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  1. U must play in a ppg league, points per....."gay'te's been open again honey! Dog got out". League
  2. Did he/she do any thing in preseason?
  3. I think I'm actually gonna draft this dude if he falls to the 2/3 turn
  4. Roto world blurb writer must have brown on his squad, downplaying it plenty
  5. It's a two way street, if you draft early, you can get ahead of your league mates and find value before injuries or training camp/preseason injuries etc, but that can also go against you. Here are a couple notable names I recall from an early draft of mine, and where they went at after preseason Jerrick McKinnon: early, about 3rd round. Late, undrafted Chris Carson: early, about 8th/9th round. Late: 5th
  6. No big deal, just molting his east coast exoskeleton for the west coast lyfe
  7. Even if they decide to stack the box, that exposes the drefense greatly for him to have his way with the secondary, he will get thru those stacked boxes, he will break the record this season for number of 40 plus yard runs
  8. If u have any concerns.... watch this, it helps me