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  1. Feel that, are you gonna be bold enough to shop out Ryan if this trade goes through with Watson? That might help you judge your level of confidence even more.
  2. Yea thanks btw. What's your plan to do with River's? Straight drop? I know you're not gonna keep 3 Qbs.
  3. I think it comes down to whether you believe in Watson to be the real deal. Is this level of play really sustainable for a rookie? Ryan has a good chance of returning to last years form also. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/680583-cam-brate-for-jordy-nelson-whir/
  4. I think I'd make that trade. Hopefully Davis can fill that flex spot when he comes back and the hype is real.
  5. All in on dropping Mack for Collins. My drop for Davis would be Cincy's D. Rams have already had their bye week I'd probably just ride with them the rest of the season regardless.
  6. I'd go for Newton. He's a little more mercurial but you already have a steady in Rivers.
  7. Brady = Brees Howard > Anderson Cooper = Allen Then you give up two guys your not gonna play in the same week, I think I'd take it.
  8. Who else do you have at RB? I would give up Mixon for Smith if I was hurting at QB sure, but if you have to stream I can see Tyrod putting up just as many points.
  9. I've also got Jimmy Graham, the other guy only has Jordan Reed. I know Jordy is rock bottom right now, but obviously I'm not playing two tight ends. Would you propose this?
  10. This jabroni was the best player for my opponent today. Obviously he wasn't on his roster, love losing my week to the jags defense...
  11. My only answer is they didn't know they needed to...
  12. He's looking very legit. Super pumped to have pulled the trigger in my flex spot today, and you're right he's gelling real well with the team.