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  1. From your source: "Running back Devontae Booker showed the coaches enough good things in the offseason program that he's expected to get some snaps with the starting offense in the camp's early going to see if he can really push for the No. 1 job. Overall, the Broncos' division of labor at running back will bear watching all through the preseason. C.J. Anderson, Booker and Jamaal Charles each warrants significant looks in the offense." It hardly appears to be a foregone conclusion in favor of C.J. Anderson. Drafting before the preseason, like Carlos Hyde, Anderson is an absolute no-go for me at his adp. Booker possesses lead 'back physicality, but not a guy who can consistently give them 25+ carries. Doesn't possess an exceptional trait, but good at everything, an every down player. They like him and the guys in front of him aren't anything special. I think he eventually assumes a good 15-18 touch average.
  2. Recency bias? You don't even have to draft Booker, he's a player to monitor. Jamaal Charles, OMG, the league minimum for a 10-year vet is $1M per. He was on the market for some time & their one-year commitment to him is likely little more than for $1.4M. Regardless of how you or any of us perceive Booker's skill set, the team is obviously of a different mind. That Anderson is going to command 70% of the volume is closer to the pipe dream, IMO. Consider the commitment you have to make to get him. In several mock drafts at yahoo that I've participated in recently, along with Carlos Hyde, even more so, Anderson is really hanging. So there's a lot of us that don't see him owning the kind volume Cohen does. Despite his lack of productivity, Booker was their leading rusher last year. He has said he's 100% and in better shape this year. HC Vance Joseph has said the starting job is wide open! The new scheme they're implementing favors Booker for god sake. Call me cra-cra, anything you want. It's not just wishful thinking, but click names if that's what works.
  3. Really like your take on the Washington backfield, as of late it seems Kelley is starting to fade which means you can get the both of them reasonably. Here's a guy, basement bucket bonanza stuff, who the Broncos clearly like: What's left out of Booker's latest meme is that the days of the zone blocking scheme in Denver, which Anderson was a product of, are gone. Every team runs a mix and they'll continue to as well, but it's argued that the switch to more of a power scheme better suits the skill set of Booker. I can't believe his adp, the only other RB who is set to start the season as a backup with as clear a path to volume is Samaje Perine. Keep an eye on this guy!
  4. Exactly and the other thing I like about an Aaron Rodgers, and I've said this before, is that other than the week he's on his bye, you don't need to roster another QB. Meaning, besides his production, he affords you an additional roster spot (which is especially helpful through the bye weeks), that you'd otherwise use for another QB you have no intention of starting.
  5. I'm seeing them very much the same, although I can't help but pause every now & then and think, the Vikings? Yeah, this is a different team with a new identity and I'm expecting Bradford to do well. Interesting pairing you have, as I also like Andrew Luck this year. Given that the expected timeframe for his recovery has passed, I think they're just being cautious. A lock-n-load starter & a sneaky backup vet. Could be wrong but I think you're set at QB this year! e;
  6. No mention of Alfred Morris in all this? I know they were trying to move him, the reason for which may be of interest. Regardless, he holds value and they weren't just going to cut him. They may have been doing it for him, get him someplace where he'd play more? You can get him now at the very back of any league. Less value in ppr but it looks like they may need him now.
  7. I hope for your sake you're right. While I happen to disagree on all three players, the part that I think you should reconsider the most is putting all your eggs into TC. Oh, as soon as Hyde has Shanahan's system down, it's over. As if to suggest that whichever guy accomplishes that first, wins the season. I could be wrong but I believe that's false. While the timeframe is likely longer for Williams, as soon as he's ready, I think there's every reason to believe they're going to play him. You mention what Hyde & Sir SogTONnog bring in the way of skill set, but the home run hitter they have is Williams. The volume, Hyde isn't in a position to take command of it.
  8. So you made three points, the last of which pertained to Tim Hightower. He's an older player with no STs value, a system transition asset, final cut guy. Your initial point, with respect to sourcing contends that these given writers didn't cite anyone within the organization, nor are they reporting on their own observations. I'll concede both points. However, either these writers are citing other reporters who did or they're just making stuff up. The sort that tend to embellish like that usually have a reputation for doing so. Certainly within the realm of course, but can you establish that? RT, c'mon, that stuff about Hyde's scheme fit comes straight from the horse's mouth! It isn't just a blip, there's an entire script of roto-memes. They're like: Who, Carlos? .. Oh, yeah yeah, him. Yeah, we don't know about him! The point I like the best is when you contend that this thing is going to heat up, he's going to dial & familiarize himself with what they want and his skill set & experience are going to win out. You can't see me but I'm throwing my hands up, shrugging my shoulders, eyes darting side to side. Dunno me! e; But what is this team's 2017 objective? Are they expecting to win? That stuff about them wanting Hyde to prove something is the real doublespeak, IMO! He crushes it and they're going to pay him? They've never done that, but you're seeing that now? I'm sorry, no way. I do want to make one point regarding Hyde's production. About this time last year we were emphasizing that in 2015 Hyde was handed the ball vs base sets as often as any other 'back. But in Kelly's system he'd be seeing a lot of sub-package sets, which was going to factor with respect to his yards before & after contact. With Shanahan it'll be what, perhaps something between those extremes? You see that last part, the part about big-play opportunities? Know what that is? Conjecture? Perhaps so, but if it is true it's what you pour over your potatoes on Thanksgiving. e;
  9. Their track record goes back to the '90s and Terrell Davis. Perhaps earlier for all we know. I agree with you, seems no matter what Hyde does, he isn't a guy they're paying. He could run that stretch play, but they're focused on his durability and fit. Last year, other members here convinced me of Hyde and I had him on two of my three teams. I was very pleased with his production. He's DND for me this year but if he doesn't sustain a serious injury and depending on where he lands, I'll be back on his train in '18! The counter is that what we're witnessing is a coincidence and all things being equal, there is no way Williams beats out Hyde! The latter part, I'm totally there...but... Again, best case scenario for Hyde appears to be a timeshare. I love Carlos Hyde too, but my advice at this point on the NFL calendar, mid-July, is don't let pride mess up your team! I meant to add that I also agree with Buck, as soon as Williams is ready, OMG, even Carlos won't want to be Carlos.
  10. A lot of valuable insight added by former Rivers owners, much appreciated! I had him my 1st year too ('15) and he did fade down the stretch, but so did my starter, Aaron Rodgers. There I was, trying to figure out which one was going to bust the least. e; I may be wrong, but what I took from owning and watching him is that he's really in his element when the game is out of hand. If there's a guy you'd crown as the garbage-time king, I think he'd be the one. The other thing is that after the initial rounds, when every position is depleted... there those QBs sit. For me, the time of the year that a QB1's value is at a premium is through the bye weeks. Those weeks where you have two, three or even more of your players on their bye, that extra roster spot that you've reserved to carry a Derrick Henry or a Samaje Perine, it can factor big! That said, as others have demonstrated, there's more than one way to get #1 production @QB, which allows them to forget about a slot at some other position. e; I do like employing different strategies and a committee approach to QB is something I've done and intend on doing this year. While I like some of the pairings that have been mentioned, the backend QBs that I like are Wentz & Bradford.
  11. Even if we were to concede this point, you're overstating it's importance. For a lot of us in here when someone uses 2-down terminology, that's taken to mean early run downs. If we were talking about these two same RBs on the Titans or perhaps the Cowboys, you'd have a much better argument. The Packers want to run the football and will only opt out when defenses tighten down? You're contending a mirage that simply doesn't exist. They impose their will via Aaron Rodgers and that arial assault. You may want to consider that initial video at the top of Joshua's post. That semi-gun formation is what a lot of NFL 'backs are expected produce out of today and it's what the Packers are in most of the time. So? Well, from the tape I watched your rookie ball carrier ran exclusively out of a deep-I set. Now, the two videos Joshua added right under the initial one are deep-I runs, which are out of either "12" personnel or base (FB) for them. Consider the content below: I don't mean to suggest that Williams will be beleaguered having the ball stuffed into his belly from a standstill, but a lot of traditional deep set RBs do tend to struggle running out of the spread. They're at their best ramping up, setting up blocks, lowering the boom and using that power & late slip to be effective. That all said, we know they really need better balance. Montgomery, Williams & Kendricks represent a commitment of sorts, but an overhaul philosophically isn't happening.
  12. I get it, some aren't sure they want to board this train, which is fine. Personally, I haven't been lucky enough with the guys off the top to think I can take them and I'm done. Meaning, I have some 1s now I'm looking for good floor complements. No, I get back there & I'm like Dave Kingman, I'm there to swing the bat. I'm either going to hit a home run or strike out trying. For me, Joe Williams is one of those RBs. The following isn't meant to refute what you said initially, but perhaps corroborates the latter part: So, even if he did start slow, there's plenty in the literature to suggest that Williams impressed during OTAs. The Shahahans in fact do have a long history of starting their guy, no matter how seemingly unlikely at RB. All those decades, they never had a chance to add a ball carrier with the skill set of a Carlos Hyde? And it's now just coincidence, the given circumstance that they're chucking him under the bus? Maybe so, but I don't buy it! I think it's worthwhile to consider that Shanahan wasn't even the head coach in Atlanta & they started the guy they drafted. No doubt, the guy he wanted. Not that you're saying as such, but the reader could deduce that come week 1, Coleman was 100% and Freeman not even active. August 6th, 2015 August 17th, 2015 August 19th, 2015 August 29th, 2015 So, Coleman didn't even make his preseason debut until late August. Right from the beginning, he was competing for the starting job. Through camp, Coleman missed a lot of time as well. This notion that the regular season rolled around and they had a guy that was healthy and one that wasn't is in conflict with what's in the literature or at least some of it. They didn't choose Coleman over Freeman week 1 or even week 2? I think they did. It's either that or right at the same time Coleman was injured, Freeman was then 100%. Let's forget Williams, I'll say this instead; at the very least it sure looks like they're going to groom this guy. I consider Hyde's hold on the volume to be suspect and his adp, too high!
  13. Not exactly, nor is he just another handcuff who needs injury to attain a relevant amount of volume. Yes, they've said that Murray is the guy but they've also said they want to get Henry more involved. About a month ago Henry was a 9th-rounder for me in a 12-team standard. I have a lot of RBs in front of him, so if I end up needing one, it won't be his fault. If there's an owner in my league thinking along the same dreamy scenario you envision, I'm sorry but he's woefully miscalculated. That 45 oz. bat made of lightweight aluminum isn't going anywhere! Could be wrong, but if you pass on this guy you had better pray to your god the Titans don't start 5-7 and out of contention! It's going to be nothing, NOTHING at all for Henry to walk into Mularkey's office and say: Mike, whether to bring DeMarco back, I can make that decision really simple for you!
  14. Here's his most recent meme, if it hasn't already been cited: This is the counter narrative and while the sample size I watched isn't very large, it is what I saw and read. Filling those inside gaps and stringing him wide or rolling a safety up and you're done is not all that he was confronted with. Defenses that sell out to get him stopped are going to pay for that mistake, or at the very least, that's clearly McVay's objective.
  15. What's emphasized or taken into consideration when gauging how well a team or OL will do, is just that. Does the QB have the playbook at his disposal so he can put them in the right play? Are the skill position players executing at a high level? How good was each week's opponent, defensively? I found a number of the teams you mentioned to be of interest. On that Texan team I think the value guys are Will Fuller and D'onta Foreman. The defense too, I suppose. The key adds in Jacksonville of course are Tom Coughlin & Leonard Fournette. But Fournette is coming off like he's Elliott, which seems too high to me. PHILLY ISN'T WINNING $h!+!!! e; Trust me, Philly & the rest of them have a new problem, no, a new nightmare & his name is Jonathan Allen! I think the Redskins are going to bring heat from a lot of different positions. Which is something they haven't done in a real long time. Sacks and perhaps turnovers as well, watch out for that defense. I probably place too much emphasis on teams that add, but the Panthers are another bunch that I think did a good job of it. I think they rebound and go back to the playoffs.