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  1. guess not.... http://m.indians.mlb.com/news/article/221016982/indians-reassign-top-prospect-bradley-zimmer/
  2. any chance he makes the team out of the gate?
  3. Don't see how a guy with his power/speed combo is in danger of being sent down to the minors. Looking for big things this season....
  4. even if those rankings prove to be true, i dont think any of them would make it back to me with my second round pick. i am looking more at the likes of abreu (possibly ee if he drops), so for me specifically, its a decision between rizzo and one of marte/stanton/cruz/jd or harper and abreu. out of those options, i prefer rizzo with any of those OF much more....dont want this to be a bc discussion, or make take this away from a bryce topic, but just pointing out that in drafting, its not always about who is better straight up player....
  5. nothing to see here? pretty quiet thread for mid/late first rounder hitting in the middle of a monster lineup and is just 27 this year.....
  6. im debating between rizzo and harper and leaning rizzo, but only because of my draft position and i like the outfielders coming back to me in the second/third rounds more than i like the first baseman available....
  7. so for those of us punting this position in 1 C leagues, who are people targeting? murphy was my guy, but with his broken arm, not sure who to grab?
  8. this seems optimistic. how far is he falling in drafts....could be decent value now? Rockies manager Bud Black said during an appearance on KOA NewsRadio on Tuesday that Ian Desmond (hand) is expected to return in late-April. Desmond suffered a fracture of the second metacarpal bone in his left hand when he was hit by a pitch on Sunday. He's scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, so there should be more clarity on the timeline soon, but the early estimate could have been much worse. Mark Reynolds will be the primary fill-in at first base in the short-term.
  9. Fair to say I trust this guys opinion over anyone who may be in this forum: Francis Tarkenton @Fran_Tarkenton Well, I surrender. Tom Brady makes a very avg team great. He's playing at 39 like he's 22. No one does that. He is the greatest QB ever.
  10. brady>montana>peyton
  11. I'm debating between Rawls, Lockett and Farrow and think I'm going with Rawls. Volume is there and hopefully he can punch one in. Think Peterson may spend some time on Lockett.
  12. From Mike Clay: Tyler Lockett vs Justin Bethel sounds fun.
  13. No, but I see the decision between Ebron and CJ as a toss up and I just don't want my season to end on Saturday.
  14. I'm debating between the same two. Leaning ebron but really only because I want someone for Monday night.
  15. If both start, I'm staying clear. Griffin was already involved in the offense pre CJ concussion and pre qb change. He will definitely be involved, probably moreso, should they both be on the field.