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  1. Curious to everyone’s opinion on Marte this season? Is a good buy low keeper candidate or a high risk keeper?
  2. Choose a Side!

    Trout side as well
  3. Final keeper?

    Carrasco for me as well.
  4. AL Only Keeper Trade

    Keep Bregman
  5. Throw Machado Back?

    I’d think if you only keep two players a season it kind of defeats the purpose of # of years you can keep them? That being said, I’d keep your best two players each season regardless of years. From the looks of it there will be solid options to draft each year. I’d go with Bregman and Machado myself and would think you’d be able to grab better options than Yelich I the first few rounds.
  6. Tough Keeper Situation (WHIR)

    I’d try to trade Donaldson, Arenado, Martinez or Yelich. If you can’t id keep Arenado and JD Martinez as my final two keepers.
  7. Seager or Bellinger

    I’d lean Seager
  8. Keep 9, pick #9....WHIR!

    Pollock for sure
  9. Who should be my final keeper?

    I too would keep one of your SP, would probably lean Carrasco right now.
  10. 6 players, final 2 keepers

    Robbie Ray, C.Mart and Buxton would be my choices but could also see keeping V.Guerrero.
  11. Dynasty kershaw deal

    At first glance I’d say do. without knowing what value draft picks hold and what your lineup looks like it makes it more difficult.
  12. Keeper help...which SP?

    Berrios for me as well.
  13. I agree. I’d accept the offer but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some griping from other owners in the league.
  14. Should I make this trade?

    No way you should make that deal. No need for him plus way too much to give!
  15. Draft Help - WHIR

    How many RP do you have to start? If only one I’d wait and look for top prospect position players that are still on the verge of getting the call up...
  16. Keep 20 dynasty help!

    May have missed a couple but these are a quick look.
  17. Dynasty league trade offer

    I too would make both deals!
  18. 12 team H2H 7x7 10 keeper league, we start 5 SP and 5 RP along with normal position groups. Thinking about offering Springer, Salvador Perez, Quintana and Kimbrel for Bellinger and G.Sanchez. Not sure if this would work or if I should even bother to offer? If accepted it would give me two top, young players at needed positions (C and 1B/OF). I also have Hoskins in my minors (all minor leaguers are keepers). keepers are as follows: Altuve Lindor Rendon Sano Blackmon Springer JD Martinez Bumgarner Carrasco Kimbrel Unfortunately don’t have room for Quintana or Perez, was hoping to send them off with above deal as other owner may be more likely to have room.
  19. Keeper trade thoughts??

    Modified the offer to Sanchez for my S.Perez. Quintana and Kimbrel. So really it it would be Sanchez for Kimbrel as the other two would be going back to draft pool. I really don’t want to trade Springer as I just acquired him and still have some questions on Bellinger.
  20. Keeper trade thoughts??

    Thanks, I’m not a huge fan of Bellinger either but he or Hoskins may be easier to flip later on. The only other guy I’d possibly want would be Greinke from his lineup but I’d prefer the youth from the above two.
  21. Keeper trade thoughts??

    That would be my hope, he certainly doesn’t have 10 sure fire keepers and could potentially keep all four.
  22. In our league we are allowed to keep 15 “minor league” players (under 400ab, 200ip). Assuming none of the following are traded during the off season, which 15 would you roll with? Some will contribute next season while other have higher upside. Seth Beer Rhys Hoskins Brendan McKay Keston Hiura Kevin Miatan Fernando Tatis jr Ronald Acuna Eloy Jimenez Lazaro Armenteros Taylor Trammel Michel Baez Jose deLeon Lucas Giolito Jacob Faria Julio Urias Luiz Gohara Stephen Gonsalves MacKenzie Gore Dinelson Lamet Osiel Rodriguez
  23. Keep 15 of these 20 top prospects

    Good call, I've been trying to package him in some deals. If I can't who'd be the SP you'd dump instead? Currently here's who I was planning to keep SP wise. Michel Baez Jose De Leon Lucas Giolito Jacob Faria Julio Urias Luiz Gohara Stephen Gonsalves MacKenzie Gore Dinelson Lamet Osiel Rodriguez
  24. Urias or Buxton??

    Depends on needs, Buxton is healthy so without knowing I’d go with him.
  25. Early keeper thoughts

    I'm in a 7x7 H2H 12 team keeper, we start the typical hitting lineup along with 5SP and 5RP. Assuming I can't make a deal to upgrade keepers which 10 among the following would you keep? * are planned keepers *Jose Altuve *Francisco Lindor *Anthony Rendon *Miguel Sano *Charlie Blackmon *JD Martinez *Starling Marte *Madison Bumgarner really debating on last two between Kyle Schwarber, Jake Arrieta, Jose Quintana, Dylan Bundy, Craig Krimbrel, Aroldis Chapman Hoping I can package a 2 or 3 for one type trade for another top SP. any help or suggestions would be appreciated!