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  1. yup, as soon as he passes MJ.. his season is over
  2. Yeah.. for me it's Turner, Durant and Embiid competing who can suck the most in the Blk category
  3. 2017 - 25 mpg | 2.5 bpg 2018 - 32 mpg | 1.9 bpg For those watching Sixers Games.. why the drop? Not used playing big minutes and so he is pacing himself? Nobody dares to drive to the basket with him in the game?
  4. Yeah.. that's his Season in a nutshell but now with 3 days rest between the games, i am wondering with which sore body part he's popping up in the next injury report
  5. At this point he is just a really bad and inconsistent basketball Player.. we just have to grind it out. It is what it is
  6. he was out 3 weeks, not 3 months.. and an elbow injury sure shouldn't keep you from staying in shape.
  7. Ok.. so he is now fully practising and scrimmaging with the team but is still out
  8. same.. but for me it's PG13 who is beyond pathetic (stl cat) in the last few weeks. no wonder he was snubbed for the all-star game
  9. I don't mind the bad shooting, happens to every player. But i absolutely hate it when he has 0 assists games with his minutes and usage. mind-boggling
  10. i would be sursprised (not to say shocked) if he's back before the all star break
  11. losing blocks this week against a far inferior Opponent (+21 in blk's in our first Meeting) because Myles Turner is hurt and Kevin ******** Durant somehow became Enes Kanter since returning from his "injury". Embiid isn't helping either with his binery code numbers
  12. not gonna complain (he is absolutely awesome for a rookie), but tbh i thought with the minutes and usage he has we would see better counting stats.
  13. an uptick in assists would be nice.. but i'm sure he will get there with the starting gig + minutes otoh the steals are nice surprise