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  1. A. Jones, Drake, Clement, or Mack ROS

    Clement/Mack > Drake/Jones I like Clement just a little bit more than Mack right now, although I like the gamble on Mack! So, i'd personally roll Mack, but I don't think you could go wrong with Clement.
  2. Trade help Whir!

    It's not bad, I could live with not doing it also. I think OBJ and Ingram are close I like them both. Maybe do it since you have Kamara? Tough one.
  3. If you could get Ertz for either one of those deals I'd do it. You don't need those WR's and TE's are so bad this year, you would have a huge advantage against most of your opponents in that slot.
  4. godwin or shepard ROS?? WHIR 100%

    I'd keep Godwin.
  5. I would, but I am not a fan of ATL RB's. Cook is pretty dang good...if healthy. I'd take the gamble.
  6. Jordan Howard trade

    Who did he end up dropping?
  7. Trade Cook and Mixon for Gurley?

    I'd rather have Gurley side for sure, but definitely try it. Never hurts.
  8. Trade for evans and howard?

    Overthinking it for sure. I wouldn't even give Evans for those Hyde/Godwin. Howard is a bonus.
  9. Better outlook ROS: Drake or Mack?

    Drake and Gore are sharing, and also boring. I'm all in on the unknown of Marlon Mack. Hes flashed some big play ability, and he looked healthy last week. Take the Gamble and go with mack!
  10. Thielen + McCoy for...

    I like the Ingram and Woods idea. I think McCoy is worthless, Thielen is money, but im on that Ingram train!!!
  11. Drop Aaron Jones for ...? WHIR

    I'm on that Marlon Mack train hard...I'd drop A Jones for him easy.
  12. Been offered ZErtz for JWhite, KGolladay

    I'd do it, and then shop those RBs
  13. What to do with Amari Cooper?

    if you couldn't trade Cooper, id drop him out of those 3 or Godwin. Ima Baldwin believer.
  14. Juju for Mixon? WHIR 100%

    I like Mixon more than Juju, but you would need to have a trade lined up with one or 2 of your other RBs for a WR right after... or you would be quite thin at WR
  15. Dalvin Cook for AJ Green? WHIR

    I own Dalvin Cook and i'd love to give him up for Green, Don't do it! Stay off the Cook train for now lol.