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  1. Per Charley Casserly, last week the Eagles ran a lot of zone to protect their corners, because they tend to be over-aggressive. According to him they don't match up very well v the Vikings WRs. Further, he says the Vikings have to get Fletcher Cox & Brandon Graham blocked, they're the whole key to that defense. The Vikings will need to get their RT some help. The rest of the group is very average. On the other side, Pederson simplified the game plan for Foles, went with stuff he's comfortable with, says the Eagles may try to exploit the Vikings LBs in coverage. With respect to the TEs, you say the contest will be tight but wouldn't that script involve the ground game more rather than less? Rudolph can block, force base personnel & with the WRs they have, I think his chances of getting locked up on a thumper are better than that of Ertz. While he's stiff, I've got a feeling he's going to be big in this game.
  2. Great read & I agree with everything you've said. I think what's lost on that miracle play is that the Saints were conceding the reception, so that part was going to occur regardless! Now, whether Williams comes under control and prevents Diggs from getting OOB, no one can say! After the catch, Diggs is about a yard away from the boundary & his initial motion leaning that way! Then we're talking about a 51yd FG attempt to win it! Very makable! I too believed the Saints were going to upend Minnesota, a very good team, a very good dome team! The Vikings didn't have nearly the advantage Philly had over the Falcons. What Philly fans have right is that dome teams can lose a noticeable amount of team speed playing on a natural surface. Both games came down to the last play & imo, Julio Jones' effort was no less the determining factor. He falls down for god's sake... what's that got to do with Philly's defense being great? Then, the ball goes right through his hands, again, what's that got to do with Philly? Luck is what! Yeah, he would've been OOB anyway, but to me, that's simply the icing on his flopheadedness.
  3. Amari Cooper 2018 Season Outlook

    Corleone, I'm afraid you don't understand any part of the argument. The situation with the Raiders may be as simple as a new season and a new coach. I'm in the not so convinced camp.
  4. No, it's the rainbow bowl for sure. They both can get the ball down there, just takes 20 sec is all. e; Philly can stop the run & rush the passer, they can apply a lot of pressure on the short game. Their chances are excellent, especially if they win the turnover battle, the kicking & return game. That place is going to be rabid & they feed off that energy! Last week the Vikings had a punt blocked & an INT, can't have it! I think Minnesota is the better team on both sides of the ball & if the other variables are a non-factor or lean in their favor, I think they take it 27- 10. However, if the FG kicker, return game & turnovers all factor in Philly's favor, I like them: 16-6 or 8. Penalties also. At home, that's exactly the type of team Philly is. ... Fletcher Cox and the rest of them, you gotta find a way to get him to take wasted steps & get those guys blocked. I think now I want to change my pick to the Eagles too!
  5. You're making a big mistake! e; The homers say the Eagles being better at everything & now you believe it? Excuse me, the Eagles can what, exactly? Score? I don't think so! It's going to be over 40° at kickoff, overcast, not much wind. Perhaps Pederson will bring in a hypnotist...--> "Psst, Nickie, just remember, whatever you do out there, don't be you!!! ha-ha... It isn't going to work, I'm sorry!
  6. Amari Cooper 2018 Season Outlook

    What is cited above was taken from the separate comments. Corleone, you may want to consider my previous post. What we had previously was a rumor that Carr had lost the locker room or that there was internal discord. That rumor was linked to a player's wife, from another team. It may have been believed that she was the source to her own rumor, but that's refuted below. Here's a report back in mid-late November raising the same question: As I had sourced elsewhere, Cooper isn't the one dropping passes. The team has either led the league or been near the top of the list for several seasons. With respect to the material you sourced, there's this from the 2016 article: "The strange thing with Cooper is that the trait seems to have developed in the NFL." I should further note that neither of those articles offered any explanation for the drops. Perhaps there's nothing to it, if so, perhaps they'll put it behind them moving forward? But I'm Leary to just dismiss it, given the product on the field.
  7. Amari Cooper 2018 Season Outlook

    I appreciate you making mention of this, here's Mike Florio, although, he's simply citing Gehlken, your source. Now, here's what's In the comments section: "Crabtree probably sealed his fate today and vetted this article by taking himself out of the game today for no explanation. You can’t win with a tool like this." "I’ve recently noticed the frustration between Carr and Crabtree, did you guys see Crabtree leaving Carr hanging when Carr went up to him to shake his hand after the touchdown? (Vs the cowboys, I believe)" Is there merit to these statements? The report itself says there's stuff going on, do you know what your source is referring to?
  8. Amari Cooper 2018 Season Outlook

    You don't get recruited by Alabama, become highly coveted at the professional level, if you can't catch the football. It's something else, I have no idea what I'm looking for but it's centered around Derek Carr's ability to lead. If he needs to man up & go back into that locker room & get it right, he best do it!
  9. Nothing like him, as of right now he'd be my pick. They have a lot to do, I've never liked the 3-4 base they run because the OLBs have to be all-world. But every defense is in a 40 front on at least two- thirds of the snaps. McVay should be able to get the players he wants, with a legit primary paramount. Probably their best move would be to get Watkins back. But that's only an add if he becomes more involved. I don't know if 22 FAs is a lot, but it seems so. Obviously, we all hope their focus is on the offense. Those seeing David Johnson, you want to make sure you see a team that adds! They need to & filling out the roster isn't it!
  10. Yeah, I like Jacksonville here. It's two-fold, one is that somebody finally shows up & manages something more than epic fail. The Steelers game comes to mind & I remember watching the Chargers & thinking they'd prove they belonged in the playoffs, but no, they too were justing flopping all over themselves. Now Tennessee... You've got to knock Brady off his spot. Interior pressure, gotta have it! The other thing, they mix up personnel & formation but constantly attack the defense with short throws over the middle. Last week it was Dion Lewis, and those were largely uncontested. The other variable is Tom Coughlin, even though he's not the HC, I expect his team to play them like they should! Edit: I meant to mention the 2nd half of last year's SB, the Falcons, one screw up after another... C'mon Jacksonville, at least make them outplay you. God. Minnesota v Philly is just who doesn't screw up the most, Foles or Keenum? I like the weapons around Keenum & they're so close to hosting the SB. I like them to get there & to win it! My pick 'em record speaks for itself!
  11. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    I see, I feel there's more made of the kneeling than what's warranted. It never used to be this way. If this apparent wave of nationalist fervor is really what we're about then I don't see why things like a mandated salute & paid for patriotism are even necessary.... Otherwise I agree, even though this is related to football, this isn't the accepted forum.
  12. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    Rapoport didn't know that the extension would be something unacceptable to Mularkey. But like dashoe I'm curious as to the agenda at ESPN.
  13. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    But he was offered an extension, something that Mularkey didn't find satisfactory. He did assume that meant the coach would be staying, but that's hardly misinformation.
  14. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    i don't know enough about him to say, but if "reporting" isn't an accurate depiction then what would be? Also, are you saying Mularkey hasn't been offered an extension?
  15. Marcus Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    Marcus Williams was instructed to permit the reception, but make the tackle. As he closed on Diggs he realized he could possibly arrive prematurely. He goes to cut Diggs but delay contact with the WR at the same time. He misses him and to make matters worse, takes out his help who would've likely made the tackle. Hopefully he knows or is helped to channel the upside. He's going to learn a lot about public perception, how to reflect upon failure that effects others, the scrutiny of this magnitude, the people who really do care about him, lots of very positive things. Perhaps it starts with putting what happened into the proper perspective? We see this with prevent all the time, he was asked not to lose, when he has proven that he knows how to win!