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  1. I always value the hitters more than the pitchers so I'd go with Harper.
  2. I like the Bogaerts side best.
  3. These would be mine as well.
  4. I'm in a 7x7 H2H 12 team keeper league. We keep 10 players along with 15 players in a minor league farm system. which side wins in this deal? Kershaw or Arrieta and Urias (still minor league eligible and wouldn't count as a keeper).
  5. not sure with his high k rate his OBP would be any better than Lucroys. Better power for sure but takes a dip in BA and RBI. didnt mention this but I've got Schwarber in my minors (still under 400ab) so I will have his power at the UTL and Villar will play 3B. If I keep Sano, someone will have to sit and I'll need to draft a C.
  6. I too would lean towards the Buxton Price side.
  7. Bump
  8. Team 1
  9. Posey Franco McCullers Gray
  10. Same as above, make this deal
  11. Not sure as to why I'd trade my 3 pitchers? My only need would be 1B along with the rest of my pitching staff. I'm assuming I'm missing the sarcasm or something.
  12. thanks for the response. We have a minor league farm system (less than 400ab) so all of the top prospects are gone. Lucroy will certainly be the best available in the draft. I keep going back and forth between the two.
  13. I'd go with Morales as well as he's cheaper and hope for added power through the draft.
  14. I'm in a 7x7 H2H 12 team keeper, we start the typical hitting lineup along with 5SP and 5RP. We keep 10 players. Assuming I can't make a deal to upgrade keepers which ten among the following would you keep. Here are my keepers. Really debating if I roll the dice and hope Sano cuts down on the K's and improves his BA or keep Lucroy at C? 2B Jose Altuve SS Francisco Lindor 2B/SS/3B Jonathan Villar OF Charlie Blackmon OF JD Martinez OF Starling Marte SP Jake Arrieta SP Madison Bumgarner RP Aroldis Chapman (since we start 5 rp, I think his value goes up as a keeper who can help in multiple pitching categories). any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
  15. Correa as well.