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  1. Yo fins!  Heard from a mod you got banned for that amazing run in the Conner thread last night!  What a shame they deleted those 4 pages of gold, it made a lot of people's night, can't wait to get you back!

    1. klownkollege


      Congrats on getting it locked, you're a cult legend

  2. Dion Lewis 2018 Outlook

    I,love watching the screen and see how he is half the size of the #22 backup with one dreadlock, he runs circles on that other player. Talk about jack,of all trades master of all, rb#22 backup one dreadlock just does not seem he possesses the tools of Dion Lewis
  3. Dion Lewis 2018 Outlook

    Sounds bout right, Lewis is the only threat on this team, they sold out to shut him down (the best they could, he was still able to run wild), they put so much focus on him they couldn't get time to focus on the scoreboard
  4. Dion Lewis 2018 Outlook

    Dion Lewis is the best back the titans have ever had
  5. Dion Lewis 2018 Outlook

    Game was 34-10, everyone on the team had a great game yesterday
  6. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    Breaking out my voodoo doll for this game, breida, this is your ultimate chance, get your scruffy a** in there!
  7. Dion Lewis 2018 Outlook

    Dion Lewis is exactly what their run game needed. When Murray was down and out, it felt like nobody could replicate his success. What a great signing for the team, nobody else on the roster could get it done
  8. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    That’s like a bag of chips saying, 10% less fat, but not mentioning what was used as comparison. 10% less fat than a stick of butter? Cup of vegetable oil?
  9. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    Maybe it's because David Johnson helped them be a top run defense...
  10. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    U guys are all wrong, Fitzgerald croissant is the man up when bell returns
  11. 2018 WR Rankings and Discussion

    He's going down
  12. 2018 WR Rankings and Discussion

    I think thielen is a huge sell high right now
  13. Raheem Mostert 2018 Outlook

  14. Raheem Mostert 2018 Outlook

  15. Adam Thielen 2018 Outlook

    Crazy he's the number one right now, I didn't expect it, glad for him