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  1. Salutations All - We've got an opening in our 12 team H2H Points league. Coast to Coast is a 3 sport fantasy league with a group of active (sometime too active) owners who enjoy engaging in a competitive environment, talking trades, making moves and most of all talking trash. This league is not for the thin of skinned, and not for a passer by type of fantasy owner. We prefer owners that engage on our league chat whether it be just shooting the breeze about the goings on in the world of sports, talking about league matters/changes/goings on and matters of the like. It's a requirement for any new owner to set up an account (utilizing chatango) to interact with our group and show your level of engagement in the league. Joining our baseball league immediately will put you into contention if availability becomes for our basketball and football leagues as well. Onto the team, this is not your normal run of the mill team left behind for a forum guy to come take over and prep for next season. The team sits in second place, has a plethora of hitters and some solid young arms. To be frank, if you find you don't like the structure or the design of this team, you'll have no trouble finding owners who will trade with you as this is the nature of our leagues. Some of the notables include: Buster Posey Miguel Cabrera Trea Turner Bryce Harper Yoenis Cespedes Marcus Stroman Danny Salazar Dylan Bundy Cole Hamels Direct message me on roto, or leave your email for follow up on this thread and I'll be in touch with you in the near future regarding where we stand. I look forward to hearing from y'all, and Happy Baseball Season!
  2. which teams are still available from the post you put up a few hours ago?

  3. hey man, interested in taking over the Astros team or the Posey team if that's available.  Let me know - jdfantasy33@gmail.com

    1. Narcolo


      I sent out an invitation. Thanks or the interest. Hope you join.