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  1. Is it full PPR? If so, I'd be interested.
  2. Did this draft already happen? If not, I'm interested:
  3. I'd be interested.
  4. Keeper/dynasty experience is preferred.
  5. Great opportunity! This is a 16-team CBS dynasty points league, for money. One owner is not coming back next year and is willing to let the new owner take over for free this year. (Next year, you'd pay the normal dues of $60 + your share of the CBS league fee -- it usually comes to just under $70 total). The team is a pretty good squad with plenty of young players and prospects. Email me if you're interested,
  6. I'm interested.
  7. Can you explain the weighing of the scoring categories and how that works. I've never seen that before. Thanks
  8. Just saw that you're looking for a replacement owner, not a new owner. I'm no longer interested, but thanks.
  9. I'm interested, and I also have a friend who may be interested if there are two spots. My email is If there are two spots, email me and I can give you my friend's email, too. Thanks!
  10. I'm looking for a roto or categories dynasty league. I'm only interested in money leagues. I have a friend who is also looking, so I'm ideally looking for a league with 2 spots. Reply or email me if interested,
  11. I run a CBS league that has been around for a few years. It's a very active league, with lots of trading! I am looking for one great owner who wants the challenge of taking over a team with some good, young talent (Rosario, Buxton, Dahl, Tucker to name a few) but is not yet championship-caliber. This team will also have the second pick in *every* round of the this year's draft. 16-team, head to head points league. It's run on CBS and league dues are just under $70 (it's $60 plus a share of the CBS fees). Email me if interested: