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  1. Not me venting, but I just noticed someone in my league got his score lapped 3 times around thanks to Henry, Barkley, Kittle, Coop etc. The despair must've been glorious.
  2. Always gotta be the one guy who flaunt his super guru elder sharks only high stakes cutthroat 32 man offshore account money league over us kiddie league peasants.
  3. Wilson looks like he would've totally took pleasure in tattling on kids to the teachers at school.
  4. He actually had 3 good games in a row fantasy pt wise. This was the absolute most shameful one though since at least in those he got garbage carries for insane production.
  5. Surely it's time now for Howard to do his weekly transformation into the garbage man?
  6. Lmao how big of a lead do the Bears need until Howard is allowed to have his 3rd carry of the game?
  7. Lol my players get duds and seemingly never get tds on a weekly basis yet Brown and Connor owners are disgusted with their pts
  8. Does anyone think there's someone out there in the world over the age of 10 that considers Dak as their favorite player and isn't related to him?
  9. Was up against Mcaffrey, Allen and superfriends. Had Carson die early, Cam a rushing td taken away on a phantom shift, Legatron shank a 50 and miss out on a fg from a trick play, etc. Mike Evans completely killed my chances. Somehow managed to claw my way back thanks to Gordon but finished a pt and some change away from the win... Really needed that win. Now 3-6 in 16 team 8 in and it's likely over for me
  10. Ugh I can't believe Gordon helped me claw my way back from Mcaffrey and bear juggernauts and ill still lose by 3...