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  1. Losing two key members of the offense is bad for the entire offense, Miles included.
  2. Thoughts on his matchup this week vs Pit?
  3. Feel like people made similar comments about Mahomes last year...
  4. The writer sounds like he has something personal against AB, but....
  5. DeSean Jackson WR | PHI Eagles' DeSean Jackson: Week 3 status unclear by RotoWire Staff (19 hrs ago) Zack Rosenblatt of The Newark Star-Ledger noted Monday that his impression is that Jackson's groin injury isn't considered serious, though the wideout's Week 3 status is not clear at this stage. Meanwhile, Alshon Jeffery could miss time with a calf injury, so for now the Eagles' top healthy wide receiver options are Nelson Agholor, Mack Hollins and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside.
  6. really want to, but not worth the risk. @cinci (his 2nd start) isnt a cupcake of a park either, so not like he could balance it out....
  7. AB could be a bust or a steal pending the outcome of the league investigation.
  8. below is the person i was quoting in my response. i understand the difference between sexual misconduct and rape, but others on here may not..... "I think multiple rape accusations gonna be more than 6 weeks bro. He's lucky if the feds don't end up getting involved."
  9. he still had 8 targets. minny is def a run first offense, but i am guessing as defenses start to close in on the run, it should open up passing more. they also need to get cousins back on track at some point. i see better games ahead and would be looking to buy if i didnt already own him....
  10. he could easily wire top hoodie and be cut in a week, its just a matter of risk vs reward and what you are comfortable with. there are plenty of guys on the ww (some of whom havent revealed themselves as of yet) which can provide close to or similar value as those being proposed in trades. so its not as much as ab's behavior or risk of suspension that is holding me from trading him, its just what is being offered that doesnt make it worth it (for me). obviously all leagues and situations are different.
  11. i read the second accusation and although i dont condone the behavior and do think that he is not a good person with clear mental disorders, it seems like its a far cry from rape. time will tell...
  12. As as AB owner, im not really willing to sell low. I think he probably does get suspended, but just hoping its not for the season. Say he gets 6 games (similar to zeke), i will be hoping to replace him with an adequate fill in from my bench and then (hopefully) get him back in time for the playoffs. if hes on the field, brady will force feed him the ball, especially in the rz. mods, feel free to edit as needed, but to put in context, i rejected an offer of diggs for ab.
  13. His adp reflected some anticipated regression. If people thought he would have repeated the same numbers as last year he would have been a second round pick. I think what went unseen was a 50/50 split with freeman.