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  1. I looked some and did find this article, the url shows the date: So through the first six games of the season both Pryor & Gary Barnidge weren't very good. Doesn't mean Pryor didn't improve as the season progressed, just that, looking at the team's rushing totals, those didn't get any better. When Gruden came over from Cincinnati I reviewed some of what he did there & he was running two & three TE sets even back then. I recall him moving around Orson Charles, often used as an h-back. The fact that he wasn't running FB then or now suggests that he does want that player & this draft offers a couple guys. But they also need better production from the guys on the wing. Hopefully Pryor, Doctson & Quick will be upgrades. Over DeSean Jackson... shouldn't take much.
  2. Fair to assume, Matt Jones isn't being anointed anything ever again, at least not by Jay Gruden. However, others are right, if they see him carrying the football differently (both hands, both forearms through traffic), he's apt to regain their confidence. He wasn't beleaguered or outperformed by Kelley, but rather benched for putting the ball on the ground down near the goal. If they carried him in the event of, well, that's over, they'd have released him already. Indeed, Gruden has been quoted as saying that no one in the organization has given up on him. Also as noted, he was doing well when Gruden shut him down. Kelley is what I refer to as a weak lead, but I do think he starts the season as their RB1. Never know, he could be working his butt off right now & show up in the best shape he's ever been in. Perhaps you can just add Jones, he's waiver stuff right? He's definitely a target of mine, until he's not. e; There's reason to believe the team could go RB early & if they land a top prospect, that's it. But if they look to upgrade the DL, LB & perhaps a WR, the mid-round workhorse that I like is Samaje Perine. I haven't seen him play yet, but I really like what I've read so far. As I've said before, what their run game lacked is any help on the perimeter. Mainly Reed & Jackson, but Crowder's no blocker either & Gruden didn't carry a FB. If they address WR I think the guy they may target is JuJu Smith-Schuster. The team has a bunch of TEs but none of them can block & receive, 'cept Sir Geezer. They have 10 picks & there are several mid-round guys that give them that HB/traditional TE versatility. Should they add these two pieces or accomplish it some other way, that run game is on!
  3. Alright, take me to your leader! e; Pryor had only recently transitioned to the position, it's an assumption that he's further along than Doctson. Perhaps I'm reading too much into what Gruden has said, but it wasn't; when Josh can go then we can show him all the stuff he needs to learn. No, it was: when he can go he's going to be a big part of this thing. This next part I'm repeating, Doctson doesn't possess elite size, speed or change of direction all teams covet. But in the red zone what they were missing on the wing & that he brings is elite tracking, elevation, high pointing the ball and great hands! However, the strategy in handcuffing Pryor with Doctson is interesting. For them to make Pryor their primary only to then have to pay him an exorbitant amount of money to get him back doesn't make much sense. If it were me & I saw that in him, I'd want to lock him down asap. But you can't, he wants top tier money. There's also the fact that his game isn't the complete package yet. Just saying, I can definitely see Gruden focusing on the promising young talent he already has & that will be there. I think they do draft a WR, I think Gruden may opt for one that can really block for him, a guy like JuJu Smith-Schuster. This is something else they weren't getting on the wing or from Reed.
  4. A Jay Gruden comment on Josh Doctson earlier this month: “I’ll tell you what, Josh is really working hard man and that’s half the battle. And we fully anticipate him being healthy…And that’s obviously out of our control but he is going to have a major impact on this offense once he gets healthy. And that’s the biggest thing for him, is can you be taking the strides necessary to get healthy, not overworking it but continuing to push himself, which I see him in the weight room all the time working hard.” To the Terrell Pryor cult members, watch out for this guy! That Doug Williams is even mentioned in the capacity of potential GM is troubling I think. He wouldn't be latest figurehead? That needs to go right & they need to get Cousins done. I suspect they're waiting until after the draft to see whether they can move him, pick up a McCarran or Garrapolo & gain some draft capital as well.
  5. Oh of course, his greatness, what else could it be? Post what you have, I'd like to break it down for myself, if that's alright. The structure within that organization, I'm not so sure of it right now. Cousins doesn't have to prove anything & if he'd just as soon be playing somewhere else, I don't know. Perhaps Garcon & Jackson had a lot to do with providing Cousins quality targets? Their market value league-wide compared to that of Pryor along with how he's perceived here are two totally different things. You know, at first, Pryor was all about returning to Cleveland, he was really into the "building process". No one here cares about that, he's now all about maximizing his bank account, that translates to motivation, or something... News at ten, we're going to lose our entire audience if you run up the score ... or don't let them have a little. It's viewed as a no-brainer that Pryor is in a better situation than before, perhaps he is. To find out I'll have to part with a 5th rd section or even sooner, as you rightly estimate, I think. The Redskins have 10 draft picks & the TE position is purportedly a very deep class. Jake Butt or Jeremy Sprinkle are mid-round options that can both receiver & block, which is a guy they don't have. If it's Vernon Davis, I mean, he's an older player. There are a few intriguing options at WR they may consider. There's talk about a ball-carrier..... just saying, they have work to do at the skill positions and that offense can evolve into something that helps Pryor or doesn't necessarily. Throwing Pryor the football got the Browns a win, ONE! Washington needs to win & throwing him the ball means...... maybe so.
  6. I didn't read many comments after yours here, but I would say that perhaps you might not want to position yourself there. You can go closer to the back to take Howard, then on the wrap, grab Jordy!
  7. ..... never heard of him! e;
  8. OMG, Brandon who?
  9. Love me some Jordan Howard! Ty Montgomery, I mean, this train is leaving people! e; The green machine let Lacy & Starks go, so they'll be adding somebody. They need a guy that can give them some carries but if the guy can't block, forget it. Perhaps a Marlon Mack or back the other way with throwback Sam Rogers. But I think the guy they target in the middle rounds is Wayne Gallman, I like him.
  10. I can't see taking Pryor before Crowder or Shepard, which I'm not sure is even relevant. If the hype in this forum is how Pryor is broadly perceived & it certainly seems as such, then by the time September rolls around you'll be lucky to get him in the 5th rd. From what I've read Pryor is still very raw, which doesn't lend itself to being a legit primary at this level. But there's what he did in Cleveland. Thing about his production there is that it was on a ONE WIN team! That offense, the QB play didn't scare anyone. C'mon, do we really need to pound them senseless & win 42-0? Watching Pryor, he's a long-strider and looks very straight-linish to me. He does have that massive frame and wingspan. I think we all agree more than not, Doctson's progress could be key.
  11. Typical, that which went before is an absolute certainty & talent that didn't never will.
  12. But you do understand, you know what that kind of money means! Pryor was paid what you'd pay some guy, any guy.... me. e; The WR that's in Pryor's way is Josh Doctson, his ability to maximize his length is probably his best attribute. Perhaps the two of them start opposite of each other, although they may be more similar than complement. I like Pryor, just, not where he's going to come off is all.
  13. That's not the same, I don't profess to know with absolute certainty. Pryor is big & very fast, definitely has some attributes of a primary. However, it appears as though he's going to get hyped all the way up into the 5th rd. Perhaps he does belong there, I only know that I'm not going to chase his perceived value. I'd like him a lot more if they'd locked down Cousins long term. Should the respective concerns pertaining to Doctson & Reed linger, if they don't add anyone else.... I don't believe that because they paid Pryor $6M that makes him some guy they now run their offense through. Comparatively, Garcon will be paid $16M by the 'niners this year.
  14. My understanding is that they paid him $6M, the other $2M is tied to production incentives. What he wants is money, but he's certainly a gifted athlete. At FFC he's coming off ahead of guys like Crowder & Shepard, which is too high, but that's just me. Cameron Meredith has had a very similar path as Pryor & I like him a lot, but he's also coming off much later. Pryor's adp has bumped up 4 slots in less than a week. Worthy of consideration to those willing to draft Pryor so high is perhaps the role of Josh Doctson. He's there & no doubt looking to fill that void every bit, perhaps more so. Monitoring him might go a long way. Part of the counter is that Pryor accomplished what he did with 4 or 5 subpar QBs throwing him the ball. Thus, we can only imagine how well he'll do once he's built a rapport with Kirk Cousins. I'm not so sure, how do we know that what he did in Cleveland even required a rapport with a QB? Given that he's still pretty raw, perhaps the answer is not very? When it's 3rd & forever the defense isn't even defending a 20yd completion. Or when behind as often as they were.
  15. Yi ..