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  1. Topic, keeper league, penalty is you give up the draft pick before to keep (Luka round 7, DLo round 8), but Steph would help seal the season. Am I giving up too many assists/steals? Leave a link thanks!
  2. Bradley Beal 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    really hope the wiz don't decide to tank and trade him, he's been a huge part of my recent success.
  3. got him in the 7th in my keeper league, knew if I waited any longer he'd be gone. now I'm getting offers for packages involving first round value guys. they've all fell through or I probably would've done them as a win now move, but that just goes to show how highly everyone values him. he's so good even with offers like that I'm almost hesitant, my favourite player right now.
  4. I've heard people here say it's based off minutes played at that position. if he's been playing at the 5 then they might add that (which would be great for me). really nice line again. not gonna lie I wasn't expecting much (even though I drafted him like 6th/7th) but he's been great. any more info on the play that put him out of the game for a bit?
  5. knew he'd be good but i wasnt expecting this his second game back. odds he's a top 50 player next year? might be worth keeping if he keeps it up.
  6. take this and run. my guess is that a lot of people who are unhappy here are the ones who drafted him first and aren't getting what they expected (yet). i traded for him and i've been satisfied with the returns so far, even if it's not crazy lines night in night out.
  7. Regretted taking him at the end of the 4th round, and have been trying to shop him for more depth, plus I was worried about shutdown/injuries. But I just don't think I can let go of him at this point. Literally won a hopeless match up for me with those 5 blocks
  8. James Harden 2018-2019 Outlook

    Last couple of games remind me of 2 seasons ago when he was point god. Still confident even when CP returns, glad to have my boy back.
  9. Thanks guys! I'll shop around and see if I can make any favourable trades. Most WW pick ups are pretty successful for me, dropped Bamba and Robinson at the start of the week. Sad thing is now I only have 2 moves for the week but I'll see what I can do here.
  10. Yeah I see what you mean, I can't really say since I don't know the guy and if he's knowledgeable/panicking. Your evidence is solid but personally I wouldn't call people out except in extreme circumstances, but I don't think you'd be out of line if you wanted to speak up about it. Thanks for your help
  11. The fact that his friend is bottom 2 and is making this trade makes it pretty suspect imo. But Tristan has been playing really well in his last few games, so I'm not sure I would veto. I'd only save that for trades like the first one mentioned, which can't be defended at all. You said most of the players are his friends, I'd consider making it commissioner only but only if you think 5/10 of them are on his side/colluding.
  12. I usually follow the rule of go for the best player in the trade but you're giving up a bit too much especially in a 14 team league. KD and Mccollum will give solid production consistently, Schroeder will lose a good amount of value with Russ back. Plus I'm always worried about AD being out (though KD can sit games as well).
  13. DJ for Markkanen? WHIR 100%!

    I like Markannen but DJ has been killing it this year. I think it would be easier to find what Lauri gives on the wire but DJ's FG%, rebounds, and blocks are hard to replicate.
  14. Bump, not sure how to edit on this forum. Picked up Jabari and Danny Green (based off my matchup), think I have a decent chance this week but I'm not too confident. Any ideas on what to target?