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  1. No doubt. He actually didnt shoot too bad this year. Comment was tongue in cheek.
  2. Love this guy. (When he's not murdering my fg%).
  3. Why is Dudley in the game right now instead of Warren?
  4. Come on nobody's sick right now, the NBA is a bunch of assholes.
  5. Yeah thats probably what he's thinking about.
  6. Holy s--- he is pissed. Love it. Kill em Nurk.
  7. Gorgui "My huge" Dieng dropping bombs on your moms. What a night.
  8. Nailed it.
  9. What an absolute s--- show of a first half. Woof.
  10. Crap. Signed, Gary Harris and Will Barton owners worldwide.
  11. This dude has to keep the fouls down.
  12. yeah that ankle tweak looked painful. Surprised Spoelstra didnt pull him out.
  13. Love me some Garris. Guy has been money the last few months for my roto team. In my league (9 category Roto) he is #24 in averages and #14 in totals the last 30 days and #55 in averages on the season. I could see top 40 potential next year full season if Chandler or Galinari get traded. Maybe even higher. I'll try and draft him around 4th round next year if possible. I got him in one of my last rounds this year due to him being injured to start the season. One of the few moves that went right for me this year.
  14. I could take the low scoring but 0-5, come on man.