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  1. Now I know why he hasn't commited long term yet to Lakers. And LeBron said he ain't retiring anytime soon. I'm firing Rich Paul and signing elsewhere in free agency..all one big scheme to benefit LeBron. And it's not even the last couple games.. his stats are all down from beginning. Lately has been extra bad. Like even of he wins a chip LeBron gonna get all the credit what's the point. Look at KD there's a reason he left he was never given his due among other things.
  2. He's supposed to be #1 player when healthy. This is a shell. Lakers arnt good for his Fantasy value
  3. Same just a bunch of BS , LBJ is on his last legs so he will drag the next two years out for stats as much as possible.
  4. I'm good with him sitting and resting so he can drop monster games instead of being mediocre by his standards. Still zero rebounds up like 20 lol this makes no sense.
  5. And there's no point playing with LBJ..your first one to get blamed if things go sideways and this guys usage will be ultra high. He's clearly trying to make a point and trying to win mvp ffs
  6. Just rest him then theres no point going out there. Throw an Inj tag on him let him rest his injury like he always does.
  7. 0 rebounds in 12 minutes and no fg. I need 7 Rebs to win that cat. This guy is killing me. I know he's banged up but what's the point of playing if your dropping duds..up 16 against hawks and u have ONE point. Is it LeBron...the coach/system..AD?
  8. This is miserable to watch. Non existent out there. Something needs to change
  9. Read somewhere he's 50/50 to play tonight. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.numberfire.com/nba/player-news/138284/rockets-danuel-house-back-ruled-out-on-friday/amp
  10. Haven't seen any real updates other then just he's been ruled out. How long are we expecting him out for?
  11. its not really his/their fault..Raps are just a damn good defensive team. they did this to LeBron and Kawhi earlier on their trip. I wouldn't be surprised if they come out of East again with Siakam and Vanvleet championship experience. Dame will bounce back next game.
  12. His rebounding numbers have dropped quite a bit for some reason
  13. What a joke . Adam Silver is a joke too
  14. kinda underwhlemd by the assists tbh, was expecting around 8 but maybe over the year it improves and minutes.
  15. i gotta agree..i dont see a magical turn unless this is all planned and he knows he will lose weight as the season goes on thus why he beasts the second half...but this year seems worse cause i haven't seen him THIS fat.
  16. yeah same..i just dont see 'IT' this year so far...the MVP type of performances. its just so-so for AD standards which is still like top 5 lol.. but not THE BEST.
  17. embarrassing after the brief run he had last year. and hes supposedly in best shape of his career.
  18. really disappointed in Joker coming into camp fat. WTF man. your an MVP type of talent and come in 40 pounds overweight wtf. its clearly affecting his play. Malone and the rest of the organization have to fat shame him and call him out, its tough love. Denever aint going anywhere if their best player/MVP is this fat.
  19. he may go first round in a couple years. the talent and the athleticism/speed is undeniable. i think he could be a john wall comp with hopefully a better jump shot.