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  1. Martavis Bryant 2017 Outlook

    If WR is the position you need to address, who might you be looking at to replace him with? To be fair, I think he was under a different impression, if he made the change, got himself ready, he'd be part of what they're doing. But he's finding out he isn't. The best thing he can do is realize that 2017 is a wash & accept that he isn't part of their plan. He needs to go into Tomlin's office and tell him he'll do whatever it is they want. Primarily block & be a decoy? Screw it, shut up & be the best blocker & decoy you can! It's about team and I don't think he gets that. He cares about getting the ball, while the rest of it is meaningless. It's just nine more games, stop complaining and give them precisely what they want & then you're out of there!
  2. Martavis Bryant 2017 Outlook

    I'm not buying it either, whatever the specific issue is, we're not likely to know. But Roethlisberger has the playbook at his disposal, if Bryant to the corner or a post up is there, that's at his discretion. Diverting responsibility to the OC is BS. That one he forced to AB, I don't know. To hope that the CB has zero ball skills & the collapsing FS overruns it and then they both end up on the ground... If opposing defenses don't have to account for the WR who most closely resembles a primary, how does that work?
  3. Martavis Bryant 2017 Outlook

    I want to say it was several weeks ago that Akbar on the NFL Network said Bryant is often open, they just don't go to him. The concern back in the offseason was never about his skill set, system fit or any of that. Part of it was whether they had decided to move on from him. For the reasons mentioned he's a hold for me as well. If they involve him he's going to go off. He's complained & reportedly asked to be traded, so hopefully they let the guy factor.
  4. Pete... Expect several trade offers as two of your league mates have told me the former owner was unresponsive (I think they both covet Stefon Diggs). That's not why he's being removed, he's inactive in every respect. Anyway, congratulations, you are now a member of Breach The Headwall! I'll initially try to add you as a co-owner via the email app. 'Til then...
  5. This is a pretty competitive league, there are no undefeated teams or winless teams. There isn't even a 1-4 team. Here, you don't get 10 pts just because your DEF takes the field. But nor do you lose fantasy points when your DEF gives up real points. Your DEF scores making plays, creating turnovers & scoring TDs. Your ST also score via return yardage & TDs. Your team is currently 2-3 & looking to even it's record. Here are the key players on your roster: QB) Cam, Wentz RB) McCoy, Duke Johnson, Blount WR) Diggs, DT, Hilton & Cobb TE) Ertz D/ST) New England We play at & we've got a great group. A guy from Scotland, two others from Germany and a woman give us a rather diverse group. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. Buy Low - Sell High 2017

    You can always place Murray on the block & see what sort of interest there is. I have Devante Parker in one league and I've received two offers for him. The best of which happens to be Derrick Henry.
  7. Samaje Perine 2017 Season Outlook

    I drafted Samaje Perine in the leagues I'm in & like everyone else, I wish he'd crack their lineup. But at the same time, he's a guy on my bench, not in my lineup. Whereas guys like Jamison Crowder, Kelvin Benjamin & Hunter Henry were! Maybe I have it wrong, but I'm more disappointed with those guys than anyone on my bench! I certainly have my share of 1s & 0s added to my total.... I know what to do with Perine this week & I am going to start Henry, but the other two, god only knows.
  8. Melvin Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    I like him a lot too. Watching last night's game, they started & ran him in a deep-I set on his initial carry but I don't recall seeing him back there even once after that. I know he must've been but the majority of his carries were off those, out-of-the-gun quick hitters. He's a downhill runner and to me, if they let him ramp up more, he'd be even better!
  9. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    I drafted that Patriot DEF & thought they'd be alright at home & I certainly wasn't expecting KC to turn the ball over 5 times. But I also wasn't expecting Alex Smith to go off like he did. As already noted, coverage-wise New England did force him to go through his progressions and to his credit, he did that very effectively. He demonstrated excellent placement & velocity on his downfield throws. But he had all day & KC ran the ball very well. These days we hear it all the time, but it's much harder to win in the back. When a DEF gets pushed around up front like that, 42 points is a real possibility. I'm alright that I didn't draft Hunt, I thought he was going high & question whether he's built for volume. I mean, I could've drafted him instead of Cameron Meredith & wish now I had. e; Fair to assume though that a lot of owners who had other options probably are looking at bench points right now. As are two of my opponents, Gillislee owners, who left him on their bench. But no doubt, both are looking like major payoffs!
  10. Samaje Perine 2017 Season Outlook

    I would argue that more likely, we all frequently judge prematurely as opposed to it never occurring. Skillset wise, Samaje Perine isn't a home run hitter or ultra elusive & needs more reps in passing sets. But he does have a number of exceptional traits. The first thing I do is go to draft tracker and check my player at the combine. I like RBs that are disproportionately low & he has that. Low center, excellent balance, leg drive & pad level. When he smells the goal he's difficult to deny. Physical demeanor, very good vision & instincts. Brings the work ethic, mindset & leadership qualities to the locker room. I've watched Kelley & right now I think Perine is the best RB they have. I like his chances & have him on all three of my teams.
  11. Samaje Perine 2017 Season Outlook

    Just curious, when is it a bit premature to depict a guy a jag? After his first preseason carry? Oh I see, before, of course. e; This guy's a ripped bruiser with a low center & the work ethic to go with it. He may not be part of the conversation for some, but he is for that coaching staff, which is all that matters.
  12. Samaje Perine 2017 Season Outlook

    I don't believe the job was ever going to be won in the preseason. Perine was an early entry who wasn't utilized much in the passing game at OU. So there are parts of his game that has to be developed more. But that's experience-related, not an inability. The RBs that are successful at this level, he's built just like them. I like him a lot and I think the situation there is good. You add up last year's production from Jones and Kelly & consider where they're coming off (Perine or Kelley), it's good value if either of them can seize the volume.
  13. Matt Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    I had just dumped Jonathan Williams & although the two moves weren't related, I added Jones. He still has to learn their system and as already noted, probably not the best of landings. Not necessary to add right now, but to his perceived talent that some here have, important perhaps is that he wasn't unemployed for very long. Everybody knew he was done there, he asked to be released months ago. The notion that he had a legit chance to regain his position in Washington is also inaccurate. If he has solved putting the ball on the ground down near the goal, I think they find a way to get him out there. But when..?
  14. lazy, did you get your help? If any previous poster or anyone else would still like to help fill a league, we have a 12-teamer (.5pt ppr) that needs two post-draft managers. This league also features very different scoring for DEF/ST. We've done away with the point system, so you're not awarded 10 points when play begins and thus, you don't lose points either. In addition to scoring for sacks, turnovers & TDs off those TOs, the DEF also scores by forcing fumbles and blocking kicks. The ST score with return yards and any TDs that should occur. We estimate that DEF/ST units will often score twice what a DEF would in standard. Top units on any given week will likely factor big. It's going to be a wild & competitive league! Below are the rosters: team name followed by the current waiver position (-) and the order in which the players were selected. Team No Punt Intended (2) 1. Mike Evans (WR - tb) 2. A.J. Green (WR - cin) 3. Christian McCaffrey (RB - car) 4. Carlos Hyde (RB - sf) 5. Tyreek Hill (WR - kc) 6. Ameer Abdullah (RB - det) 7. Russell Wilson (QB - sea) 8. Larry Fitzgerald (WR - ari) 9. Eric Ebron (TE - det) 10. Pierre Garcon (WR - sf) 11. Coby Fleener (TE - no) 12. Tyrod Taylor (QB - buf) 13. Thomas Rawls (RB - sea) 14. Jacksonville Jaguars (DEF) 15. Wil Lutz (K - no) Team Rams (4) 1. Odell Beckham (WR - nyg) 2. Jordy Nelson (WR - gb) 3. Amari Cooper (WR - oak) 4. Joe Mixon (RB - cin) 5. Bilal Powell (RB - nyj) 6. Andrew Luck (QB - ind) 7. Jack Doyle (TE - ind) 8. Kansas City Chiefs (DEF) 9. Dan Bailey (K - dal) 10. Paul Perkins (RB - nyg) 11. Adam Thielen (WR - min) 12. Darren Sproles (RB - phi) 13. Rishard Matthews (WR - ten) 14. Hunter Henry (TE - lac) 15. Carson Palmer (QB - ari)
  15. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    What could possibly be more professional than a business decision!? ..e; Frankly, if the front office sets up a tank job, who is he to stand in the way?... Here's Johnny! e;