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  1. In that case I would stay put. Don't think the remaining options are worth it personally.
  2. Sorry I should’ve stated the keeper restrictions. We can keep 3 players, there’s a penalty where we need to give up the pick before they were drafted to keep them. So if I do this deal my 3 keepers are Luka (picked 7th round, my 6th round pick next year), DLo (7th round pick next year) and Nurkic (correction, was picked 11th this season so 10th round pick next year). I got Beal second round and he’s been incredible, but I’m not sure I’d give up my first pick for him. Lauri was picked in the 6th round. Thanks guys for the input
  3. I’d take the deal since you have to drop someone anyway, at least you can get something back. Hield will still get his minutes
  4. Thanks, yeah I think it’ll be for the best. I was just concerned that I’d be giving up too much and focusing on 5 categories might be risky
  5. I think he means Tobias gonna take touches from Ben. I’m still taking that trade, he produces more across the board than Klay.
  6. Stay put, you can get more from AD if you really want to move him.
  7. Take Beal no doubt. Best player in the trade by far, he’s been putting up top 10 numbers since Wall went down.
  8. I’d go Kemba and Lauri/Luka. They’ve all been balling recently. Kawhi is too good but he misses too many games to be reliable imo.
  9. Got this counter offer, I’d be giving up Beal and Markannen for Westbrook and Nurkic. My FT% and 3s are going to take a hit (punt TOs so that’s irrelevant), but a boost in rebounds assists and steals would be welcome. 3s are pretty easy to get off the wire and I get 80+ a week now. Plus Nurkic was picked in the 10th round, so I can keep him for my 9th pick next year. Think I’m going to go for it but I’d like some extra opinions. Let me know what you think and WHIR 100%, thanks!
  10. Topic, keeper league, penalty is you give up the draft pick before to keep (Luka round 7, DLo round 8), but Steph would help seal the season. Am I giving up too many assists/steals? Leave a link thanks!
  11. really hope the wiz don't decide to tank and trade him, he's been a huge part of my recent success.
  12. got him in the 7th in my keeper league, knew if I waited any longer he'd be gone. now I'm getting offers for packages involving first round value guys. they've all fell through or I probably would've done them as a win now move, but that just goes to show how highly everyone values him. he's so good even with offers like that I'm almost hesitant, my favourite player right now.
  13. I've heard people here say it's based off minutes played at that position. if he's been playing at the 5 then they might add that (which would be great for me). really nice line again. not gonna lie I wasn't expecting much (even though I drafted him like 6th/7th) but he's been great. any more info on the play that put him out of the game for a bit?
  14. knew he'd be good but i wasnt expecting this his second game back. odds he's a top 50 player next year? might be worth keeping if he keeps it up.