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  1. He may be a little inaccurate as of late but the important thing is he has a leg and the coach trusts him in long distance situation.
  2. Bucs run defense is legit, probably top 3 in the league, no one should complain about CMC today. Could've been a lot worse.
  3. It’ll be a miracle for 50 yards for Gordon, at this point I’ll take it
  4. At the game, looks like thunder and lightening incoming by way of FLASH GORDON.
  5. Anyone a little worried with the Watson release? Perhaps they are making room for another WR? Green?
  6. Jets OL is abysmal, Crowder and Herndon will be eating up the targets a la Hooper and Sanu in ATL. I see a very safe floor with Herndon with touchdowns sprinkled in.
  7. OJ Owners "Help us master Herndons, you're our only hope"
  8. The need to get their best weapon Keenan involved.
  9. Everyone sleeping on AJ after his tough schendule to start. Time to eat!