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  1. Yeah I’m trying to work a John Collins trade. I must admit I didn’t know too much about him going into the draft or last year cause I paid no attention to ATL. I’ll likely regret it this yeah... smh
  2. Appreciate the super in depth review. Absolutely loving it. To give additional context for my 4th pick (draymond @ 31) I wanted a big rebounder for sure but thought Capella would trash my FT %. I might be totally off the mark with that assessment but kind of lumped him in with those deandre Jordan/Dwight Howard style bigs which may totally be wrong. Other quality bigs that were still available at the 4th pick = Capella (34), markenen (35), John Collins (38), Mitchell Robinson (40), Brook Lopez (41), Lamarcus (41), Zion (45). in retrospect maybe John Collins was the guy if he’s truly 20-10. But I’m still happy that draymon will make pack those other cats for my 7th pick (Otto @ 70) I definitely wanted another PF/C but everyone kept getting ripped from the board. Bryant - 63, Randle - 64, Hassan - 65, Jonas V - 67. Sabonis was an option as well as harrel and Galo but went with the guy who’s rated higher which was Otto (by about 30-40 picks). Hopefully it won’t be too regrettable as the season goes on. Worst case scenario he’s a strong trade chip. 9th pick kind of the same story as 7th (Marc @ 90). Just wasn’t any big boarders left that wouldn’t murder my FTs. Deandre @ 93, kanter @ 100, deadmon @ 104, tristian @ 105. Theoretically maybe deadmon was the guy. 13/14 totally agree with you on lol. I just had moments of weakness and picked guys I’m fans of instead of someone who may help (JaVale @ 133 and Bamba @ 135). This definitely isn’t the most educated league and I’m not scared to step it up. Just have to find the challenge wherever it’s available. Between my guards chipping in with rebounds and a big rebounder emerging from the free agent group, hopefully I’ll have enough to compensate for missing an authoritative rebounder. otherwise points, 3’s, assists, steals, FT, should be winnable for me every week. Hopefully I’m middle of the pack for rebounds
  3. This will potentially be the most frustrating thread of the year lol. Buckle up guys.
  4. Maybe this thread already exists but I haven’t seen it. Thought it would be helpful for those who haven’t drafted their official team yet.
  5. What’s your strategy? Seems like you might be well off if you trade trae young and go for a punt assists build (imo) esp with VO on ice for a little bit you may be struggling in the assists category. Why not dangle trash for someone that will build up your blocks and points. Maybe someone like Ayton, Porzingas or Markkenen for tray? I do admit I think trey will be super fun to own this year. Both statistically and aesthetically.
  6. ahhhh i know. i had a moment of weakness lol. I hate Rubio and love barton and beverly for personal reasons. rubio would have probably made me the most elite in assists. I still have a chance to get him as my good friend drafted him and he auto picked. He may just do me the favor lol. i think TT was taken. Going to def try to dig up 1 more rebounder to secure the cat a bit better
  7. I wish he dropped that low lol. I didn’t let him. Got him 51st
  8. Yeah when it happened my eyes opened up big. Someone grabbed gobert in the top 10 (weird and that thorough everything else off. 5-10 in my league was 5- Giannis 6- jokic 7- embiid 8- Lebron 9- gobert 10 (me) dame 11 (me) beal ... pulled the trigger but after I did I was kind of unsure if i should have picked Kawhi or not. I’m not sure who I’d recommend in your satiation as 10-20 includes a lot of injury ridden or load management guys (Kawhi, kyrie, Butler) I guess Drummond but he’d kill your FT% right?
  9. Probably best to adapt based on your first two picks. Planning for 1 scenario can ruin your draft if someone picks the guys you planned for
  10. I got the 10 pick and ended up pairing dame and brad beal am I crazy lol?
  11. As mentioned in the threat title. Rate my team and I’ll rate yours. If you’re looking for a rating drop in and I got you. anyways. Head to head -> Win or lose (not categories) 10 team 9 categories I was the 10th pick will do my best to break down my thought process with every pick, will address potential regrettable moments during draft. Please assess for potential weaknesses. 1 (10). Dame -> best available with most bottom 5 guys gone 2 (11). Beal (potential regrettable = Kawhi)-> everyone hyping Beal up. I thought Beal and Dame would make me elite @ 3’s. Non top 10 bigs were available but dame and Beal seemed good to me. Wanted Kawhi but dame and Beal won me over asap. 3 (30). Paul George -> didn’t think he’d drop this far. Was aware of his injury but didn’t want to pass it up. Was considering booker, Mitchell, porzingas, dearron Fox... all were taken 4 (31). draymon -> since I was able to get paul George. Realized I’d need rebounding badly but wanted to at this point toss blocks. Grabbed dray thinking he’d give me big and small categories excluding blocks. Realized I’d need big rebounding support at this point. 5 (50). Blake Griff -> looked to be the best rebounding big left that’s kind of multidimensional. Obvious injury risk but another guy that gets rebounds and assists without blocks being an issue. 6 (51). Lowry -> at this point was concerned that maybe beal and dame wouldn’t pour in enough assists so grabbed the best pg on the board. Was thinking big upside, Jamal Murray and Conley were still available but wanted a pg that would rebound big as well as assist big. With PG DAME AND BRAD I wasn’t as concerned with scoring 7 (70). Otto Porter (potential regrettable= Aaron Gordon) -> I wanted to draft a rebounder but Otto kept dropping and his rating/adp was in like the 40’s i went with it and since I had the next pick I’d make the decision between bagley, Galo, Sabonis and harrel. One of these guys were in my signs from before the draft. 8 (71). Marvin Bagley -> expect a big season for bagley. Better team. 1 years more experience and big role/minutes made this an easy choice for me. 9 (90). Marc Gasol -> needed a big and there weren’t very many quality guys left on the board. The remaining guys would probably toast my FT (deandre) or were question marks to me (enes kanter) 10 (91). Wendell Carter -> same as above but wanted to roll the dice on a some what unknown that seems to be in a somewhat sturdy situation. 11 (110). Larry Nance -> still wanted more boards and he appeared to be the best guy for the job. 12 (111). Jeremy Lamb-> thought it would be good to grab a steals guy. Was between him and Marcus smart. Smart better steals but less talented all around so I went for balance. 13 (130). will Barton (potential regrettable Rubio/rondo) -> owned Barton last year and it was a fun ride while he was healthy (barely ever lol). It was a super bias pick. Not a big problem but i hope it pays off 14 (131). pat beverly (potential regrettable ^^^) -> another bias pick. Love pat beverly, plain and simple. Hope I don’t regret the pick for rondo or Rubio. that was it. Thanks for anyone who decides to review and if you want me to check your team, leave the hyperlink to the thread.
  12. Apologies if this kind of thread already exists but i draft Monday and I’m trying to figure out what 1st and 2nd round pairings would be good. i guess it also depends on build/strategy.
  13. If brow sits I’ll retire from fantasy basketball until the nba institutes a rule for this style of sh!t... I spend my hard earned bucks to play in a competitive league only to be stabbed in the back by some chump who wants to be Lebrons crony. I cant let fantasy hoops ruin my day to say happiness
  14. One bad game? He’s sucked all year, this damn thread is like 20 pages over a guy who averages like 5 4 1 1 1 its ridiculous.... everyone should have dropped him by page 4 for better options. Unless you’re in a 16 team league, holding on to him is a joke. Better luck next year
  15. Lmaoooo this thread is still going ? #AbortMission
  16. I don’t think so.... Sacramento doesn’t make a move like that unless they’re thinking about giving Otto maximum opportunity.... he makes too much money to just be a guy “in the the mix”
  17. I’m bored.... who are some players that you ALMOST DRAFTED but didn’t and it paid off or had then TRADED right before an injury or drop in production/injury. for example.... “I wanted kevin love but auto pick got me kris Middleton instead” or “traded away rondo a day before he broke his arm”
  18. Tbh this is the best thread on rotoworld and it makes it that much sweeter that I drafted Covington with my 8th pick. Bend thy knee to the lord
  19. In an 18 team league he probably is a must hold. 12 or less and you’re fooling yourself. Maybe even 14 depending on roster size.
  20. This has to be the most ridiculous thread in rotoworld history. How every page is there people talking about “is anyone else getting impatient” I got impatient after 3-5 games and seeing guys like bjelica, mcgruder and rose in the free agent pool. Free yourself of the stress and drop this chump. NOBODY ELSE IS PICKING HIM UP FOR CHRIST SAKES