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  1. and promptly walks the first batter he faces.
  2. and cecil blows it after throwing 4 pitches giving up a hr to flores.
  3. cecil comes in in the 8th with cards protecting 2-1 lead.
  4. 3 hr day and no one even blinks....
  5. If everyone gets healthy, possible to go to 6 man rotation?
  6. so swarzak is next man up up after kahnle, correct?
  7. another hr tonight. if he can somehow grab hold of the cleanup spot in this lineup, would be huge.....
  8. assuming rosey isnt available tonight? hes pitched 3 games in a row.....
  9. another hr today. seems to be over any injury he may have been dealing with. think he will be good for regular playing time ros?
  10. re: texas closing situation/claudio: https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/texas-rangers/rangers/2017/07/17/alex-claudio-despite-success-named-rangers-closer (weblink name/description is a bit misleading)
  11. not sure what happens when Dahl comes back, but yeah....
  12. no, not for sure. that being said, he shouldnt be unowned in most leagues....
  13. Apologies if this was already posted in here. Don't remember seeing a recent Melancon update. Doesn't look pretty for those that own him.... http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/07/14/giants-notes-right-hander-mark-melancon-isnt-close-to-returning/amp/
  14. Batting clean up today for what it's worth....
  15. so who (if anyone) is trusting rosey at this point? does he get the next save op or does Oh?