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  1. who should i pickup whir 100

    Favors then. Then Jabari and Holiday
  2. Ayton or Westbrook?

    Westbrook 100% if you punt certain things. Also has a better playoff schedule
  3. Oooh now I get it. The B stands for bricks. Not buckets
  4. Thanks a lot :)! any others?
  5. WHIR Punt Assist Trade 10 Man

    Well I think I would stay with Vuc. He is a top 20 player right now and it's still 50/50 for him to be traded.
  6. Hmm yea, the blocks are nice and I feel like points/3's are easier to come by (from the WW). Just don't like those 20/mid-20 minutes game from time to time (with only 2 games in the semifinales of playoffs)
  7. And who would you rather own? Sweet Lou or Allen
  8. Really high on him? I also really like him. Just wanted to know if others felt the same too Trying to flip Jabari Parker instead (but don't think that would do it) But he's kind of high on Wiggins (for what ever reason). So would Allen + Trae be good for me? He needs to make room for a player coming from his IR-spot and Allen doesn't fit his team at all (so maybe I can sneak him with me)
  9. Rank these end of bench guys whir

    ROS: Bridges or Kleber when DSJ is traded and they don't get any in return that could hurt him Short term: 1. Rivers/faried (depends on need)
  10. Are any of these three players interesting? I don't see much value in Wiggins... Randle is a DD monster when he starts
  11. Carmelo Anthony 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Will he have value in LA?
  12. 10 team - 9 cat - H2H league His Jarrett Allen, Lou Williams & Trae Young for my Wiggins & Randle (he is very high on him with the rumors of Pelicans trying to shop Mirotic) - my drop would be Huerter My roster: Lebron Jokic Lillard Kyrie Embiid Kemba Butler CP3 (IR-SPOT) Bagley Huerter Wiggins Randle Faried Parker
  13. Well the only complaint I got about him is his FT% and defensive stats. But he was a decent block source before his injury and that 4-4-4 schedule is tasty
  14. Well 2 games isn't that bad. We all know Galli is a slow healer and if we know him right - a cold could end his season
  15. Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Well i'm actually trying to "buy low" on him because someone is trying to sell high on him/or actually just trying to move him for someone decent so wanted to know if his ROS outlook would be this kind of production?