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  1. If brow sits I’ll retire from fantasy basketball until the nba institutes a rule for this style of sh!t... I spend my hard earned bucks to play in a competitive league only to be stabbed in the back by some chump who wants to be Lebrons crony. I cant let fantasy hoops ruin my day to say happiness
  2. One bad game? He’s sucked all year, this damn thread is like 20 pages over a guy who averages like 5 4 1 1 1 its ridiculous.... everyone should have dropped him by page 4 for better options. Unless you’re in a 16 team league, holding on to him is a joke. Better luck next year
  3. Lmaoooo this thread is still going ? #AbortMission
  4. I don’t think so.... Sacramento doesn’t make a move like that unless they’re thinking about giving Otto maximum opportunity.... he makes too much money to just be a guy “in the the mix”
  5. I’m bored.... who are some players that you ALMOST DRAFTED but didn’t and it paid off or had then TRADED right before an injury or drop in production/injury. for example.... “I wanted kevin love but auto pick got me kris Middleton instead” or “traded away rondo a day before he broke his arm”
  6. Tbh this is the best thread on rotoworld and it makes it that much sweeter that I drafted Covington with my 8th pick. Bend thy knee to the lord
  7. In an 18 team league he probably is a must hold. 12 or less and you’re fooling yourself. Maybe even 14 depending on roster size.
  8. This has to be the most ridiculous thread in rotoworld history. How every page is there people talking about “is anyone else getting impatient” I got impatient after 3-5 games and seeing guys like bjelica, mcgruder and rose in the free agent pool. Free yourself of the stress and drop this chump. NOBODY ELSE IS PICKING HIM UP FOR CHRIST SAKES
  9. Who lost FG% this week cause of this game? Lucky for me I was up 8-1 and still am but good lord lol.
  10. I actually have ad and Kemba also....loving having both guys.
  11. Game 79 “just stick with it guys the potential is through the roof. He’s a true stock god, I know we’ve been waiting for a little bit but he’s bound to blow eventually. All the clowns who dropped him earlier on will regret it for these last 3 games of the season” lol Gimmie a break
  12. Saric will come off the bench... him and Kat on defense would be a disaster. With that said he’ll get good minutes
  13. Had the same thing happen to me. I actually had Isaiah Thomas on ir and dropped him for Barton. Once he comes back the other owners in my league will be kicking themselves in the a** for not grabbing before we did
  14. Can’t believe people are still holding out... what game will you guys pull the plug?
  15. Barely 2 pages for an icon. Why is this thread not atleast 12 pages long?
  16. Because if there is hype for trae it’ll be harder to give luka rookie of the year which is what the media wants to happen... meanwhile trae and ayton are kicking just as much a$$
  17. Voted yahoo without even playing yahoo in like 7 years. Espns updated ui is so unbelievably garbage that it’s almost impossible yahoos is worst.