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  1. Theyre not gonna cut his mins. Gentry will be fired the day he starts Ingram or Zion at the C
  2. If you guys watch Magic games, Fultz job in offense is to get past the half court, passes the ball to fournier on the wing and he goes to spot up in the corner. Fultz is barely running the pnr in their set offense. He gets most of his stats from fastbreaks or when given the ball late on the shot clock to drive and kick. While DJ... is getting tons of pnr action which is really frustrating to watch if you own Fultz.
  3. AC forum but depends on ur needs. Fultz for Fg, stls, ast and garland for 3s, ast
  4. Dropped Dwight to pick him up. Hes supposed to be limited but somehow played more mins than Jah. Roll the dice
  5. Im in a pretty competetive 12 man league and its really hard to move guards for good bigs. I aimed for Turner, Ayton, Ibaka and even Jarett Allen but all my straight up offers got shot down. And bigs that has solid fg ft reb and blk doesnt really grow on trees, so I figured this deal made sense. This may be a sell low but I know its the best I could get without shaking up my team. My roster would be now: Lillard, Rondo Thompson, BogBog, Green PG, Warren, Batum, Barton(IR) JJJ, Vonleh Vucevic, Nurkic, Kanter So Imo this trade made my team better.
  6. Traded Conley for Nurk and picked up Rondo. Just feel like the Grizz are playing a dangerous game with his health. Also the playoff picture in the west is cloudy, if Memphis dont make it, Conley would automatically be a shut down candidate.
  7. Woah. Hes a borderline hold in 12 team leagues depending on your blks, but on a 16 team? He might be a game changer.
  8. Wade and Nowitzki. Maybe not ROS players but more like must own players come playoff time with their teams not having anything to play for. Imagine if they get a similar usage Kobe had before he retired. 🤤
  9. As someone said earlier, competetive 12 team leagues doesnt leave a borderline top 50 player in the wire when he is poised to come back at anytime. I’d understand if it was an 8 team or 10 team, but on a competetive 12 team? That league trash lol
  10. Yes I would do it to improve my ft %. And check if you can get a solid big in return instead of Barton. If its not possible, do the trade and try to flip one of your other assets for bigs like Kanter, Harrell or WCJ.
  11. Lol damn if 19/10/3/1 is considered an off game for a 5th round player, then I must be sitting on a gold mine. 😂
  12. I didn’t have the stomach to drop him for Grant lol. So I definitely won’t be dropping him for your Holmes haha. Do you have any other options other than Holmes?
  13. Cousins will have all the minutes restrictions when he gets back, and the Warriors are making the playoffs regardless, so they have no incentive to rush him back. So yeah I prefer the Murray JJJ side.
  14. Bro I was about to make a similar topic lol. Minutes monster but the playing time is just not there. At 15 mins a game, Noel is putting up similar numbers and hes been on my wire ever since. Right now its looking like hes just being a handcuff for Ibaka, and I dont want this headache. Do you have better options that Holmes? And should I pick up Jerami Grant or Jamychal Green for my JV? 🙄