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  1. If in reference to a play for Melvin Gordon, the reasoning doesn't support the contention. Looking to upgrade at the position isn't the same as them willing to dump Howard because they're confident with Sanders.
  2. Gordon was going to dominate passes of 20 yards or more anyway, could be that more of those are now pitches right out over the plate! We all know the Steelers moved Brown around & that he's just as capable of doing damage out of the slot. His career ypr isn't anywhere near 20 yards, despite being deadly after the catch. Could be he threatens Edelman more than what others are saying here.
  3. As others have noted, the mainstream narrative is that he'll press most everything vertical & he is that player. But the combination of that Bronco pass rush & the Raiders w/o several starters along the OL bodes for an unfavorable game script. But given how much of what's free is purposefully disinformation, one could conclude that the Raiders already know their protection scheme can't be something straightforward. Plus, should they manage to establish Jacobs, that would be huge. Never know, I'm considering him along with Gordon & Diggs.
  4. I see... heaven forbid, to create a stir... yet, quick to come in and gloat... Who are you, exactly? Or is that another secret?
  5. I'm curious, did you post anything in this thread prior to the game? Who's your source & what did he/she tell you that was so convincing? Why didn't you bother sharing it with the rest of us? Given that the game was in the balance the whole way & favored Montgomery... did he or she know that too? Oh, a secret perhaps? Okay, well, perhaps you can tell us what you asked in your PM? Moving forward, what say you now!.....
  6. Not Kenny Stills I wouldn't, the Texans were reportedly looking for a WR they could play opposite Hopkins. I've said that before & I think most people would say: no, Will Fuller is that guy. Stills is a crafty route runner & every bit the deep threat Fuller is. You know, Fuller wasn't much of an option until Watson took over. Who has Kenny Stills had? Watson could very well mean the same thing to him! Could be wrong but I think that spot is open & Stills, more than capable. In Standard, I guess the Browns aren't that great an option, but week one at home vs Tennessee seems like a good matchup. Hot teams, often the DEF & return game feed off the offense & that could happen here. Hunt can't help you now & might not even when he does suit up. But he is of interest should something happen to Chubb. He may have trade value around mid-season. I'd carry him before I would a 3rd TE. This was a good deal you got! ๐Ÿ˜€Well done!
  7. I apologize for the critique, one last thing, I promise. :e Given that your trading partner was going to have to drop as many as three players, were none of them worth negotiating for?
  8. I like Nick Chubb a lot, but to me it's not so much what you gave up but your contingency plan & overall strategy. You've placed way too much emphasis on the single slot positions. You're carrying two streaming options at QB, what for? It's almost a certainty that this is standard scoring for D/ST. I just opened another window & according to FantasyPros, the Bears were the only defense that gave owners more than the 160 points you get from the 10-point shutout bonus at the beginning of each game. Meaning, in standard they were the only D/ST that averaged more than 10pts/G. The vast majority are in that 5-8 point range. When this is the reality, it's no different than carrying two kickers. Then, to consider adding a 3rd TE, omg. It's too much & leaves you very thin where you (any of us) need it the most, which is at RB & WR. As others have mentioned, you're banking on none of your starters underperforming, getting injured, always matchup proof & no bye week conflict or issue. Hat's off to you if you make that work, because I know I never could!! ha-ha. It's just me, but off your waiver wire if WR Tyrell Williams is there, he's the 1st one I would add. 10-teamer, James Washington or Michael Gallup might still be there. At RB, Alexander Mattison could very well be an option for you or any one of the Tampa 'backs. It's likely there isn't even one Redskin WR rostered in your league! Someone is going to consistently see 7, 8 targets per, which one? Early on, my bet would be Trey Quinn.
  9. Drafting prior to the preseason Jones was definitely a mid-round selection. I took him in 2 leagues, a home run hitter now in Bruce Arians offense. Seems precipitous, the notion that this highly-touted RB out of USC is beleaguered. What would be the rationale for hanging onto to a player whose development is years away, if at all? The Jets just dumped an edge rusher taken in the 3rd RD, Jones isn't even Arians player. When teams need better depth at a position they'll sign a guy, they'll draft a guy. They keep adding until the position becomes a strength. But Tampa didn't make much of a commitment to add. Perhaps it's a matter of them needing to see more of this player? If so, isn't that what the preseason is for? He had what, 10 touches? We know he's nursing a knee, but even if it's 3 games, that's a guy they know...
  10. On all three teams I have Nick Chubb, Alexander Mattison & Josh Gordon.
  11. Gotta love the conviction, I like him too. .. but I had to trade him..
  12. The facts speak for themselves, yet you remain enamored with this play. I broke it down & you've yet to refute what I said. The reason you don't is because you can't! What I said was that Williams didn't do anything special. Saying he caught the ball & ran 50+ yards with defenders around him is conveniently vague & allows readers to infer something more than what's really there... Physically he's always looked the part & may well hold up. Where he was coming off boards has been what much of the debate has been about, that & draft strategy. I'll say this, the guy who drafted Williams & 'cuffed him Hyde & ended up with McCoy is looking pretty brilliant right about now. He may not be among us here, but he is out there somewhere.
  13. I looked around, this is all I could find to support the notion that Montgomery's usage may be limited early on.
  14. This must be a deep league you're in. I have better choices than him, even at the FLEX position. However, Reid is drawing up a number of plays specifically for McCoy. How Williams owners can read that stuff & be "down" with it, I have no idea. What are your other choices?