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  1. Choose a Side!

    Trout side as well
  2. Final keeper?

    Carrasco for me as well.
  3. AL Only Keeper Trade

    Keep Bregman
  4. Throw Machado Back?

    I’d think if you only keep two players a season it kind of defeats the purpose of # of years you can keep them? That being said, I’d keep your best two players each season regardless of years. From the looks of it there will be solid options to draft each year. I’d go with Bregman and Machado myself and would think you’d be able to grab better options than Yelich I the first few rounds.
  5. Tough Keeper Situation (WHIR)

    I’d try to trade Donaldson, Arenado, Martinez or Yelich. If you can’t id keep Arenado and JD Martinez as my final two keepers.
  6. Seager or Bellinger

    I’d lean Seager
  7. Keep 9, pick #9....WHIR!

    Pollock for sure
  8. Who should be my final keeper?

    I too would keep one of your SP, would probably lean Carrasco right now.
  9. 6 players, final 2 keepers

    Robbie Ray, C.Mart and Buxton would be my choices but could also see keeping V.Guerrero.
  10. Dynasty kershaw deal

    At first glance I’d say do. without knowing what value draft picks hold and what your lineup looks like it makes it more difficult.
  11. Keeper help...which SP?

    Berrios for me as well.
  12. I agree. I’d accept the offer but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some griping from other owners in the league.
  13. Should I make this trade?

    No way you should make that deal. No need for him plus way too much to give!
  14. Draft Help - WHIR

    How many RP do you have to start? If only one I’d wait and look for top prospect position players that are still on the verge of getting the call up...
  15. Keep 20 dynasty help!

    May have missed a couple but these are a quick look.