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  1. I would do that. Those 2 WR's would be your 2 best now that AB is gone. Kyler will get points, he hasn't even reached his final form. Lamar has looked great, but against 2 weak Defenses. I'd sell.
  2. no. that's a bad trade. I'd try and get rid of Diggs for a RB or Kelce for a better RB and WR/TE.
  3. I'd probably drop Corey Davis if I was going to drop someone for him. His offense is not great
  4. I would not do it. Mixons team is bad, and he was hurt.
  5. It's not bad, but i'd probably pass on it. I'd need a better RB than Mixon. I don't trust him.
  6. I would do 1 for sure. You still have Wentz, who is a good QB. Kamara >>> Kerryon. If you think the Brees injury hurts Kamara too much and going from Lamar to Wentz isn't worth then don't do any of them. I don't like the 2nd trade.
  7. I would not do this. I like Josh Allen and Dalton as streamers, and don't drop ross.
  8. Whenever I do that I always make the wrong, I just go for it now. Redskins might be getting blown out and then AP wouldn't be used as much, so there is concern for either choice imo.
  9. Engram looks like the safer play, but Hock is going to score more. Book it.