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  1. just noticed this but can’t find anything about his status changing. Chiefs roster report and injury report all have active/full so it seems like just a Yahoo error. Angry developer on their team owns McCoy.
  2. Yahoo Fantasy has Chargers at 14 pts allowed (4 fantasy points). Shouldn’t it only be 7 points allowed because PIT scored on D? That’s how it’s always worked as far as I can remember. Because the actual DST did not allow those 7 points.
  3. Starting him every week and keeping blind faith finally pays off!
  4. Pages and pages of this thread have been about doubting his talent and efficiency... I don’t think we were all hoping he would become a “workhorse” but rather just an elite fantasy football RB, which he has. Not much to discuss here folks.
  5. Lol when do we get to celebrate? Week 10? Next season? 5.6 ypc, 27 touches, 4 TDs. Skeptics gonna skeptic
  6. Cannot wait for the Aaron Jones thread to unlock 🤣. So many goons eating crow today about him.
  7. Last 3 weeks in half-PPR: 23, 14.8, 14.8 This is awful guys. Just awful. Let’s talk about all the ways his fantasy points aren’t valid.
  8. Very insightful questions. My guess is that he is only referring to leagues which we as NFL fantasy football enthusiasts use to truly evaluate a player’s talent and progression relative to the NFL’s level of competition. Which only includes collegiate football. It seems like you may have overlooked that point in my last post as you removed this sentence when quoting it in your reply, “We also have a fantastic opportunity to evaluate players and their progression or lack thereof during their time in collegiate football.” I apologize for using the term “collegiate football” as opposed to “college football”. As it appears you may have confused it with your respective level of education when referencing pop warner and high school.
  9. I think he may be referring to the previous seasons in which Lamar Jackson also played football. The NFL is not the only entity that practices organized football competition. We also have a fantastic opportunity to evaluate players and their progression or lack thereof during their time in collegiate football.
  10. Who’s the rookie back to own now!?
  11. Given that this was planned, AB has probably had a copy of their playbook for weeks.
  12. Anyone see any value in this kid? My WR bench includes Desean, Corey Davis, Anthony Miller and I’m tempted now that he’s practicing and on track. Seems like the only WR2 available for Russ if he’s playing
  13. I went with Hot Chubb Time Machine and I shopped Chubb’s fantasy headshot into the hot tub from the movie cover for my team logo.