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  1. Possible blockbuster deal? WHIR

    Can’t see signature on iPhone so I’m posting my lineup if it’s not working. Starters-potential keepers in Bold C-J.Hicks, 1B- R.Hoskins, 2B-J.Altuve, 3B-A.Rendon, SS-F.Lindor, OF-G.Springer, C.Blackmon, J.D. Martinez, DH-T.Story. Bench-T.Anderson-SS, R.Acuna-OF, M.Sano-3B, J.Gallo-1B,3B,OF SP(5) M.Bumgarner, C.Carrasco, J.A.Happ, A.Heaney, M.Mikolas RP (5) C.Kimbrel, B.Boxberger, A.Ottavino, V.Arano, R.Stribling(sp/rp) Bench-N.Pivetta, T.Anderson DL-J.Nelson, M.Wacha, J.Urias, S.Sanchez, J.Loaisiga Minor League Farm (15) 1B/SP B.McKay, 2B-C.Biggio, 2B-K.Huira, 2B-B.Lowe, SS-F.Tatis, SS-K.Maitan, OF-E.Jimenez, OF-T.Trammell, SP- J.Beeks, E.De Los Santos, F.Peralta, L.Gohara, M.Baez, S.Bieber, R.Borucki
  2. I’d add Bauers or Winkler, probably in that order.
  3. tucker and ozuna for Tatis jr.

    Think you may be overpaying a little but I don’t know your league settings/keepers etc.
  4. Keeper Trade

    I too would keep what you’ve got...
  5. Bellinger or Hoskins ROS

    Hoskins as well.
  6. 12 team h2h keeper, with minor league farm team. Team is in signature. Blackmon, Eloy, Tatis and Huira for Sale/Thor? His original counteroffer was this but had Kershaw instead of Sale. Kershaws health scares me too much so I was thinking about this counter? too much to offer or make this offer? I hate giving up top prospects but I’m pretty set at those positions. Thoughts?
  7. Offer for Betts (WHIR!)

    I’d say that’s more than fair, possible overpay imo. Redraft I assume and not keeper?
  8. WHIR- Which Catcher should I pick up?

    Scoop up Cervelli
  9. I Happ or B Gardner ros?

  10. Make deal or stand pat? WHIR

    How about I offer Blackmon, Eloy, Tatis and Huira for Sale/Thor? Kershaws health scares me and I’d prefer Thor’s youth to him as well. I hate giving up top prospects but I’m pretty set at those positions. Thoughts?
  11. Story or Hoskins? Keep 5 Forever

    Really depends on who your other keepers are and the positions they play. I’d value SS quite a bit over OF assuming you view them the same.
  12. Make deal or stand pat? WHIR

    No dice on the Blackmon, Eloy, McKay and Maitan for Kershaw and Thor deal. He rejected and countered with Blackmon, Eloy, Tatis and Huira for Kershaw and Thor which I’m not willing to do.
  13. ^ samiam is right.
  14. Big time closer help... WHIR

    I’d wait to see what they do with Hand first as I believe Allen and Miller are FA and will be most likely gone after this year. They may give Hand the job now?
  15. clevinger or archer ROS

    Agree with samiam, Clev plays for better team and has been more consistent. Archer needs a new team but is more risky imo.