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  1. I would agree with you but for me its not Rose, it's the black hole that is Wiggins
  2. As long as Oladipo is there, I'm not touching him until its Round 5 at the earliest, which I doubt since in most leagues there's always that one owner who's willing to gamble. Sorry, 2-4 is too high for him when there are better options
  3. Our boys back can't say enough how much I love his moxie. Unfortunately was on the other end of a poster in tonight's game trying to draw a charge on Jarrett Allen but then he immediately went back at him on offense and almost succeeding at posterizing him back with a nasty one-hand tomahawk spike driving in (Jarrett got him on the wrist though)
  4. Some bumps and some bruises, I think the man deserves a pass once in a while with anomaly games 3 steals and passable FG for a bad game I’ll take it
  5. Good to know he's making up for lost time. What a dunce..... extremely frustrating
  6. For some reason, I'm seeing conflicting reports about him having minutes restrictions while another different reporter is saying that he's having no minutes restrictions... probably would have to guess it's the first but we'll have to just see
  7. The increase in TO's and rough shooting has been attributed to him getting scouted & gameplanned on now; teams aren't sending their bench players to guard him anymore. Jazz announcers talked about during the game, he's getting the attention of every team's best perimeter defender: tonight -- Avery Bradley. Last night -- Kent Bazemore and you can sure as hell bet that's gonna continue. Luckily for us, Donovan is also one of the most promising and polished young guards we have in the league. Just a testament to how great he's been during this entire stretch
  8. Diagnosed with a sore elbow, per coach McMillan. Did not say whether or not it is his shooting arm; he's questionable for tomorrow's game against MIA.
  9. Well at least we know he's gonna be a solid bargain pick on draft night for next season.... already expecting him to be pegged down a RD or two in alot of drafts judging by this thread lmao
  10. Feels good to not even visit this thread anymore. You know you have a bonafide fantasy stud when these player threads become irrelevant for discussion on his outlook/credibility and only become bumped for appreciation or happiness. I have him booked as a early 4th at this rate already in standard 9 cat redraft, that'll probably spike in the upcoming months based on how fast he's developed.... insane (depending on how competitive the league is, honestly wouldn't be surprised to see him be taken at RD3 even like others above have already discussed... its not even remotely crazy seeing the kind of numbers he's putting up this year)
  11. damn I definitely jinxed him. Oladipo went off at the end lol but at least he a clean line
  12. He's playing pretty well in this game so far. Dont get while you guys are griping about his boards it's not like it's totally lackluster... 14 / 5 / 3 / 0 / 3 on 5/11 FG, 3/3 FTM, zero turnovers. If you're complaining about him not getting an extra 3-4 rebounds or dbl-dbl'ing (which he will do also eventually...) then most likely your squad is more thin than you think, something the WW can usually easily patch up. If he's doing this bad as you guys are suggesting, he has nowhere to go but up He looks poised for a solid game next to Oladipo here atleast (20/7+) tonight