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  1. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    I suppose any counterargument equates to naysaying, but below is the url to a much better look at this play. The first thing that stands out is that the DLman over the nose gets excellent onside penetration... but slips & falls down. The DB on the wing who has contain.... slips & falls down. But what's plain to see is that while Johnson is still in the backfield, not up to speed & yet, has to gather himself to change direction. That isn't what's referred to as plant & go but rather, come under control & redirect, which isn't the same thing! Then, with seemingly nowhere to go he briefly loses all momentum looking to burrow, his weight out over his feet. But he simply gets bopped around a bit by his own guys & comes out of there...untouched! Right after that two defenders do converge on him but on the 2nd replay it appear to me that neither one of them makes any attempt to wrap up. Then, you're seeing what passes for tackling in the back today. To be fair, they can't launch, they can't come in high, can't lead with the helmet & god only knows what else. Those are written rules, the unwritten one is that if you tackle at the knee, expect to be blocked at the knee! What you're seeing there is what's left, smaller, lighter defenders reaching for the shoulder. ha-ha. They're both easily stiff-armed. It's presented as if to suggest DJ is a beast, when it's more about guys falling down, him completely untouched & then some really sh!++y tackling.
  2. Amari Cooper 2018 Season Outlook

    We can focus on Cooper but the team was tied for 2nd with the most dropped passes in the league. They also led the league with the most fumbles per game & the most fumbles lost per. Over their final three games of last season they had 10 fumbles, far & away the most. According to material I have, down the stretch, Michael Crabtree wasn't even on the field. Even though he was griping about it, suggesting it wasn't due to injury. That's just the offense. I'm convinced all the more that the biggest problem was a lack of effort, resulting from a split in that locker room. However, you also stated that there was "... a lot of potential for Oakland to have a continuation of a volatile offseason..." & you questioned whether Jon Gruden is going to fix everything. I'm big on teams that add & I think you're right in the sense that they didn't do enough, they may have gotten worse. This team's brain trust: Mark Davis admittedly is in on-the-job-training mode as an owner. In so doing, he reaches back for Jon Gruden & then there's Reggie Mckenzie, a former player. Their recent drafts haven't gone too well & this latest one isn't all that impressive either. Donald Penn held out & resigned and now Mack is holding out. They did pick up Cooper's option year, he's better than he played last year & as noted, Gruden's primary is often the initial read &/or target.That all said, I agree with you & others, he's probably too high.
  3. Ronald Jones 2018 Season Outlook

    I do happen to question how frequently Jones can give them as many as 20 touches. For me, the more willing the team is to feed him that kind of volume early on, the more valuable Peyton Barber becomes. That said & while there isn't much evidence to support this, a number of us believe that Jones is going to be a serious weapon in their screen game. Plus, if they run him in a manner that allows him to exploit his best attribute, he's going to rip chunk plays for them.
  4. Ronald Jones 2018 Season Outlook

    I'd say no, but his latest meme suggests he's in line for 15-20 touches per. He might end up being too high for me, but if those are the sort of touches we've talked about, he could be a guy to have. Can't remember if it was mentioned, but he did turn off several teams during the eval/interview phase.
  5. Amari Cooper 2018 Season Outlook

    I found that there was more than just smoke around Carr & his place in that locker room. But there hasn't been a peep since! Appears as though we have an odds-on favorable situation here. Either there wasn't an issue internally or it was overstated. Or, differences have been aired and they've resolved it. Or, there was & still is tension & it's not being addressed. Which I would consider to be extremely remote at this point. I think there was a falling out but that they all agreed to resolve it. Amari Cooper is a very talented player, a legit primary. This guy could be a big time value play!
  6. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Right or wrong, Henry does require considerable draft capital to obtain. But it's the 2nd half of games where Henry's value really factors, that's the player I see. You seem to suggest that the game needs to be well in hand for them to turn to him, when it's the opposite that's true. Anytime the game is still in the balance Henry's just as likely to be on the field. More so, imo. I like him way better in pass protection mode. I don't care about what sort of metric is used or if I'm seemingly wrong 1,000 times in a row. There's no way Dion Lewis is better equipped to absorb the momentum of a charging 230lb LB than Henry! I expect him to take exception and pancake those F'rs on a regular basis. Then see him turn to his QB and: oh Marco, still haven't found somebody, here we go! He's a long strider & cut high, can't hide his huge target zone. I'm a low center cult member but he has that strength & that length and knows how to use both. You watch him and he seems to catch defenders off balance with his reach. He stiff arms them sooner than they seemingly would anticipate, he wards off a lot of would be tackles. He certainly has enough speed, slip & vision to get it done. I agree more with dogfight, if I understand what's there. The greater concern is Mariota & the passing game. To me, doesn't matter which, QB, WR, if the defense is constantly cheating, 8, 9 in the box, how are you not insulted? The question is whether they take a step in the right direction. We're not talking about Green Bay, but I think there's a good chance they will.
  7. Arizona Cardinals 2018 Outlook

    @NYR Fan 116894 Sourced --> "For instance, if Peterson starts plays a few yards off a receiver, it may give him a shot at more interceptions. “It should be fun,” Peterson said. “I’m looking to make a ton of plays this year. I’m looking to start jumping routes now. I’m looking to be a little bit more aggressive off the ball, and be the same as I am when I’m in the receiver’s face.” Not to imply that Patrick Peterson is done, but this what the Packers did with Charles Woodson & the Redskins with De' Hall. Fact is, a CB can't turn, get on his horse and honor something vertical but at the same time, aggressively "jump" a route that breaks in the short zone. Oh, no, he's one of the few that...that what? Can take away everything, all over the field, on every down and in every situation? Then what's the point of the article, the objective in diversifying the strategy? Why is he himself telling you? What is said there is that, some of the time, he's going to line up off the ball & read the QB. He'll be sitting, anticipating a short stem so that he can close quickly enough to compete for the football. Even that is overstating it. The CB might take two steps, I'm not kidding, it's usually one, a backpedal & here comes the ball right to him! The broadcast analyst is there to romanticize it with terms like ballhawk, playmaker or game-changer. When it's really a cupcake, bunny-basket stuff & more so about the colossal breakdown by the OC, QB & WR, in that order. To minimize the risk you've got to commit a safety back, help. I don't get it, he's this great cover corner but they've got to get him some splash plays to get him into the HoF? A lot of me-ism going on, I like team stuff. Fantasy wise I'm not really seeing it, I think this team is way more rebuild mode than contend. I think David Johnson could have a good year, but that he may not warrant the required draft capital. Could be wrong but Rosen plays as soon as he's ready, regardless of what Bradford does. This guy isn't part of any weight training regime, not to any meaningful extent & too brittle to trust & to retard Rosen's development for. He's filler. Rosen plays if Bradford gets hurt or is ineffective, unless things go wrong right from the start. Glennon would probably get some starts. Once it's Rosen, I don't know, I'd commit whatever's necessary to get Johnson & Fitzgerald stopped. Force the other guys to find ways to get open & Rosen making the right reads quickly enough.
  8. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    Unfortunately the importance of the RB is evermore undermined. They asked a lot of him and his running style doesn't lend itself to longevity. Accordingly, several months ago he said the money doesn't matter, but now it may have to. When a player says something like that he pisses off every other union member. You're a star and willing to play for nothing, guess what they expect from the rest of us? Would've been better to say; I deserve more but given the current arrangement with the owners, I have no leverage. It does appear however, that something is going to be worked out. In the Andrew Luck thread we're told it's a mirage to believe Luck will return & be the player he was prior. Could be, but I expect him to return & play at a very high level. To me, it's more so David Johnson who will be returning to an entirely different situation. They were still viewed as contenders with some semblance of balance & I don't believe they're either of those things now. I see them finishing last with suspect QB play & defenses focusing much more so on Johnson. That said, there could be a lot of garbage time football.
  9. Andrew Luck 2018 Outlook

    At the point where Luck is being discussed, a considerable supply of RBs & WRs will have already been depleted. That list isn't very inspiring, although I do like Copper Kupp & several others. Later will be a Montgomery, Meredith, Ronald Jones perhaps, Chris Godwin. The breakout you're referring to, we're all looking for who those players might be. Quite frankly, aren't they just as likely to emerge from the later rounds? Those guys in the 8th-9th are guys that have done something but are back there for a reason(s). However, if you get to the 8th or 9th round and you don't like what you've done at say, WR, then Corey Davis may be the wiser move.
  10. Andrew Luck 2018 Outlook

    Your wording is such that someone is drafting a QB before loading up on both RB & WR, which isn't the case. I feel your argument is best directed at those who draft a QB, but in particular, a TE really early. The argument here is whether drafting a 4th or 5th RB or WR is better than drafting Andrew Luck. Interesting perhaps, you mention Ebron and then say Luck has no one outside of TY to throw to.
  11. Jamison Crowder 2018 Season Outlook

    In fact I will draft Andrew Luck again, even perhaps Cam Meredith & Samaje Perine. They're different, but not in the sense that I care about. I realize that what happened last year may not occur this year. Perhaps it was just me but I couldn't get a bead on Crowder at all. Although Alf makes an excellent case for him, where he's coming off is when I'm most apt to consider QB & TE. I think Reed & Thompson will again be major factors in the short game, barring injury, but the running game & play on the perimeter will improve. I think Alex Smith is going to do well. Then there's Trey Quinn, a nobody. Looking into Gruden's philosophy, I've never read or seen him comment on the use of option routes, which he did when commenting on Quinn. This team has some stallions up front on both sides of the ball. If this group stays healthy, watch out.
  12. Jamison Crowder 2018 Season Outlook

    In mid-August Crowder had sat out several practices but then reportedly looked good & played in their 2nd & 3rd preseason games. He was then deemed fully healthy & in most leagues I had already drafted him. It was also at about this time insider Rich Tandler reported that he had become the #2 passing option. He's the one saying now that Crowder is connecting with Smith... They did list him as questionable for week 1 but he said he was surprised by that and that he felt good. As things proceeded there were also reports of Chris Thompson overshadowing him & then later, Ryan Grant taking snaps from him. I didn't correlate him being listed as key for him being a complete bust, but he was. As for the counter-argument at the time, I recall it centering around how great Terrelle Pryor was going to be, not that Crowder was so hobbled that he wouldn't be effective. I accept that I'm not going to read every player correctly and Crowder is of them for me. He was hot at about this time last year, so I wasn't alone. Gotta let it roll off. It's when you're wrong & the only one, that's when you need to stop stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk! e;
  13. Jamison Crowder 2018 Season Outlook

    Fair to assume, you didn't own this player. I doubt former owners recall this being the circumstance, I certainly don't. Here's his fantasypros blurb, less than a week ago: So even now, any honest depiction doesn't express any degree of certainty with respect to what happened. You can restate what's said now, in hindsight, but that isn't what was in the literature then! But that's all before, going forward is it still mostly disinformation or angel white stuff? He was recently quoted as saying he's open to an extension... why isn't he getting it? I'm biased against this player, plain & simple. He's a talented player & things have started well with Alex Smith. If he's a value guy I'd probably draft him again, but not anywhere that would suggest expectation. `
  14. Jamison Crowder 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm not aware of any mandate to stand nor was Crowder the only one to kneel, he was among a number of their WRs & Reed. He is in a contract year & Trey Quinn has impressed so far. There's no real indication either way, but I wonder now whether they move on from him? Could be that Crowder may be best gauged with whether the team wins. If after 10 games they've only won 3 or 4 of them, especially within the division, Quinn may benefit. Doesn't mean Crowder gets benched or anything, just that teams do this. When they're playing meaningless games, they tend to see what they have in their younger players.
  15. 2018 Sleepers

    Well then, good to know I was .... instrumental in you coming to your senses.... e; Ryan Grant is so far back there, a guy you get w/o investing any draft capital! You say Luk hasn't thrown, but that's just a "NFL regulation" football, which is an oxymoron if you ask me. I gotta go... But when was the last time Tom Brady threw an "NFL" legit football? Careful.... e;