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  1. Much better line with over 30 min tonight
  2. Just checked into tonight's game...and immediately committed 2 TO's
  3. Yeah I'm holding Noel hoping he gets more minutes. Carlisle tho..
  4. And back down to earth apparently...
  5. I'm seeing it reported on multiple Twitter accounts. It was probably mentioned during the broadcast. Great work Suns media relations.
  6. showing up big in the playoffs! already season high in points tonight
  7. from potential drop to BEAST!
  8. They're probably concerned about a possible lisfranc ligament tear and need a specialist to assess it
  9. Wow, I almost did last night. Can never trust those RW blurbs apparently.
  10. Fearing for the worst, hoping for the best
  11. Potential shut down candidate? Considering dropping based on the latest injury news.
  12. Good thing I have a bye this week. Would really need his production. Hope he doesn't rest too much next week!
  13. Careful with that strategy. In my league and many others, regardless if you have the superior waiver position, you can't use it over anyone else using their waiver to pick up a player that was last dropped by you. He would have to completely clear waivers for you to be able to pick him back up.