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  1. I'd go with Pryor as well.
  2. Rate my Roster (WHIR)

    If your guys can get over injuries and Zeke gets his suspension shortened, I think you'll be set! Really like the RB and WR groups. Solid group
  3. I would keep what you've got. Gordon is the best player in the deal and I really like Charles' upside this season.
  4. Rate my team

    Gotcha, I just waited on QB longer than everyone else did. I couldn't see drafting a qb in the first 5 or 6 rounds with all of the RB, WR talent available. Thanks for clarifying though.
  5. Fair trade? Advice appreciated...

    I'd make that deal if you can, you've got other RB and pairing Thomas with Brees would be great.
  6. Rate my Team - 100% WHIR

    Like this team, nice starters with high upside bench. Just have to hope Ryan doesn't get hurt and Gurley doesn't stink like last year (I had him with my top pick last year). Good luck!
  7. Keeper dilemma, WHIR

    If it's a ppr league it might make it more close but I'd go with Freeman. Top RB are harder to come by than WR IMO:
  8. Rate my team

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm hoping Newton comes back big this year. His running tds will be 6pts as well! I agree on Ebron, we waited too late as we didn't expect owners to take 2TE in the draft. Hoping our RB and WR will carry the team!
  9. PPR Trade? wHIR

    I'd make this deal.
  10. Rate my team

    10 team, 1ppr h2h league, standard scoring but qbs get 6pts per TD. Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, 1DEF QB: C.Newton and B.Roethlisberger RB: L.McCoy, M.Gordon, K.Hunt, J.Mixon WR: M.Thomas, D.Parker, M.Bryant, K.Benjamin, Z.Jones TE: E.Ebron K: M.Crosby D: Pittsburgh
  11. Keeper Trade: Harper or Kershaw? WHIR

    I always value the hitters more than the pitchers so I'd go with Harper.
  12. Who has the advantage?

    I like the Bogaerts side best.
  13. Rank my Keeper options, please and thank you!

    These would be mine as well.
  14. Kershaw trade

    I'm in a 7x7 H2H 12 team keeper league. We keep 10 players along with 15 players in a minor league farm system. which side wins in this deal? Kershaw or Arrieta and Urias (still minor league eligible and wouldn't count as a keeper).
  15. Last Keeper help....whir

    not sure with his high k rate his OBP would be any better than Lucroys. Better power for sure but takes a dip in BA and RBI. didnt mention this but I've got Schwarber in my minors (still under 400ab) so I will have his power at the UTL and Villar will play 3B. If I keep Sano, someone will have to sit and I'll need to draft a C.