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  1. Who do the A’s likely turn to at 1B? Canha?
  2. Dropped to the 8th spot in the lineup against a LHP in game 2 vs SEA.
  3. He had an awful spring too. Maybe you didn’t catch that part. Waiting for him to show some signs again of what made us believe in him, hopefully as soon as tonight.
  4. Do we know if he’s in the rotation or if not, what his bullpen role will be?
  5. Now that everyone has dropped him, Whiteside goes 6/6 from the line in the first half. WTF?
  6. All the designations on Yahoo have been very slow to update lately, so I wouldn't put any stock in it. Great timing too, during the fantasy playoffs!
  7. Hopefully he turns things around quick after last night and a rough spring. Should be leading off again tonight since he's facing a LHP.
  8. Batting leadoff the first game of the season!
  9. Gio just signed a minor deal with the Yankees with an opt out by April 20th if he doesn’t make the team roster. Yankees are dealing with injuries to their rotation and this seems like a solid addition for only $3 million, but what should we expect for him pitching in the AL East this season?
  10. Out today Might have to drop because they have no reason to play him at this point
  11. Video of the homer he smashed off Kennedy today: https://www.mlb.com/video/bauers-3-run-home-run-c2523598883