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  1. Whats up with this dudes fg%? Just horrible lately.
  2. Just came here to say... wtf Danny? Actually, I should have known.
  3. I just dropped in to say holy s--- this guy is not good. Shame on BBM and the Heat for hyping him up. That is all.
  4. In Yahoo, how do you start him if he's already locked and not able to be moved since it shows him on the Nets?
  5. Haha how is that the right thing? If he accepted the trade then its on him. Still, I think I'd rather have Oladipo over Blake anyways (at least for my roto league).
  6. Can someone explain to me whats going on with this dude? Just traded for him. Seems like he started off really hot and has been playing very average lately.
  7. As a Bucks fan and current roster-er of Bledsoe in my fantasy league I can provide some context. He's just not hitting his three pointers at the moment. His shot is off right now and he typically starts off games not looking for his own shot. He usually looks to get Middleton and Giannis going with Lopez providing some three pointers as well. Unfortunately he just isnt going to score as much as he did last year with the way the Bucks are constructed. There are just too many weapons on this team. The only alarming thing right now to me, are his lack of steals and his bad three point shooting. Yes his steals have been coming back a little bit. He just wont net you 20 ppg anymore. Buddenholzer seems to be running a very set rotation. He starts with Bledsoe/Brogdon to start the 1st and 2nd half. Then subs Brogdon out at like the 8 minute mark, then subs in George Hill or Tony Snell for him. Then he'll sub out Bledsoe at like the 4-5 minute mark of the 1st / 3rd to let Brogdon back in the game. Then he'll put Bledsoe in at like the 10 minute mark in the 2nd and 4th, but a lot of times Bledsoe wont close out the 2nd Quarter. So George Hill closes out the second quarter. Then Bledsoe typically closes out the 4th, but gets subbed back in usually with like 2-3 minutes left in the 4th. Putting his minutes around 30 - ish per night. Its almost like clockwork the way the coach runs his guard rotations. He actually had Bledsoe due to check back in at the 2 minute mark last night even with the score differential and game already out of hand, but the way the game went he just didnt get a chance to check back in at that mark. I hope his Steals/Blocks come back up a little bit. When you watch him play he gives effort on the defensive end and has a lot of chase down blocks on Point Guards going for mid range Jump shots. He usually blocks them from behind. If his defensive numbers come back up a little bit he should be around top 40 value per game. I took him in the 3rd round foolishly thinking that he would score more in a three point heavy offensive system. But seems like on some nights he may be the 4th or even 5th option behind Lopez and Brogdon. I think he asserts himself more on the defensive end then he does on the offensive end most nights. Good news though is once his three starts falling again he should provide better fg%.
  8. Gotta say, I thew him in the ole' lineup hoping he could keep it going. I did watch a little bit of the game. He started off firing, missed his first 2 shots. Then proceeded to not even touch the ball for most of the first half. The rest of the Hawks team were just taking shots as soon as they got the ball. Then I turned it off, because I realized I was subjecting myself to a Nets-Hawks game and almost gouged my eyes out.
  9. What are you doing Happy? Riding a bull? You're acting like a damn fool!
  10. I mean you cant not shoot all game and then take the final shot. Chances of that going in are slim. He'll pick it up, its just pathetic to watch their best player end up taking 1 shot and it just so happened to be the shot they needed to go in.
  11. He passed on a wide open three just for an extra pass and the guy misses.
  12. Dude Jokic needs to shoot the damn ball. Watching this game. He passes up open shots to make the pass.