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  1. Keeper advice?

    You'd take Gronk in the 1st and Brees in the 2nd? Do you ever PLAY fantasy football, or do you just have the life goal of responding to every thread on the site?
  2. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    I still want it to be recognizable as fantasy football; just with the added twist of the superhero team names and superpowers that aren't negligible, but aren't TOO super, either.
  3. Keeper advice?

    Watson, Thielen and Davis--but you're right; attaching Round 3 status to free agent pickups is ridiculous.
  4. Can't believe everything you hear. And anyway, I'm not running it; RT Sports is. Agreed, and completely understandable.
  5. Thoughts on keepers (WHIR)

    No one's going to trade you anything of value for a TE--not even Olsen or Graham. Keeping a 2nd TE over Hyde is madness.
  6. Martavis Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    Uh oh. That article says that Martavis Bryant has been "seemingly always flashing a giant grin" in Oakland. I think we all know what that means...
  7. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    The only one of those I even KIND OF like is the "Strength of the Ancients"; but even that would require a lot of research to use effectively. Even then, it provides more of an advantage than I expect or want any single superpower to give. There are quite a few 40+ point performances out there, and I've kind of designed the powers to be worth roughly 10-15 pts each--so that using a power doesn't put your opponent at an insurmountable disadvantage. Blessed are the meek - Scoring 3, 4 or 5 points would be worth 30, 40, or even up to 50 points. It wouldn't be too hard to achieve with a scrub TE or something--and it kind of goes against the spirit of competitive fantasy football to reward players for being crappy. Shoot the moon - Maybe you can't start injured or bye week players, but you could probly put together a starting lineup of WR5s and RB4s that would score less than 10 points pretty easily--and the reward for that is an automatic win? Too much reward for too little effort--and again, you're rewarding teams for being crappy. Chaotic evil - A lot of teams may only carry one QB, one TE, one K and one D, so you're really only selecting from their bench RBs and WRs--yet you're giving them 45 extra points (9 starters x 5 pts each)? This basic idea is already addressed adequately by the "Subterfuge" power, which allows you to replace ONE of your opponent's starters with a non-injured, non-bye bench player. Hindsight is 20/20 - I assume you mean that the replacement can be made AFTER the games are played and you know what everyone's score is (otherwise you could replace a starter with a bench player when you're setting your lineups), but you'd still have to specify that you were going to use this power BEFORE the games were played, which would again lead one to set a lineup of weaker players on the chance that they would later be able to double one of their bench stud's points. I don't like that. Plus you can already double one of your players scores by either using "Double Up" (when you and your opponent are both starting the same player) or "Super Strength" (when you're not). And along the same lines as "Hindsight" is the "Omniscience" power, which gives your team the best possible lineup after the games are played ("best-ball" lineup). Luck of the draw - I don't see how this is a power that would give you any kind of an advantage. It would just be a pure gamble. Superpowers should be advantageous, in general. Obviously they can backfire to some extent if you use a power that doubles someone's score, and then they score 1 or something--but in MOST cases, one would expect doubling a player's score to be a tangible advantage. Luck of the draw is not. So, thanx for the input--and I'm glad you're giving it some thought--but I think you might just have to sit back and let Jesse rob this train.
  8. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    It doesn't really matter to me. Standard scoring favors RBs, so if you have a flex position, you typically want to flex a RB. PPR scoring favors WRs (and pass-catching RBs), so you typically want to flex one of those--while the 0.5 PPR tends to remove the advantage that either position has, so you can just flex your next-best player, whether that's a RB or a WR.
  9. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    I didn't go into a lot of detail about the playoffs, but yeah, you only get to use each of the 20 powers one time during the season--regular season and playoffs included. For the playoffs, though, I envision a total points Battle Royale, rather than head-to-head matchups. 12 teams (half the league) would make the playoffs starting in Week 13, and the three lowest-scoring teams that week would be eliminated. 9 teams would then go on to compete in Week 14, and the three lowest-scoring teams would again be eliminated. 6 teams would then go on to compete in Week 15, losing the lowest three again, so that the top 3 teams would then compete to decide who gets how much money in the Week 16 finals. Using a superpower in the playoffs would work much like during the regular season, though you would have to specify a target team (and player, if applicable) rather than just having a single opponent to apply the power to. For instance, if you wanted to use Iron Shield (which reduces an opponent's total score by 10%) during the playoffs, you would have to specify one team as the target of the Iron Shield--it would NOT apply to every other team in the playoffs.
  10. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    Right now it's just an idea, but I'd like to make it happen if I can get enough interest.
  11. Larry Fitzgerald 2018 Season Outlook

    If Rosen starts, it will be because he has either earned it by outperforming Bradford--so that shouldn't be anything but good for Fitz--or because Bradford got hurt--and that's a little more of a concern, both in likelihood of it happening, and in the consequences to their receivers and offense in general. However, Rosen was generally considered to be the most "pro-ready" of the highly-drafted QBs this year, so there's that. I don't know if Rosen starting prematurely would be enough to fade a guy who's been a top 10 PPR WR for the last 3 years in favor of a headcase who can't seem to stay eligible, but it's at least a concern. And you know that Larry won't be suddenly and unexpectedly entering rehab after week 4, so that's a plus.
  12. Tyler Lockett 2018 Season Outlook

    Of course, who else?
  13. Mike Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    Dude, I've gotten Jamison Crowder for $1. Just depends on the money left when you nominate your sleepers.
  14. Tyler Lockett 2018 Season Outlook

    Prepare to be shocked, then, because there's little doubt he will make the roster. His fantasy relevance, though, is HIGHLY suspect.
  15. Mike Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    I don't trust the guy's spine. He had a cervical neck fracture in college (2015) and last year this herniated disc thing. If you're a WR in the NFL, your spine is gonna take some abuse--I don't think his is able to withstand it. On top of that, he's already dealing with a "minor" hamstring injury this preseason, and we all know how easy those are to shake. There are better guys to throw a dollar at... Rishard Matthews, Allen Hurns, Mohamed Sanu, Tyler Lockett, Quincy Enunwa... just to name a few.