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  1. Hello All - We've got a group of about 20-25 owners who participate in all 3 of the major fantasy sports (Baseball, Football, Basketball) with an active GroupMe chat that's generally flooded with a mixture of trash talk/banter/general sports talk when it's not being utilized to work deals, etc. Some members of the group felt the itch to get one more draft in for the season, and where our other (2) baseball leagues are H2H Cats format, we decided to go with a points league (weekly, to avoid the fluky nature of daily streaming which requires 0 skill/strategy). We've got 3-4 openings currently that we're looking to fill in advance to next Sunday, 4/15, when we'll be live drafting at 9-930 PM (EST). Couple basic requirements we'd ask of any owners looking to get in with our group: *Be present for draft **Be an active presence on our league chat ***Don't take any of the banter that takes place in our chat to heart - we're a group that's comprised of most of us who've been doing fantasy together for the better part of 5-6 years, so things can certainly get heated at the drop of a dime. Leave your contact info and a brief description of your fantasy experience here if you're interested in joining up, i'll contact you via email as they come in. Thanks for reading! JD
  2. which teams are still available from the post you put up a few hours ago?

  3. hey man, interested in taking over the Astros team or the Posey team if that's available.  Let me know - jdfantasy33@gmail.com

    1. Narcolo


      I sent out an invitation. Thanks or the interest. Hope you join.