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  1. This is difficult. Obviously if AD plays he is better than Embiid. AD at even 80% is 1 of the best (if not the best) fantasy players. However his situation looks murky at best and i dont see this changing for the better, it can only get worse. Embiid is a solid top 10 player. So i guess it depends on how big of a risk you want to take. If you feel like you have a chance to win the league with AD (if he plays) then id say, take that chance. If you feel like your team is strong enough to have a shot to win with Embiid, then make the trade i guess. Guess it all comes down to your decision, wont be easy either way. Hope it works out!
  2. For me its Klay. According to BBM in 9cath Klay is ranked 24th and Simmons is ranked 78th. Simmons has the obvious advantage in reb, ast and FG% (klay is no slouch here himself) but klay is by far better in points, 3pm, ft% and turnovers while somewhat surprisingly the stocks are about the same. Just my 2 cents. Sidenote: i only play roto leagues so dont really have experience with H2H leagues.
  3. FYI, i dropped Bryant for Zubac in a 9cath league, so Zubac for me.
  4. Yeah man, get AD. Even with minutes restrictions and resting b2b, AD at 80% is probably still the best or second best player in fantasy. Also i agree with your reasoning about Gasol and Horford.
  5. Definitely drop mudiay man, he is just not very good.
  6. Assuming 9 cath redraft league i would keep fox i think, unless you really really need some depth. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/739826-my-horfordand-vonleh-vs-marc-gasol-whir/
  7. Its pretty fair. Butler is the best player here obviously but getting those 3 players in return gives you some solid depth.
  8. Drop dsj, punt a** he is ranked 250th. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/739826-my-horfordand-vonleh-vs-marc-gasol-whir/
  9. Seems like in a league counting DDs simmons and collins vakue would be a bit higher. Still i kind of like the trade, since you are already punting those 3 caths trading away simmons will be good for your ft%. Your assists should be fine even without simmons and you would be solid in the other caths after the trade. So i think its pretty balanced but i would take the dipo side here. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/739826-my-horfordand-vonleh-vs-marc-gasol-whir/
  10. I totally agree about the veto part. Well said. But how does the capela side not win this? Assuming a 9cath league capela is ranked 19th while doncic is 86th and jjj is 63. I would prefer capela by miles.. Am i missing something here? @OP: which side is getting vetoed exactly?
  11. Have to agree, not enough for kat.. I like the idea of getting more depth but you could and should get more for Kat.
  12. Probably not vetoable but in a 9cath refraft league i think the trade is preyty lobsided in capelas favor..
  13. I still like the tj Warren side i think.
  14. Towns by a very big margin. This is almost vetoable..