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  1. Currently in 1st place. Eric Gordon is the best available guard on my FA Pool, and I already have a surplus of bigs. EG also has a better PO schedule (4-4-3) than Jah (3-3-3) despite the latter's upside, in the event AD gets shutdown. Make the move or wait-and-see? *See team in signature below.
  2. Thanks! Do it! Seems like a good return + good PO schedules
  3. Thanks! Drop Jeff Green and/or Zubac for Huerter and/or Kenrich
  4. It's a toss-up, but Portis will probably be the most productive.
  5. Keep Sexton. AD and Randle are now healthy plus Kenrich's stock is rising. Sexton had a better PO schedule, too.
  6. I'd hold both
  7. Risky, but I'd take it asap
  8. Zubac and Delon
  9. Huerter > Marvin > Jabari
  10. Sabonis side. I like both of their PO schedules and overall production. JV's PO sched is meh while Jabari, although a great PO sched, needs more minutes to be productive. Will be fighting w Portis for PT, too.
  11. Thanks! Take trade 1. There is plenty of risk involved on both sides but it seems like the best and fairest return you can get for AD. I love Kemba ngl but I'd ask for more than Tobias (given his current situation).
  12. KAT + Hayward as well
  13. Get Fox! Has a great playoff schedule + Faried will be useless once Capela returns