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  1. I don't but that's somewhat the norm with Julio. He takes a fair amount of snaps off regularly.
  2. Ah yes, Sony Michel's value "is sunk" because they added Antonio Brown, which in turn means it's likely the Pats will have more goal line opportunities, and of course, since they added Antonio Brown, that means James Develin is now in line to snipe a larger percentage of the goal line runs than otherwise. Your comment makes absolutely no sense.
  3. If KC doesn't draft or sign someone to be the workhorse back, this kid is obviously a top 10 back next year with upside for more. Not sure why people are even mentioning RB2.
  4. 1 down year and the QB with the best QBR of all time lost his stud status? What the hell is going on in this thread? Your comment is the only laughable thing I see here.
  5. They are probably still clamoring that you can't trust Carson and that Penny is about to take over... Incredible levels of delusion from some Penny fans, even midway in to the season they were still forecasting Carson's demise.
  6. LOL. Dude the season isn't even over yet let's not get to these levels of ****posting already!
  7. Another game of Damien Williams looking much better than Ware in every single facet of the game besides maaaaybe pass blocking. He runs harder, breaks more tackles, has more burst, has better breakaway speed, sees running lanes better, and has better hands. He is just straight up much better than Ware. It's also interesting to me when a backup comes in and is clearly better than the starter, like what has been going on at practice for 4 months + that no one could tell how much better Damien Williams is than Ware?
  8. He doesn't play defense. Also I'm not a Packers fan.
  9. Talk about recency bias, dude has been a top flight QB his whole career
  10. Was a tough year to to draft Rodgers, but my god, did he deliver today. Thank you Aaron, you are amazing.
  11. Don't do this. I am starting him in PPR over Kenny G. Goodluck brothers.
  12. People love to talk about decoy games but never can provide examples of it actually happening. I remember Megateon was a decoy for a game or two around Thanksgiving like 5 years ago; other than that I've never seen this "infamous decoy game" people like to reference every single time a star receiver is hurt.
  13. Do you genuinely think this or are you greatly over exaggerating intentionally? 1. He is a professional, he plays football for a living, it is his job. And he has pride, he is the best at the world at what he does (imo), you think guys like that just want to sit out when they can? 2. He, his teammates, ownership, and the coaching staff want to win every single game, playoff contention or not. 3. He is having a monster season and I'm sure wants to keep improving his stats. 4. He is a team player and a warrior. No one wants to be that guy who sits out because he's dinged up and "there's nothing to play for," especially someone like Julio.