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  1. How are you guys feeling about ingram around his current ADP it seems like great value to me it is a crowded back field and the possibility of Lamar vulturing TD's does hurt his value but in a PPR league what does his current floor look like?
  2. 4th? i would nab him in the 3rd if its only 4 games. When Bell was suspended for 4 games he was going between mid to end of 2nd
  3. i was thinking the same if your at the end grab Conner and get a top WR lots of options there you can even nab jujusmith if adams, julio, obj, and thomas are not available.
  4. i feel the same way Conner will dominate the back field with Samuels sprinkled in between WR/TE/RB reps especially with no AB i can see Samuels being used more in WR/TE format
  5. i was about to say the same thing might as well get Kelce for the price.
  6. I like chubb as a late 2nd early 3rd
  7. on a 12 team PPR where do you see hunts current ADP flow? a 8 week gap till your actually able to use him hoping you stay in a good position to still make the playoffs? I'm thinking 8-9 round of course depending what draft position you get
  8. I need D. Cook to give me 18+ points and Diggs to get non to make it past the 1st round playoffs in full PPR
  9. What are we looking at for a safe floor on Cook tomorrow?
  10. I was about to post the same topic between Cook or Wilson. I'm in PPR though I'm not sure what kind of scoring your in? I feel like Murray might vulture some touches/TD in short yardage situations. Wilson is going to be the main back and he's a good pass catching back. I'm leaning with Wilson more myself but it's a tough one.
  11. As a Steelers fan I am sad about Bell not joining us but as a Conner owner I am happy ?. I would like to see Bell's performance on whichever team he lands a big contract with considering he won't have the same O-line can he still be as dominant as he was in Pittsburgh? If he lands with the eagles or Packers maybe I can still see him as a high risk 1st round pick next year. If he lands on a mediocre team like the Jets or dolphins or raiders I can see him as a 2nd-3rd round pick.
  12. Howard for me. Lewis is a good option as well but I feel like the pats will shut down the Titans pass making the run predictable and possibly Henry or marriota vulturing TDs.
  13. I would start Hilton but it's close between OJ Howard.
  14. Full PPR. My flex options are -Sony Michel -Cooper Kupp -Jarvis Landry Leaning between kupp or Michel Let me know your thoughts