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  1. anyone else saw two steals instead of one from bojan in the nuggets game today? I lost by one steal....... 1:35 and 1:44
  2. I might wait a few games before making a decision, but as of right now I would probably drop WCS.
  3. I would keep favors, maybe try to make a 2 for 1 trade to open up space for powell
  4. If you think you will have enough threes, go ahead and do it
  5. 12-team 9-cat with DDs instead of TOs, punting assists. Should I trade my Tobias Harris and Robin Lopez for Capela? Capela has the better playoff schedule, and Tobias might decline when embiid is back. Thanks leave a link!
  6. Hmm it's close depending on how jabari turns out but I would prob do it
  7. No I would keep Portis, Marvin can be inconsistent sometimes
  8. It'll be pretty hard to get PG but like you've said I would try to involve embiid or Lillard
  9. Trying to get Tatum. 12-team 9-cat league with DDs instead of TOs, punting assists. 1. Tatum for my bojan bogdonavic and kenrich Williams 2. Tatum for my Middleton and kenrich Williams 3. Tatum for my levert and kenrich Williams Which one should I take, if any? Thanks leave a link!
  10. I would prob keep LeBron given the uncertainty surrounding AD
  11. Powell seems like he's going into a timeshare with kleber. I'll take Zeller