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  1. Corey Seager or Gallo? WHIR

    Seager slightly in roto, but they are very close in value in those settings.
  2. I'd drop Holland or Luke Gregerson no problem. Those are some tantalizing bats!
  3. Vetoable Trade???

    I wouldn't have vetoed that trade unless it's part of your constitution and there is some kind of protocol around it. It's a terrible trade and the reasons are even worse, but you aren't going to veto away the real problem - that this owner isn't knowledgeable enough for this format.
  4. Major Keeper Dilemna! WHIR

    Eh, Turner feels like a must keep at that price. I think Judge and Machado are close enough that I would go Judge (better round value and better lineup) and hope he can continue making adjustments.
  5. Major Keeper Dilemna! WHIR

    I'd drop Machado or Judge. Machado doesn't walk enough and Judge strikes out too much, so I am not in love with either in a points league.
  6. I'd just throw your settings into the Fangraphs auction calculator and make some tweaks to your personal rankings accordingly (I wouldn't recommend using Steamer as the be all end all, but it's a good place to start).
  7. New to dynasty baseball draft help please!

    Olson, Albies, and Tatis Jr. seem like the best plays for long term value, but you have a ton of good names on that list.
  8. I definitely would. You could use a pitcher, and Seager is a little overrated to boot.
  9. I don't think this one is particularly league dependent in terms of needing a ton of information. $48/260 is 18% of his budget on one pitcher when only 72 players are kept. Scherzer is certainly a valuable player and I can understand the temptation, so I wouldn't fault someone for keeping him. I just don't think it's the right move here.
  10. I am keeping Scherzer for $38 in my league that has a lot of inflation and tons of top pitchers kept. I would not keep him for $48. You should be able to get him back for less than that at auction, and you can also use that money to make a run at Kershaw.
  11. Nola, Castillo, and Acuna have much higher NFBC ADPs.
  12. Pick two

    I'd go with Calhoun and Mejia if it's only two. Bichette is tempting but he's a little far away.
  13. It seems like you haven't given us the whole story. What are the pitching slots you have in your active roster, and what do the league rules say about filling your active roster?
  14. I like getting 9 and 12. You're still guaranteed a stud but the decision is made for you lol
  15. Miggy Deal Great Buy Low?

    Steal for you - nice work!
  16. which 4 to keep?

    In that case Eaton, Gray, Manaea and then probably Jones unless Odor doesn't get crushed in your scoring settings by his awful approach.
  17. which 4 to keep?

    This depends a ton on the categories you use and whether it's roto, H2H, or points.
  18. Auction Tomorrow. Strategy?

    Honestly I think you did fine. Your pitching is outstanding for roto, and while your offense could use a first round type, I think you can make it work. Gallo for $1 is amazing - I bet he outscores Abreu. Not bad at all.
  19. Keep 3 (Stay Out Rush)

    Nola, Albies, Acuna. I guess Rush missed the memo.
  20. Auction Tomorrow. Strategy?

    This is an interesting approach to nominations. In a way it's a blessing in disguise because "building around Altuve" is a dangerous auction strategy. It's not wise to "expect" to get anyone. Do you get any breaks during the auction? If I were in your position I would divide the nominations into four groups of 100. For each group, I would rank players by position. Then, for the first group, I'd look at which positions seem the most worthwhile to spend money on, with a note about alternatives who are available later. From there I'd allocate a rough range of money for each group, somewhat dependent on the value of who is available and also depreciating as the draft progresses, so something like $80/$70/$60/$50 if it's evenly distributed. I'd have that as a rough guide to ensure I was keeping up with the flow of the draft.
  21. Help setting up league

    That setting is often used to regulate two strategies: streaming, and a reliever heavy staff. If you make people roster a certain number of starters, they can't roster all relievers to try to dominate ratios and sv/hlds. If you cap how many starters, people can't do the opposite volume strategy.
  22. Rank these SP **WHIR**

    Verlander, Greinke, Darvish, but you can't go wrong
  23. Keeper Help! - Dozier, Bregman, or Gallo?

    You are shrewd in realizing that Gallo is close to a top 25 hitter in your format, so this is closer than it appears. I'd still take Dozier I think. It's tough to throw the young guys back but it's only keep three; I want the best player for the current year. I think that's Dozier, but it's close.
  24. Keep 5 - advice requested

    As awesome as Votto is in that format, I'd be tempted by Gallo/Shaw/Conforto/Verlander/Berrios. It nets you a bunch of money if you need it. Otherwise I would dump Shaw and keep Votto.
  25. Cespedes and Puig are clear winners here. I like those arms okay but they aren't in the same tier.