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  1. 5 Keepers - WHIR

    You're on the right track. I would keep Nola over Merrifield but it's close. Merrifield's power last year screams fluke. I would not consider McCullers.
  2. No, and it's not close for me.
  3. I think you have to say Bauer right now just because he's by far the safest option, but I like all three.
  4. Which side in a dynasty?

    It remains a mystery to me why the moderators allow this.
  5. Keeper Opinions Needed

    Cozart is the safer option, for sure. Steamer doesn't like him this year, and I'm a little less pessimistic than that algorithm but still not remotely sold on him being a valuable asset. I'd rather roll the dice on Richards's impressive return last year indicating that he's at a reasonable level of health going into this year, but I can definitely see keeping Cozart because his range of outcomes is narrower and his floor is higher.
  6. But do you think Acuna is a top 50 player next year? If you do, I'd keep him. If not, I am keeping Strasburg.
  7. I'd keep Bryant and Strasburg. Tough to throw back Acuna but it's only a 12 team keep three.
  8. Calhoun or Buehler ? Buehler ?

    Calhoun for sure
  9. Thoughts on an offer...

    I'd rather save the $30 and keep Buxton unless pitching is going to be a complete wasteland in the auction.
  10. Bryce Harper Dynasty Value?

    With the signing of Kendrick, I think Robles is a very safe drop now.
  11. Yeah, maybe start with Encarnacion.
  12. Tough Keeper Decision

    Agree with Yusko... Berrios over Miggy would be tough for me to pull the trigger on, but your pitching is thin so that's probably the right move.
  13. Keeper Opinions Needed

    I'd keep Richards over Cozart. Other than that, I agree with your decisions.
  14. Keeper Opinions Needed

    I'd keep Richards over Cozart. Other than that, I agree with your decisions.
  15. Pick an OF

    Those guys aren't that young. Tomas, Schebler and Pederson have power, but questionable roles. These are rough options, but I would go with JBJ because his defense should keep him on the field and he's still in his prime.