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  1. What's with this whole notion that he's supposed to be a FG anchor? 43% last two weeks
  2. lol who is this guy? look at some of his passes..crazy
  3. is this guy for real? seems memphis is ok giving him mid 20 mins which makes him easily rosterable.
  4. starting to believe i can still win my league even with him playing 20 mins. seems the low usage has a knock on effect of him being even more efficient getting stats in those limited mins. and no more B2Bs
  5. i picked him up for the b2b tues/wed. but he didnt play again Minny, any ideas what happened?
  6. Hella disappointing..he's capable of so much more
  7. yeah i seriosuly gotta consider dropping..2 games is weak for next week
  8. beating..just hope his FG% comes back in time for playoffs!
  9. That's a given...I think he's earned third round status.
  10. Of course as soon as I drop he drops 8 threes ..smh
  11. man this is tough to watch...even at 20 mins a game hes probably a top 50 player so there's no point asking for an IL tag lol.. going to lose the ring this year because of this situation..
  12. Think I'm done At this point his FG is his FG it ain't changing and he absolutely tanks it
  13. man im going to have a hard time between keeping him or hield..Heild was the obviosu choice just a month ago..but imagine Isaac after another summer and expanded role next year..sheesh
  14. Good point thanks. Plus I don't think any b2bs for playoffs
  15. He's coming off bench tonight. I'm kinda worried about him for playoffs I don't think it's worth the risk to roster him then.
  16. heres where it gets dicey 2019 Sacramento Kings’ top-1 protected pick ( most likely a late first rounder this year) Memphis Grizzlies (If pick falls outside top-8) - WASH Los Angeles Clippers (If pick falls outside top-14) - WASH clips dont want to make playoffs Own pick 2020 Memphis Grizzlies (If pick has not yet been conveyed and falls outside top-6) - Again, late first rounder? Los Angeles Clippers (If pick has not yet been conveyed and falls outside top-14) - Not great Own pick 2021 Memphis Grizzlies (If pick has not yet been conveyed. Pick would be unprotected) - Only real trading chip i see...how bad will Grizz be in 2021? So I don't see any surefire home runs here guys with Celtics picks..I DO see Kuzma, Ingram, Ball though.
  17. Is Tatum really that much better then Kuzma? He's regressed a bit; however he does have the age upside!. but lakers were offering a treasure trove of young players lol.
  18. You willing to bet your job on that? A LOT can happen between now and July..ESPECIALLY WITH THE LAKERS!! i mean the deal is technically ALREADY gone if you think about it. Zubac just got traded away. so in that respect yea the offer is gone. and with so many big time free agents theres no telling what lakers will do come July 1st...