going to pick it up sooner than later, would take his side.
  14. Vonleh or Tucker? WHIR!!!

    I'd go for Vonleh. Might have some duds from time to time but better upside than PJ imo.