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  1. I always appreciate when posters go out on a limp and post rankings and projections.. Having said that.. My initial reaction is the last year 9 total rbs hit 1000 only 5 hit over 1100...the year before that 9 total hit 1000 with 7 over 1100...your projecting 20 rbs to hit 1000 with 13 over 1100. Mathematically speaking that's just way to many
  2. Seattle is 1 of 2 teams to run the football over 500 times. That's good for fantasy rbs. Even if Carson plays 16 games their is still enough carries for penny to possibly be a decent flex. Seattle traded up in the 1st to take penny. That investment equates to management's belief in the guy. He showed flashes. Only had double digit carries twice. One game sucked. One game over 100 yards rushing. I think from a sheer investment to reward standpoint Mr penny is a solid buy right now. I like him.
  3. I'm not really trying to push the conversation in either direction....I would be pleased with howard as my starting tight end in most leagues... Dude has tremendous ability... Numbers can always be found to push a conversation in both directions... My point is Arians seems smart... Howard is good... Will he be gronk? Nope.... But 900 yards and 8 tds seems very reasonable to me...i know 5th round has been tossed around in this thread... Pass on that for sure... 6th?....getting closer.... If i can get him 7th that feels okay... I'm thinking in that value area I'll end up with Evan engram more than Howard.... Tight end feels deeper this year then most..
  4. Well... That year he nearly led the team in total yards and tds Mr Gresham had 737 yards and 5 tds.... Aj green had 1350 and 11 tds.... It's close so I get what your saying...
  5. I get that Arians hasnt used the tight end position for big production in his past...I get that he hasnt had a ton of talent at the position.. I get that Arians has one goal on offense and that's to score points...arians seems like a smart guy....smart guys do smart things and use the best players they have to reach the goal of scoring points. What I do not see is Arians saying, "I have never really used the tight end position for production and I won't start now cause I have a guy with immense talent... Won't do it.. Can't do it..."
  6. Peyton barber is a restricted free agent... If they sign Coleman ID assume they don't tender him... Coleman... Jones.... Ellington...
  7. In his three years in Atlanta Coleman has been pretty dang productive... Last year when freeman went down I think most expected a lot more then they got. Still decent numbers. My only concern is why didn't he get more run? Why did ito Smith get so much? Does Atlanta know something that translated into him not really being a full time guy? Either way. With the money they have tied up in freeman and what ito showed Coleman should be gone. I think. When I watch the tape one thing that stands out is how explosive he is. 210lbs but also really runs with decent power. We know he can catch. I think if he lands on Tampa or Houston if they let Miller go he could be a solid rb2. Seems like a pretty good investment to buy into looking around the internet at his rankings... I like the guy
  8. Excellent data. Excellent post. Much Mahalo for the time u spent gathering this. Made me much for comfortable as a Julio owner.
  9. Crazy how all over the board people are on this guy.... This great game of fantasy football comes down to stats... I feel some think 20 rbs get 300 carries and 20 rbs get 10plus tds....FACT...only two rbs hit double digit rushing tds last year...FACT...only 8 rbs had 250plus carries...its only one game but ajayi is on pace for both even being limited on snaps....i don't understand the problem....he should get 8 tds in the next 15 games.. That alone is elite #2 RB stats in fantasy
  10. I agree with u mostly Grayson... But it's about risk and reward... What's the best case scenario... This isn't Dez of a few years ago... Best case can he get u 1000 yards and maybe 10 tds? Possible I guess... Doubtful but possible... What's the risk?...he comes in and alienates teammates and the "all eyes on him" takes away from the team.... Just doesn't seem worth it.. Imo
  11. By no means am I a GM... I'm sure some will simply say it's the browns being the browns... But.... If I just took baker Mayfield with the first pick and I'm aware of his character concerns why in the world would I bring Dez in? Watching what he went through with dak it just seems like bringing him into the locker room would not be a good move no matter how desperate I was for wrs
  12. Agreed...the job is securely his... The fumble issue is the only reason I coud see him losing significant carries to dixon....I will say... In my opinion.... I think dixon is a better rb when I watch game clips
  13. https://www.fieldgulls.com/2017/12/24/16815976/seattle-seahawks-alex-collins-released-fumbles-pete-carroll-baltimore-ravens Stats say the biggest concern with Collins isn't his production or talent.... It's his fumbles.... Bad thing to have trouble with and quickest way to lose opportunities... Imo
  14. On fantasypros both adps are next to each other.... I may be in the minority but give me mccaffrey.... I've seen the mckinnon show and I just can't all of sudden accept he is this monster three down rb
  15. For me.... When u put together a 5 minute clip or so of his best highlights your left wondering why he isn't one of the best wrs in the league...from a talent perspective he is off the charts.... Hands...speed...route running... playmaker after the catch.. He hasn't produced at that elite level for various reasons:... Missed games.... Bad qb play... Not enough targets...i wanna believe I really do... Im hopeful...if he plays 16 games... If Andy Reid can turn Mahomes into a decent qb...if he can scrape together 110plus targets I think his ceiling could be 1100 and 10tds...i know I know its a lot of "ifs"...time will tell I guess....fantasypros has him at 70....fantasy football calculator has him at 74..u could do a lot worse for upside guys in that range.... U like his current value....crazy that he is still only 25....