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  1. Whatever he did couldn't have been as bad as bum a** Miley.
  2. Full-on breakout coming next year. The breakout that was happening this year (until injury)
  3. Is Bass still getting save chances or is it Magill?
  4. Are the Sox really about to blow E-Rod's win?
  5. I'm going to give them until fantasy playoffs are over in my baseball Pro leagues to open them up for hoops. In case they don't have them open, what alternatives are you guys looking into?
  6. Scherzer has been such a disappointment since returning from injury
  7. Is Eovaldi trying to help Boston tank or...?
  8. Officially shut down. Sucks, but he balled out for me this year. Thanks Gio
  9. May as well be. He was doing nothing anyways.
  10. Wow, I haven't had OBJ on one of my teams in so long, I forgot what a headcase he was
  11. Time is running out for these clowns. They don't even have Pro leagues open for hockey, and the NHL season starts in 2 weeks..
  12. I wonder if that's due more to his injury history than his ability (or inability) to run. I know he was heralded once for his power-speed combo.