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  1. Very good start last night 6IP, 4H, 0ER, 1BB, 7K
  2. I have a feeling he isn't going to be in class A-ball for too long.. I'm predicting he's in A+ by the middle of May, maybe sooner..
  3. Again, if a buscone goes back on his handshake, he will be blackballed going forward. This has been the norm for as long as this international set up has been in effect. It is his best interest to do whatever he needs to make sure his player signs according to the agreement. There are plenty of really good writers on this subject. BA, Kiley(fangraphs), Law. DOB is not informed on this topic. This flip flopping you keep insisting happens, doesnt.... Flip flopping doesn't happen..? Since you were citing Keith Law earlier, I'd like to know your opinion on this quote.. Is he likely to sign with Atlanta? Yes, he most likely will sign with the Braves; however, if some team comes at him and offers a ridiculous amount of money he could very well bolt. Do the majority of prospects sign with teams that have these "handshake agreements"? Yes, but to say it never happens is just flat out wrong. Would love to get this kid in my dynasty league but know I'll have to bid a ridiculous amount to get him in our July 2 signing process.
  4. Here's another quote from Klaw.. So no, a handshake agreement is not a for sure deal..
  5. and yet we knew Vlad Jr was going to be a blue jay more than a year ahead of time. The same could've been said for Eddy Martinez, no? Then at the last minute he switched to the cubs..
  6. The comparison that really stood out was to a young Pedro Martinez. Okay kid, no pressure with that, right? But seriously how does a 17-year old deal with this type of expectation? Urias is going through the same thing. Dude is a teenager and all of a sudden all this comes down on him. Then he has to deal with all the hangers-on and leeches etc who like to latch on to young players. Put another way, what were all of us doing at age 17? Dealing with this type of pressure? It definitely takes a different breed of kid to deal with that type of hype at such a young age.. Very few are able to do it and take it in stride.. Bryce Harper and King Felix are really the only one's that come to mind, but I haven't been following baseball, like I do now (religously), for that long.. Reading some of the scouting reports/organization reports, they rave about his maturity and how he acts like a vet.. So hopefully Anderson is a rare breed and turns out to be another King Felix. I can't wait to see what's in store for him in '16..
  7. From Baseball Prospectus Blue Jays Top 10 that came out yesterday..
  8. Amir ranked as the #8th LHP in MiLB by the MLB 2016 Prospect watch.. A small excerpt from Fake Teams as well..
  9. A prospect that has greatly improved his stock over the last year and starting to rise up prospect lists everywhere. Just recently ranked as the #7 1B in MiLB by's 2016 prospect watch and has started popping up on numerous TB Rays' Top 10 prospect rankings. Normally a 1st baseman Bauers played in the corner outfield in the AFL and had some pretty good success in those spots. I wrote this before the fall league on Bauers.. Here's what's take on him.. Baseball America ranks Bauers as the #4 propsect in the Rays org, and here's a little excerpt.. Not a very well known guy at this point, but will be with another good year in 2016. I expect him to start out in AA - Montgomery again, potentially moving up to AAA - Durham with a good first half.
  10. Here's another opinion: "Fantasy Impact: Alford has a chance to be an impact fantasy player with the ceiling of a 20 HR/40 SB player. If his hit tool continues to develop, owners could also be looking at a .270/.340 player. If it all comes together, he’s a first round draft pick. If you’re in a new Dynasty League, don’t be afraid to treat Alford as a top 20 minor league player and take him in the early rounds of your draft."
  11. Very surprised Alford doesn't have his own thread here. Was just named the top prospect in the Blue Jays org by Baseball America. 2015 was his first year of playing baseball full-time and he oozes with potential. Here's a few excerpts from the BA Blue Jays top 10 chat.. Frank (Chicago): How many of these guys have a case for the top 100? Thx John Manuel: Well, we’re finalizing BA Grades for the Handbook right now … you really, really should order a Prospect Handbook if you have any interest in this stuff, you know. 900 scouting reports in one place, pretty sweet deal. Anyway, Alford is an easy top 100 guy, and more like a Top 50 guy. For me, in Handbook terms, he’s a 60 Medium. I guess that means he’s a 60 Medium since I was the one who came up with BA Grades (heavily borrowing from the methods a couple of clubs use) and also wrote the Blue Jays chapter. … Conner Greene is a top 100 guy for me, easily. Vlad Jr. will probably be toward the back of my top 100 though I know that’s rich for some. I also could see Richard Urena & Sean-Reid Foley in there. Top of the system, to me, is still pretty good. Just the depth has been hollowed out. Esteban (West Palm Beach): Although I hear that the Blue Jays' system still has prospects, it feels like they're all second-tier prospects. What are the odds that there isn't a major league regular in their system now? John Manuel: No, you’re not correct. Alford is a first-division guy; I think Greene is as well. Vladdy has a high ceiling, and Urena was in the top 3 in HR in the Midwest League as a teen shortstop. I think you’re pretty light on their potential impact guys. They have some impact, and Alford strikes me as not very risky thanks to his athleticism and plate approach, which are special, especially for a guy with his limited baseball experience. If he’s not a big league regular in 2-3 years, I’ll be very surprised. Esteban (West Palm Beach): Would you be surprised if Alford has a 30-30 season in the bigs? Is his upside McCutchen? John Manuel: I would be very surprised, considering he already is strong and has plate discipline, if he started hitting a lot more home runs and do not see him as a 30-HR guy. His upside is below McCutchen. Prison Mike (Scranton, PA): Where would you rank Dalton Pompey if he were still eligible? His inconsistency is concerning. Would you consider his skill set similar to Alford? John Manuel: Less certainty in his offense, his approach is less consistent than Alford’s, less offensive ceiling. I did not bear down on him at all because he was not eligible, so I didn’t delve into the bat. But I liked him a lot last yaer; I bet I would have had Pompey 2 as a 50/Medium type. Sean (DC): Are we looking at a Mookie Betts type upside on Alford? Ellsbury? Some other Red Sox? John Manuel: Ha .. maybe Ellsbury in his non-30 HR season. I don’t see that kind of home run power with AA but hey, we never thought that would happen with Ellsbury, and he’s never repeated it. Mookie, to me, is more dynamic.
  12. 0% chance, maybe in 2017 if he dominates this year.. I see him spending the entire year in A-ball, starting out in Greenville and ending up in Salem in Adv-A.
  13. Some tidbits from Boston's top 10 prospect chat over on Baseball America Connor Reed (Connecticut): That's a killer trio at the top for Boston. Where do you potentially see them in the Top 100? Can they all crack the top 30 - or does Benintendi need a longer track record? Alex Speier: I’m not involved in the top 100 conversations, so don’t have a good feel for this. Don’t exclude Espinoza from that group, however — I heard cases made for all four of Moncada, Devers, Benintendi, and Espinoza as the best prospect in the Sox’ system. Ben (Rhode Island): I know it's tough to predict but who does Anderson Espinoza remind you of in today's game? And what do you see his ceiling being? Alex Speier: His slight stature, smooth delivery, incredible power stuff, and maturity/makeup prompted a lot of people to say that he reminded them of a teenage Pedro, including Goose Gregson, the Red Sox’ Latin American pitching coordinator who worked with a 16-/17-year-old Pedro with the Dodgers. Pedro said the same. He has the makings of three plus pitches, so there’s legitimate ace potential. That’s far from a guarantee (see Bundy, Dylan), but he’s ridiculously talented at a ridiculously young age. Manolo Ozuna (Providence, RI): How do scouts grade Espinoza's secondary pitches? Alex Speier: The changeup and curve were both viewed as being at least average now, albeit without the consistency one would seek out of a major leaguer. But Espinoza has super-long fingers that let him perform some feats of prestidigitation when it comes to manipulating and spinning a baseball. J.Feliz Luzón (Anderson Espinoza. Agent): More than a question is a comment regarding Anderson! He is a warrior and harder worker with only 17 y old! He is figthing everyday to reach his goals and make a 25MR ASAP! He is now training in Fort Myers Alex Speier: A testimonial from Espinoza’s agent… Espinoza told me that his goal is to reach the big leagues at age 19, like his idol, King Felix. Tyler (North Carolina): Who is closest to making it to the majors, Espinoza or Kopech? Alex Speier: Probably Espinoza, who is already moving on an atypical progression — he’s the first 17-year-old to pitch in full-season ball for the Sox in about 30 years. His delivery and command are also ahead of Kopech. I haven't been following MiLB for too long, but has there been another prospect with as much hype as Espinoza (since Bryce Harper)? Maybe Dylan Bundy?