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  1. Just took him in my slow draft yesterday. Sorry guys
  2. After Lavine got scratched 30 seconds before tip-off tonight my faith in these tanking teams doing the right thing is at an all-time low
  3. I mean... I as well as others have been dropping since Tuesday
  4. This is purely speculation, but after playing in an OT game tonight, I have a feeling he may sit one of the games of the upcoming B2B
  5. *looks at his Mirotic, looks at his opponent's Giannis* Excellent, Bucks, keep resting your MVP... 😂
  6. M's should bat Ichiro leadoff for old times sake. And because Dee Gordon sucks
  7. He's questionable for tomorrow night with a right thigh "contusion." Seriously, will the NBA punish tanking teams for fabricating injuries already?
  8. Sorry Giannis owners. Having to go up against 4 games of him this week would be death
  9. I'm not convinced Horford would sit one of those games, but if you do drop him, I'd rather use his spot to stream than go with low-end options like Isaac or DJA
  10. Reading the tea leaves, fantasy owners who are still holding are about to get screwed.