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  1. thanks everyone! Just out of curiousity, is this trade very one-sided?
  2. hardman, montgomery, metcalf, fitz. Thanks for helpin with mine!
  3. bein a Diggs owner myself, I'd hold. He's gonna improve, just a bad game. thanks for helpin with mine!
  4. Boykin, he hasn't put up any stats yet or been thrown to much yet. I'd give Moncrief one more week, Brown and Chark may have just been flashes in week 1 but I'd hold them to see how they do in the next week or two. Thanks for the help with mine!
  5. 12 team redraft, full ppr, team in sig, was wondering if I should sell high on Lamar and buy low on Evans. The Evans owner drafted Luck, and now only has Whinston as his QB. Should I sell high on Jackson now since I also have Matty ice or stand pat with 2 QBs for now? thanks ! Whir
  6. I must be extremely lucky but I picked up TJ Hock off waivers last night having no idea about henry being hurt. Sorry to hear your troubles tho. Get Cook for free now, maybe your bench like hollywood, tyrell or brieda can string a good game or two and then I'd try and pool a two for one for a better TE, maybe they lose players to injuries in that time as well? I dont see ppl wanting to get rid of top tier TE's this early. hoped that helped, thanks for helping me with mine, I got Dede with the 78th pick in my draft and I think I'm gonna send the trade to him. Thanks!
  7. 12 team re-draft full ppr. my Team in sig, love what i'm getting from Ekeler, wondering if I should trade my Dede for his Gordon or (if Dede is too much) maybe someone else for him. heres his team : qb - Mayfield, Stafford wr - landry, ridley, sanders, hollywood, stills rb - kamara, freeman, gordon, barber te - ebron, burton Thanks! WHIR
  8. is this ppr? whats your rb situation? not much hype with Cohen this offseason all they have said is they r scaling back his touches, he still holds some value in ppr. Singletary will probably win the rb job outright by the halfway point in the season I bet, no telling how there offense will look tho. they are both kinda " buy-lows" right now. I'd keep cohen. `please help with mine
  9. agreed godwin and lockett they seem the safest, dont know how brissett and the colts will look, and same with Golladay and the lions altho they have a good matchup with the cardinals. please help with mine!
  10. agree with everyone else, keep ur cuff to Conner, def keep hill. redskins just named Guice the starter so drop AP. please help with mine!
  11. Pretty good all round, hopefully burton can stay healthy, it will be interesting to see how chicago's offense will look this season hopefully burton can be an every week solid play. I like the woods pick, and love your rb's. good luck! please help with mine!
  12. i went rb rb then wr wr, amari was a headache for me last year, until he made it to the cowboys. i got a little luckier with allen (got him with my 3rd pick) i drafted diggs as well, i feel confident with him. good all round tho, good TE and hopefully Cam can heal up. please help with mine!
  13. 12 team re-draft full ppr, Wonderin who is the best bench stash, Hardman, Marq Brown, A. Wilson, or Boykin . rest of the team seems pretty set (team in sig). WHIR thanks!
  14. got offered my Ballage for his Justice Hill. should I accept? team in sig. WHIR thanks
  15. I dont know how both are on wiavers but I agree with the previous comment, you know freeman is playing, gordon could be out till week 10ish. I gotta think stats would be similar (if gordon played). waiver on freeman and see if u get lucky with gordon.
  16. tough one but I'd go with Dede, he'll be Jags #1 recieving option against KC def, Falcons have a tough matchup against Min. please help with mine
  17. Got offered Guice for my Ekeler/Jackson should I accept? team in sig, Whir! Thanks
  18. I agree, hopkins as well, please help with mine
  19. Which trades would you accept (if any) - ekeler for gordon, jackson for gordon, or jackson/ekeler for gordon. Am I even close? Let me know thanks! WHIR
  20. your pretty stacked everywhere else (except qb of course) I'd see if you can maybe trade a rb and/or wr for a qb and d/st maybe? like a 2 for 1 or somethin. please help with mine?
  21. I had the same thought with trading for Gordon, felt risky, but offering ekeler straight up or jackson/ekeler for Gordon was what I was thinking.
  22. What kind of league are you in? How many teams? Overall not bad man, i went 2 rbs and 2 wrs with my first 4 picks as well. You missed out on a TE tho, maybe you can swing a trade for one tho. I dont think Olsen is your answer this year. please help with mine