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  1. I think that they drafted perhaps the best prospect at QB only adds to the optimism. This article is dated early April & while the assessment is one thing the comment from Bears GM Ryan Pace is what weighs for me: He's a local guy and they're really high on him..... & his adp is what? I miss on players, but he's type I tend target back there, I like him a lot.
  2. You're right, it doesn't make any difference when the determining factor is game flow. If their running game is still basement bucket bonanza & they're playing from behind, that's a situation that better serves Riddick. But even there I think it's an assumption that Riddick will get an equal snap count when there's a healthy Abdullah. Other content has been posted that is more current, but here's Quinn after the draft: It was said that Abdullah hasn't proven anything when he has. Obviously, the FO & CS have faith in him. If he stays in one piece, he's going to get lead 'back touches.
  3. There were similar discussions last year that pertained to Melvin Gordon & Danny Woodhead. Had I expected Woodhead to outperform Gordon, then this was a backfield to avoid, but everything I considered suggested that Gordon would assume the workload, which he was fully capable of doing. I see the situation in Detroit largely the same, Theo Roddick isn't going to break and help me win a league. He is NOT that player! Even though he doesn't possess a lot of size, he doesn't come with that low center. He's cut high & runs high. He does get down, when he sees defenders converging he lowers his shoulder & finishes. But he otherwise provides tacklers with plenty of surface area to hit. With respect to Abdullah's role, he certainly had a role before he got hurt & there's this: I mean, what does "featured role" mean? Again, I couldn't care less whether one has some defined role or not. Give me the guy that has the chance to assume the lead role. I can agree that Abdullah comes with more risk to produce, but the likelihood that Riddick breaks is nil.
  4. No doubt, many Steeler fans share your optimism. They're a serious organization that's had its share of success evaluating the WR position. I liked Smith-Schuster before the draft, but going to them, I like him even more. With Bryant, he's no sooner reinstated & a few days later the team goes ahead with drafting Smith-Schuster. But as discussed in the Bryant thread, rather than welcome the new recruit aboard, he goes onto social media to state that 'Schuster is there to replace Sammie Coates. I mean, establishing chemistry can be hard enough at times. I don't know, he's going to be their z-slot guy & they may well lean on him, but not by choice would be my guess.
  5. I couldn't really find much with respect to Cooter's offensive philosophy & what I did find seemed to be contrary. My understanding is that they were in a 3WR, 1TE, 1RB set over 68% of the time out of necessity. But that was something that was written in late October, mid-season. They couldn't run the ball nor could they protect Stafford. So they put all those skill position players on the field to gain a lateral stretch, the ball is snapped and Stafford gets rid of it, hopefully exploiting a matchup and/or space. But at draft tracker, the following is the analysis that accompanied the selection of TE Michael Roberts in the 4th round: "Lions OC Jim Bob Cooter can get back to featuring his favored 2-TE sets with Roberts now on the roster. ..." --Mark Dulgerian Now, the only thing I found that supported the above contention, that he favors a more base set formation is an interview of him agreeing that Roberts helps in this respect & elsewhere, that he should be able to contribute right away. So, I don't really know what to think. Perhaps you have material you can post? But I will say this, I don't see the Lions as being particularly deep at WR and Abdullah is one of the best weapons they have. Perhaps he will be a wire dump, but I would tend to believe it'll because he's injured, rather than him utilized like he's JAG.
  6. Okay, but a player's past performance or where he's listed on a team's depth chart isn't an absolute for anything the very next week, let alone two seasons removed. They're working Juju on the perimeter & in the slot, besides the fact that he's an excellent blocker in the run game. If his learning curve proves short, that versatility alone will have him on the field a lot, regardless of what Bryant does. Former USC & Steeler great Troy Polamalu has reached out to him & he's already worked with Antonio Brown. An early entry who won't be 21 until November, he was a 50/50 specialist, something that will serve him well in red zone. That said, the other guy is said to be in great shape and there's seemingly a resolve about him.
  7. I love Carlos Hyde, but can you show me where he had trouble being motivated before? I want to say that with Kelly he reportedly showed up in camp in the best shape of his life. Also, addressing an earlier comment, and if memory serves, which it often doesn't, Coleman was initially named the starter but got injured, was ineffective, it was then when Freeman seized the opportunity. We're told in here all the time, don't click names. Right now, for me, Hyde is a name. Williams is the horse I'm targeting.
  8. He will be, he just needs to show that he's in a support group in the Pittsburgh area. But you're right, they're often said to be deep at WR and they take a guy as early as they did and while Juju uses his elite upper body strength, he wins the same way. Bryant has that length and the ability to climb over people. There are certainly some offenses, but the Steelers aren't one of them. They're among those that are in multi-WR sets much of the time. The thing with Smith-Schuster though is his age, but it looks like while Bryant will have every chance to redeem himself, this kid is someone they're going to try to establish as well.
  9. Could be, but they went with Smith-Schuster for the QB they have now, not the guy who will be there tomorrow. At Clemson, Bryant didn't run a full route tree & does he do that now for the Steelers? He's at his best outside the numbers, going vertical & winning what's contested. While he certainly has the length advantage, JuJu, the more physical. They drafted him to do the same thing. He's still very young, but I think they're going to commit to him & do everything they can to get him up to speed. Could be wrong but I think he sees the field a lot.
  10. As do I, and agree that the circumstance with Rothlisberger, as well as Smith-Schuster's age, are more concerning than Bryant's presence. The narrative in those memes are so often misleading & when something new develops, seemingly out of nowhere, they simply adopt & propagate the new premise. The latest example I'm aware of pertains to CJ Anderson & Devontae Booker. A few months ago they were like; oh, Booker, yeah, we expect him to start the season well behind Anderson. It has since been reported that there's going to be a competition between the two. Colbert (GM), just prior to the draft & after Bryant's reinstatement, issued a release that was very nonchalant, like they would after blacktopping the parking lot. No personal connection, nothing heartfelt at all. At ESPN, Yahoo & CBS, Smith-Schuster is way back there, likely a wire guy. I don't prefer him over Tyler Boyd, who is also back there, but if JuJu sees a lot of work with the 1st unit throughout the preseason, look out for this guy.
  11. I don't know what that last part is, I think Washington is a good landing spot for Perine. Yes, they need better production on the wing, at TE & at LG but I think they've done all that. Recent article on Kouandjio, just the other day: Now a brand new piece, TE Jeremy Sprinkle: It's so on right now! e;
  12. Was just reading a recent article at, Bucky Brooks & Charlie Casserly both like Sam Bradford. I don't know about him as a fantasy asset, but guys like Stephon Diggs & Kyle Rudolph might be good, below value targets. Casserly also likes Cook, "if" he can stay on the field. It says in the article & already mentioned here, the Vikings were last in rushing. I have no idea whether this is a team to find a RB anymore. I'm anticipating a change there, identity-wise.
  13. I've watched him vs Miami, Clemson, Michigan & the Gators & I see much of the same. Uses excellent speed, vision & elusiveness to create. Most dangerous when he's setting up defenders to collapse down, only to beat them wide. Late slip to sift through traffic & find daylight. Feasted some off that old counter-trey play the Redskins used to run with Riggo. It's actually an old Cornhusker play from the 1950s, key difference is FSU likes to pull the G & TE rather the G & T. Cook had a number of big gains to the outside vs Clemson, but they ran the same or a similar play with the FB and he did just as well. Cook's profile at draft tracker & the material I have all make mention of his balance. You can see things that support that contention but there's times he ends up on the ground all on his own. I think the problem with him in pass protection is a lack of commitment to improve his technique. Gets caught too high at times, takes hits that could be avoided. Early entry with a history of shoulder injuries, marginal measurables to be a workhorse at the next level. Or, not for very long. Carries the ball in his right hand, never changes it. Just as it says at draft tracker, his hand use is either suspect or nonexistent in every facet; pass-protection, ball skills & lack of a quality stiff arm. A player's makeup, from the shoulders up, is often the difference & I just don't know about this one.
  14. Yeah, post salary-cap era for sure. But I remember when Jones bought the Cowboys and brought in Jimmie Johnson. Actually, he first used Tex Schramm to whack Landry, only to get it himself the next day or something. Jimmie went in there and it was like: boys, we're also cutting some corners & we just figured all those pink slips, it's too much. So, the handful of you that got a greeting card, we'll see you tomorrow. For the rest of you, all of you, club shlameeezle is f'n closed. There's the door, now GTFO! e; I'm not kidding, they kept Bill Bates, Michael Irvin, Nate Newton & 2 or 3 others... something. Now that was a house cleaning! e;
  15. A month ago both Lynch & Shanahan were all about this guy. Just because he's in a contract year doesn't mean the new regime has to publicly be indecisive about him. As mentioned, Joe Williams is someone who wasn't on their draft board but then, having learned his "story", they're all about him. In Atlanta, Devonta Freeman was there even before Dan Quinn was hired as HC. Tevin Coleman is Dan Quinn's player more than anyone else's. The Shanahans have a long history of devaluing skill (& resources) at the RB position. Joe Williams may very well be next man up. I love Carlos Hyde, but right now he's off my board. If they already know Hyde isn't in their long-term plans, it makes sense that they would be open to moving him now and recouping some of their investment. They're in a position cap-wise to resign him & I think they could get him reasonably.... have they offered him anything? Doesn't that mean something?