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  1. Disgusting, can't even step it up against his former team. Strong work HorTARD
  2. Sack up Khris we in the ship.
  3. Not sure if I should drop I already have 2 streaming spots and a limited amount of moves. Tough tough decisions, I need you back Thrillsap.
  4. I think its time for...
  5. Maybe I came off a bit too brash, but I am assuming the majority of people still posting are in the playoffs. Although Kanter is great at what he does, come playoff time you have to make tough cuts in order to make the most of the games left. You can't bank on a injury if your in the playoffs in this position. Kanter is now starting to lose/share minutes to Sabonis and McDermott depending on matchups. He used to be able to slot with Adams for matchup purposes but now you have Gibson pushing him down the depth chart. He is solely the backup to Adams. Over the past two weeks he has been trending down in minutes down from the mid-high 20's to low 20's or even in the TEENS... Currently ranking 100+ in the last month by a long shot and again he will NEVER reach his per-36 with the new acquisitions and Adams. Telling you how it is, if your in a ultra-competitive playoffs matchup (especially H2H), the only thing your losing is FG%, your better off streaming rebounds daily with some decent waiver big (Zubac, WCS, WHG).
  6. Should have added, I'm in the playoffs and he is getting capped with playing time to be a keeper. As much as I love his FG%/rebounds he doesn't contribute much anywhere else. Better off with a streamer. The trades ruined his playing time.
  7. Unfortuntely its time for drop city
  8. Dude is turning into a mini Drummond out there. Anyone care to explain, is the big softie Zeller boxing out more in order to save his precious thigh?
  9. Boogie the cancer, they were better without him.
  10. I think I've seen enough of this bum.
  11. Carrying my sad team to the playoffs
  12. One more game or its drop city for the big softie.
  13. Garbage
  14. The shot amount is troubling, they literally run no plays for the big guy.