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  1. Allen > Lou but you already have Embiid, Randle and Jokic. If you could get Allen for Wiggins then trade him or Randle for a better wing than Wiggins or Lou then I'd think that would be the move. Thanks for helping with mine!
  2. I'm involved in a couple of trades in one of the cash leagues i'm in. Both trades were vetoed and would like to know if they really are veto worthy. Facts: 1. 1st trade between the teams involved. 2. None of the teams involved are in top (I'm in 5th and have lost 5 out of my last 6 weekly matchups) the other team is also struggling and currently at 7th place in a 12 team league. 3. Other trades, w/c I thought was even more lopsided, was not vetoed. Our first trade that got vetoed was Towns/Lavine/Dedmon for Griffin/Klay/Cauleystein We revised it to Ayton/Butler/Lavine for Griffin/Klay/Cauleystein and still got vetoed. Is it just me or do these trades seem fair enough? Your thoughts and, as always, will help in return!
  3. Both are underwhelming right now but I'd stick with Collison.
  4. Curry side for sure. His injury is not something I'm too concerned about and when he gets back he'll be top 5 again. Covington is a big bonus here. He's in a better situation, imo, in Minny than in Philly.
  5. Drop him for either Ennis (bigger role now w/o Melo) or gamble on Tyreke and hope he get's his Grizzlies form back.
  6. Thanks for the replies! Anyone else who'd like to share their opinion?
  7. in 10 or 12 teams I, more often than not, prefer getting the best player in a deal. But in bigger leagues (I'm in two 20 team leagues this year) I prefer a more balanced team coz the FA sucks in case of an injury to your 1st or 2nd round pick. In your case I like Lavine/Kemba/Beal over Harden side if it ther's 16 or more teams
  8. I'm punting AST. Another manager wants Towns so bad now that Buckets is gone. He wants a trade centered around Towns and Kawhi. Should I offer Towns + Warren for his Kawhi + Aldrdige? My concern is Kawhi's back2back games and perhaps resting near playoffs. Same with Aldridge's rest days (playing for Pop). Towns is an Iron Man and is now the Man in Mini but I also see this as an opportunity to sell Warren high. Should I offer? As always, will help in return. Post a link! TIA!
  9. Vuc was taken (46th) after I drafted DJ. Was thinking really hard between them. I knew Vuc would be a better fit but I was hesitant coz he might get traded to a team where he won't be a top 3 offensive option, atleast with DJ I'm pretty sure, more or less, I'd be getting what I drafted him for at the expense of ft% which led me to think Kanter maybe would have been a better fit for my team. Hoping Miles gives us top 100 value, haha!
  10. Got him with the 205th pick (12th round) in a 20 team league. Super steal? I hope so!!!
  11. Do you think my punt ast team would be competitive? 20 teams H2H One Win 9-Cat 1. KAT (5) 2. Porter (36) 3. DJ (45) 4. Barnes (76) 5. Gordon (85) 6. J. Richardson (116) 7. Warren (125) 8. Bullock (156) 9. Delon Wright (165) 10. Ilyasova (196) 11. Miles Bridges (205) 12. Kevon Looney (236) My thoughts after the draft - Did I make a mistake drafting DJ over Kanter? I'm now worried my ft% would take a significant hit with DJ - Is Miles bridges at 205 worth it? - Kevon Looney or the other C's still on the wire Holmes, Powell, Z. Collins, Kornet, Dieng, Mason Plumlee, Koufus?
  12. In my 20 team league I got Bradley and Kawhi a week ago for my Curry and Dillon Brooks. Curry was my only source AST. and I have a surplus of 3's with Klay, T.Harris, Porter and Ariza. I gambled because the top 2 teams murdered my team previous to that trade so hopefully I can fair better during fantasy playoffs. Only top 3 teams get paid.
  13. Sure, if the Butler owner would take that deal. With the exception of fg% they have similar stats. But Butler can eventually give you much more. The FG% won't stay that low and points will increase while still giving you 6 boards and 5 dimes. Both have 10 PO games but I prefer Min (3-3-4) than Nor (4-3-3).