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  1. starting him regardless in 2 leagues! going all in and taking the risk that's what fantasy football is about he either lays a goose egg or blows up
  2. somehow I feel like even if gurley is limited he will still get all the GL snaps 😪
  3. McCoy the back to own in this mahomeless offense
  4. I want to drop damien so bad but I'm afraid he will get picked up by somebody and then he all of a sudden starts to produce the karma!
  5. Adam's, Allison, Jimmy G and MVS all didnt practice today. it's time for the 🦎👑 to rise this weekend! fire him up boys
  6. watching the game really made me like this guy he was being very physical after every catch fighting for more yardage playing with heart and if Arod is happy with him then I'm happy! definitely picked him up in my leagues especially if your hurting at WR. who's to say he wont be the wr2 going forward even if D.Adams returns.
  7. Pringle is the add right since Watkins is out?
  8. I like this quote too! “Speed!” Brown said when asked what he has seen from Henderson in practice. Even brown admits it!
  9. I'll be happy with 14-19pts a week from him that's Ezekiel Elliott numbers 👌🏻
  10. [...] as a Steelers fan I really hope Rudolph turns it around tonight. he looked horrible last week didnt look confident at all and wasn't throwing it down the field he looked like another teddy Bridgewater. he needs to feed his star WR and get him more involved
  11. starting him in 2 out of my 3 leagues. starting him over Brady in 1 I'm confident he will have a big game. grab him while you can
  12. as a Vince McDonald owner and Kittle owner (bye week) I'm taking a chance over guys like Doyle and V Davis on the waivers
  13. flex start leveon bell or rex burkhead? white is out and doubt the Patriots will let the jets do much bell survives off volume alone in this horrible offense. seems like a likely blowout by the patriots with burkhead as the pass catching RB time share with Sony