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  1. One time back on 12 I had an 11 fumble game by me in the first half in the pissing rain I kid you not.
  2. Slye killed me too. I lost by 4 and would've won if he hit any of those or if they didn't reverse the Lockett td and let Carson punch it in.
  3. Little appetizers with Jones until you unveil the main course with Jamaal. I see you Lafleur.
  4. Holy fug. The Pack are going to have to use Jones at full time WR after this.
  5. Ready for the second half and the Jamaal Williams Canton induction ceremony after the game.
  6. There you Jones guys go. Back in whilst Williams gets a breather.
  7. Let's finish this half with a Jamaal Williams td. I want to see a good ol' fashioned rotoworld meltdown
  8. Woo! Jamaal Williams time! Edit: for the record I have neither. I just want to see the Aaron Jones owners sweat a little because I'm a horrible human being.