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  1. I'd drop a QB if you really wanted to.
  2. Huge flex problem. WHIR

    out of those 3 id have to go Ware > Lewis > Riddick
  3. PPR Who do I start

    Josh Reynolds instead of Gus Edwards.
  4. CMC, Chubb and Ekeler. I would be ok with Mixon instead of Ekeler, but my gut is saying Ekeler. I don't trust Ware to be honest, hes not nearly as good as Hunt, and im not sure he is going to be the main dude the whole time. I can see him splitting 65/35 with Washington.
  5. Hopefully ya didnt play trequan...if not, id go Lamar > Ridley > Gus
  6. Trade Got Vetoed, WHIR

    Trade is fine as long as no collusion. I'd leave the league.
  7. Help me clinch the one seed, WHIR

    I'd go DJ Moore > Landry/Baldwin. Flex - Chubb > A Jones > Miller.
  8. TE Russian roulette! WHIR

    drop Smith and Everett.
  9. Do I make the move? Full PPR

    If you only give up juju or A jones and brate for Kelce, then yes id do that instantly. your starting lineup would be really strong.
  10. Interesting Blockbuster! WHIR 110%

    Absolutely do that trade!
  11. Do I make the move? Full PPR

    Is is 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex? How many starters? I'd need to know a little bit more.
  12. Who To Pick Up?? - WHIR

    I'm probably going to gamble with Herndon and play him over Vance. He is getting a higher % of snaps lately and his Targets are rising as well, but I do think they are close.
  13. If there was no rule against it, then its fine. Looks like a lesson learned for the league. Next year fix that, this year live with it.
  14. Who To Pick Up?? - WHIR

    Herndon for sure.