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  1. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    Way too much recency bias here. We've seen plenty of quarterbacks muck through their first year and blossom in their second and third years. Likewise, we've seen plenty of flash-in-the-pan QBs who light up the world for a string of games and disappear. I've always thought the offseason is a great equalizer. Give teams 8 months to study the tape on Watson, Jimmy G, etc., and let's see how defenses adjust, and how those players and their offenses adjust back. I don't mean to say that Watson or Jimmy won't be good or great. The sample is just too small. As far as Trubisky is concerned, a rookie year on a team with no receivers, with a coaching staff that literally only allowed him to throw the ball 7 times in one game, I consider the sample to be a wash. Here we are talking about all the interesting ways that Nagy can use Cohen and Shaheen, two players whom the coaching staff basically refused to play for large swaths of the season. Another reason why Trubisky's sample size is a wash, in my opinion.
  2. Cooper Kupp 2017 Season Outlook

    Not to start a 2018 thread already...but I'm curious what people are thinking about Kupp at this point. Certainly, his numbers fall into that category of rookie numbers of players who go on to have successful careers. I'm not sure if I see him as kind of in that permanent WR2/WR3 group or if he can take the leap to the solid WR2 category with some WR1 weeks mixed in. Just curious what others might be thinking in this regard. I don't doubt the talent, but it seems that with Woods and Gurley there for the near term, there's going to be competition for targets. If Watkins leaves, perhaps that's a benefit if Woods gets the #1 cornerback? But I imagine the Rams would try to keep Watkins there given the role he has had with taking the top off the defense.
  3. Cooper Kupp 2017 Season Outlook

    I think these are fair criticisms, but both these guys are so young. As a Bears fan watching John Fox mangle Mitchell Trubisky, I think it's fair to consider this year as Goff's true rookie year. Likewise, with Kupp as a rookie, I don't think it's necessarily a negative if his involvement in the offense is by design. He's on pace for 104 targets as a rookie - that number is too high for me to consider it all as being kind of forced in his general direction. Even if it is more forced than not, we see time and again that some rookies can't even handle that - Kupp's involvement in the game plan from day one remains a positive for me. Football outsiders ranks him in the top 17 for all receivers by their Defense Yards Above Replacement stats.
  4. Which TE to start?

    Vernon Davis vs. Dallas Hunter Henry vs. Cleveland Appreciate your help.
  5. Cooper Kupp 2017 Season Outlook

    Yeah, one drop and the fumble. I don't mean to sound like a Cooper fanboy, but I think that Kupp is being a bit unfairly penalized because two of his three drops on the year have been high-profile - the end zone drop on the second-to-last play against Seattle on what would have been a spectacular catch, and the crucial third-down drop this weekend against Minn. For context, Odell Beckham has four drops this year on 41 targets (fewer targets than Kupp). Alshon has two, Julio has three, DeAndre has three (although all on more targets than Kupp. The Football Outsiders stats I posted earlier were eye-opening for me. For a rookie to rate in the top 25 in efficiency and above replacement, he's doing something right.
  6. Cooper Kupp 2017 Season Outlook

    He caught six passes on seven targets in Week 11 at Minn.
  7. Cooper Kupp 2017 Season Outlook

    Through Week 10, Football Outsiders ranks Kupp pretty highly. 27th in Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement 23rd in Defense-adjusted Value Over Average 13th in Effective Yards (by average) He also only had 2 drops coming in to Week 11, so now 3 (unless there was another yesterday, but I don't think there was). Quite a few big names on the list with 2 or 3 drops. Given the generally accepted learning curve for rookie WRs, I think overall he remains a really promising player. Redraft, it's going to be spotty (Woods injury notwithstanding) but for keepers/dynasties, I don't think one negative game yesterday should cloud his future all that much.
  8. Cooper Kupp 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm interested to see how Cooper fares against Minnesota this week. I feel like the last couple weeks have been largely a product of game flow/the Rams playing awful teams. The Rams are soaking up huge chunks of yardage on TD plays lately (94, 67, 52) in the last two weeks. My anecdotal observation is that against the Giants and Texans, the Rams' WR are blatantly wide open, so hard to necessarily blame Kupp when Woods/Watkins are uncovered. Odds are that is not a trend. In a more even game, let's see if Goff focuses in on Kupp.
  9. Larry Fitzgerald vs. Seattle Cooper Kupp at Houston Juju Smith-Schuster at Indy I am very leery of starting Fitz against Seattle with Stanton. However, I can see both the Rams and Steelers games turning into blowouts early, and if game flow doesn't go the way of Kupp and Juju, their window to generate points may be small. What say you? Appreciate any advice!
  10. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    While obviously no one knows what will happen, and certainly there could simply be an RBBC, the big question becomes why Dallas would choose to offer McFadden a one-year contract with no apparent interest in playing him. Assuming the Cowboys were up-front with McFadden about his role, the corresponding question is why McFadden would choose to accept a one-year contract to essentially not play. I'm making some assumptions here, but assuming McFadden doesn't plan on retiring, and he doesn't really make a lot of sense as a practice squad stash for an entire season from a team development perspective, I think it's fair to conclude that McFadden has a very specific role on this team that is unique to this team. Just my two cents.
  11. Mack Hollins 2017 Season Outlook

    One thing I like about Hollins is that while he had the reputation as being just a deep threat at UNC, the majority of his catches (5/6) have been on non-deep routes. He has been running a lot of the X routes in his limited playing time that a Jeffery-type would run. I'm particularly interested in Hollins because he seems to be a guy who fell in the draft for slightly non-football reasons: broken collarbone his senior season, had an injury at the combine, stats in college were relatively low due to his role in the spread. Agree with others - relevance if Jeffery gets hurt for '17, but I love him for dynasty/keeper leagues. In my limited time viewing him, in his route running and the way he catches the ball, he just has the look of a bona fide receiver.
  12. Really scraping at the bottom of the barrel here! Appreciate your advice.
  13. Devonta Freeman 2017 Season Outlook

    For three years now, folks on this board have been predicting the demise of Devonta Freeman. He had only nine carries, and the Falcons only ran the ball 18 times. This is not a trend. Week 1: 12 of 21 total carries Week 2: 19 of 27 carries Week 3: 21 of 28 carries Week 4: 18 of 29 carries Yes, the Falcons will not go 16-0, and sometimes they will play in games where they go away from the run. Like every team.
  14. Tanner Gentry 2017 Outlook

    John Fox seems to have a vendetta against developing young players, so I wouldn't expect significant snaps this week.
  15. 12 team league, .5 PPR Debating between WR Cooper Kupp vs. SEA or WR Jaron Brown at PHI. As a note, I am starting WR Larry Fitzgerald at PHI. Why I would start Cooper: the non-Sherman receiver should get good volume. Seahawks strangely struggle on the road frequently. Cooper risks: volume could go elsewhere (Robert Woods), offense could get bogged down. Why I would start Brown: great target volume the last three games, AZ running game isn't effective, should be a relatively pass-happy affair on both sides and a high scoring game. Brown risks: I already own Larry Fitzgerald and am starting him, so I would be cannibalizing somewhat. John Brown represents a target stealing risk, but I feel safer seeing Jaron's heavy snap counts. I think I'm leaning towards Jaron as a safer play. What say you? Appreciate your help and WHIR.