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  1. No thread for this guy yet? Who is the only TE in NFL history to string together 3 straight 1000 yard seasons? Hint: Not Gronk. Not Tony G. Not Gates. Yep, Olsen--and only a broken foot last year stopped him from making it 4 in a row. Who just signed a new contract extension through 2020? He's 33 years old, but so is Delanie Walker; Jimmy Graham is 31. Tony G put up 5 elite TE years in Atlanta after the age of 33, and Antonio Gates had a 69/821/12 season at 34. Olsen's tank isn't empty yet. Who just got Norv Turner for an offensive coordinator? While Norv Turner coached the Chargers (2007-2012), Antonio Gates either led the team or was second to Vincent Jackson in receiving yardage and/or receiving TDs. Turner moved on to Cleveland in 2013, and Jordan Cameron busted out, posting 80 catches for 917 yards and 7 TDs--more than twice what he has posted in any other season in each category--and second on his team in each category to Josh Gordon. After that year, Turner went to the Vikings from 2014 to 2016, where Kyle Rudolph emerged as a fantasy asset over his tenure. Rudolph was injured in 2014 and only played 9 games in Turner's first year, but even with Teddy Bridgewater at QB, he was still good for 49/495/5 in 2015. With Sam Bradford in 2016, Rudolph put up the typical stat line of a Norv Turner TE--83/840/7. Turner was out of football in 2017, but now returns to be Olsen's Offensive Coordinator. Who has very little competition for targets? Devin Funchess, a rookie WR, and a second-year RB are about the only other serious receiving threats on the team. The team lost Ed Dickson in free agency. Virtually every other TE being drafted among the top 10 is in competition with much more impressive receiving targets around them. Who has a 6th-round ADP? After you've nailed down two stud RBs and two stud WRs, along with Deshaun Watson, Greg Olsen is sitting there waiting for you to add him to your team. Olsen represents the ideal intersection of potential and value at the TE position this fantasy season.
  2. 2018 Dream Draft

    You can quit ƒucking with my posts any time now.
  3. 2018 Dream Draft

    Well when the dude is peacocking around behind lies, he's gonna get his face rubbed in the truth. I just showed the sequence of posts which proved that he was lying. I guess if anyone wants to see for themselves, they can see Ponza's "Rate It! First PPR Draft of the Season" thread in the Assistant Coach forum.
  4. I dunno... Do you think Dante Pettis will be available?
  5. Dynasty Draft Strategy WHIR

    Get the best, youngest players you can.
  6. 2018 Dream Draft

    I don't usually do snake drafts, but I only had a short time to draft tonight, so I relented. I think maybe I nailed the Dream Draft in the process. 10 Team PPR Best-Ball League. I was sitting there with the #2 overall pick, all ready to take Zeke, and then the #1 pick didn't show up and autodrafted David Johnson. Merry Christmas to me! QB: Andrew Luck (9) 11.2, Derek Carr (7) 13.2, Ryan Tannehill (11) 20.9 RB: Todd Gurley (12) 1.2, Jay Ajayi (9) 4.9, Marshawn Lynch (7) 8.9, Marlon Mack (9) 9.2, Ty Montgomery (7) 14.9 WR: Mike Evans (5) 2.9, Larry Fitzgerald (9) 3.2, T.Y. Hilton (9) 5.2, Pierre Garcon (11) 6.9, Jordy Nelson (7) 10.9, Martavis Bryant (7) 15.2 TE: Greg Olsen (4) 7.2, Benjamin Watson (6) 17.2 K: Detroit Lions (6) 18.9, San Francisco 49ers (11) 19.2 DST: Jacksonville Jaguars (9) 12.9, Baltimore Ravens (10) 16.9 It's probably a better team than could be assembled in an auction draft.
  7. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Except for Watkins having 3 times as many TDs.
  8. Most improved defenses 2018

    That's probly why you listened for once.
  9. 2018 Biggest Busts

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What are you, Tyrod's cousin or something? Spin it all you like, Benjamin was a strong WR2 in Carolina and waiver wire fodder in Buffalo. Based on his numbers through 6 games, Benjamin would have posted 43 receptions for 579 yards and 3 TDs through a full 16 games.
  10. Most improved defenses 2018

    See? Good things happen when you listen to Axe Elf. San Francisco will be the surprise this season. Not as elite as the Jags, but start-worthy in most leagues.
  11. Most improved defenses 2018

    See? Good things happen when you listen to Axe Elf. San Francisco will be the surprise this season. Not as elite as the Jags, but start-worthy in most leagues.
  12. Tarik Cohen 2018 Outlook

    Half of the truth is all of a lie. People like to crow about "Black '16" when 40% of the players drafted in Axe Elf's 50 Draft Masters teams on RT Sports went down for the year, and of course in a Draft Masters league, there's nothing one can do about it but move on to next year. 1 of his 4 managed teams on RT Sports that year finished tied for the best W-L record in the league, with more total points than the team he was tied with, but thanks to their wack seeding criteria, that team didn't make the playoffs. And that's why Axe Elf doesn't play managed leagues on RT Sports any more. The vast majority of Axe Elf's managed leagues from the late 90s to the current day have taken place on Yahoo and ESPN, but it's more fun to laugh at Axe Elf for one year's worth of Draft Masters disasters on a single site and ignore his record in managed leagues on other platforms for the past 20 years.
  13. Tarik Cohen 2018 Outlook

    Dude, if I'm making a point about the reliability of Axe Elf's predictions in the past, then past predictions that worked out are the best evidence. Now go sober up, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
  14. Tarik Cohen 2018 Outlook

    You and RMJ both work for the Department of Irrelevancy?
  15. Tarik Cohen 2018 Outlook

    Poker is a more reliable source of income. If fantasy football became work, it wouldn't be fun any more; I'd rather keep it at the hobby level.
  16. Tarik Cohen 2018 Outlook

    Those were Axe Elf calls in 2016. Crowell finished as the RB15 and Cousins was the QB5.
  17. 2018 Biggest Busts

    There's another WR who fell victim to Tyrod Taylor the Toadmaker. Benjamin was a 70-catch, 1000-yard, 8-TD WR for two full seasons in Carolina; when he came to Buffalo, he caught 16 balls for 217 yards and 1 TD in six games.
  18. Tarik Cohen 2018 Outlook

    Axe Elf has higher standards than you. That's a big reason for Axe Elf's success right there--nobody believes him when he says Kirk Cousins will be a top 5 QB or Isaiah Crowell will be a top 20 RB or any of the other kerjillion longshots Axe Elf called the summer before they took place. Maybe if more people made the sensible choice to target Axe Elf's touts, he wouldn't find it so easy to skate to multiple Championships year after year.
  19. 2018 Biggest Busts

    If I have to walk you through it, the point is that Taylor is a backup-caliber passer--that's why the Bills ran so much.
  20. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Now ask yourself, do teams employ a run-first, throw-less offense when they have a HOF-caliber QB, or when they are trying to hide one who has back-up caliber passing skills? What DO they teach in these schools...?
  21. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, that makes sense... Not.
  22. 2018 Biggest Busts

    You axed who Tyrod was throwing to; if Watkins was hurt, it wasn't him. Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin were not on fantasy rosters until they escaped Taylor's offense.
  23. 2018 Biggest Busts

    In which he had more TDs (8) than any season of his career, barring the year in which he had 9 in Tyrod's first season as a starter.
  24. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    There is no consistency among Kickers (outside of what Gostkowski did for three or four years in NE). Last year's "league-winner" could be picked up off of waivers a few weeks into the season. I did it myself in several leagues. This year's best kicker could be the 3rd one off the board, the 12th one off the board, or a free agent to start the season again; and if the best one isn't, a top 3 Kicker will be. I'm not wasting a pick before the last couple of rounds on the same (or worse) fantasy production that I can get from the waiver wire.
  25. Tarik Cohen 2018 Outlook

    I guess you quoted the wrong person here? Axe Elf's lifetime ROI in fantasy football is about 275%.