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  1. So are people hanging on to him?
  2. were actually about 2 months through the season. of course theres a chance he can make adjustments and turn things around, but there is also an equally good chance (if not better) that he doesnt.
  3. so in redraft leagues are people still holding on?
  4. So chalk it up to first inning jitters? Stopped watching after the second. Assuming no word of an injury? Why didn't he come back out for the 6th?
  5. So if Hand got traded to the Nats, do we think he would close or set up?
  6. looks like hes starting to come out of his slump a bit. wonder if they would ever move him to lead off and move mookie down to 3rd. benintendi-xander-mookie-hanley seems like a better top 4....
  7. some nice comparisons here.... http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-true-arrival-of-jose-berrios/
  8. Solid line from Dyson - 20 PC, 4 HA, 3 BBI, 4 ER
  9. so who is closing in seattle? has pazos or vincent actually recorded a save?
  10. the two BBs are even sexier....
  11. If he keeps hitting, assuming they will find room for him. Made his first start in the OF today. Pinder is batting seventh and starting in left field Wednesday against the Marlins, John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Pinder primarily plays across the infield, but he'll log his first career start in left field Wednesday. He does have two appearances in right field this season, so he could be picking up outfield eligibility over the summer if the Athletics continue to use him as an outfield piece every now and then.
  12. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Chris Taylor could soon see starts in the outfield. Logan Forsythe (toe) just returned from the disabled list, crowding the situations at second and third base. Roberts wants to continue finding regular starts for Taylor, who's slashing .333/.446/.583 with five home runs and 16 RBI in 29 games.