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  1. Happy for Gruden and the Raiders. Congrats to whoever won their ship tonight Merry Christmas to all And to all a good night
  2. Jordy got me 14.5 in the face of a horrible game flow from the beginning. Going to lose by 149 to 142. Brate screwed me
  3. Elway down on the field to handle the firings in person
  4. So is Sutton over hyped or is Keenam just horrible?
  5. McManus with the shocked're not in Denver bro
  6. Why did OAK let that Tavecchio kicker go? He seemed solid for them and was raking when he filled in for Bryant in ATL.
  7. He was holding his arm on the last drive but they didn't say anything
  8. 29.3 week 3 17.8 week 4 14.3 week 5...then injured 19.7 week 13.14.8 week 15 Longshot but injuries are killed me
  9. So earlier I told my son I wanted 22 PPR from Jordy from Santa This is me right now
  10. Raiders looking like they came to play Lets go
  11. Need 22 ppr from jordy to win. Fkn punt return for a td on their first possession
  12. He was being held up and then got bent back with his leg caught up and one on the bears came in and pushed him over..kinda like they did to Sony earlier in the year
  13. Pettis got he leg bent up Looked bad..carried off
  14. Need Flex help due to injuries to Conner and now Ware 1 PPR Thanks & good luck today everyone! I got McGuire v GB Michel v BUF Reynolds @ AZ Breida @ CHI Kelly @ AZ Ballage v JAX
  15. Seems like this or Eli vs Sony for a lot. I'm doubling down and rolling him out again over Sony. I apricate the analysis on the matchup with Clark out.
  16. Kinda desperate at he in play now?
  17. PPR Flex help please! Injuries have killed my team Looking for a little upside as I am already down 39 thanks to Hopkins Not that it really matters, but my opponent is flexing James White Breida v SEA Michel @ PIT Dixon v TB Reynolds v PHI Marcus Murphy on WW
  18. Not playing on the same team were the 3rd down back just signed a $15 million contract might help
  19. Trade Vetos are dumb. Either its collusion or its not. Don't play in that league next year.
  20. I just got LIT UP Joakim Noah style by NUK