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  1. Knew it was bad news coming into camp 40 pounds fatter. What's wrong with him
  2. Oh man where's Milsap at to light a fire under this lard
  3. Nevermind I reversed jinxed it for you guys your welcome
  4. Looks so passive tonight.i don't know LeBron checked out and he's got Powell on him..this should be BBQ chicken but he's not being aggressive at all
  5. lmao wtf how does yahoo update that and not immediately update his iNJ tag. useless
  6. is he a drop? no idea on his injury and i read somewhere hes not playing b2bs?
  7. got his fat contract and subsequently has been mailing it in
  8. lol why is Jokic not taking his body seriously. hes going to lose in a conf finals/finals one day and be like smh wish i dieted to make the difference. these guys only got 10-15 years prime to make impact you can eat all you want after lol.
  9. this guy is all sorts of l@wls. its funny as a raps fan there was a point when we considered rebuild..trading demar for wiggins....but in this universe we kept demar, flipped him for Kawhii and won a chip LMAO.
  10. if AD gets moved hes easily my #1 again. he wins leagues plan and simple as #1 option
  11. Finished #1 in regular season around AD/ Jokic / Holiday. you know the rest. i guess i should be glad i made it to finals atleast. Markannen screwed me, AD, Holiday, and White from SA lol. just terrible.
  12. *sigh* i guess i should be thankful i even made the finals. im in keeper so ill run it back next year and hopefully win if this guy shows up.
  13. wtf. just a huge disappointment after that 1 month stretch. seriously wth happened to this guy? its like he forgot how to shoot. maybe hes injured or something
  14. He lost alot of people the championship with that performance. Disgusting.
  15. Time to cut bait? Really hasn't been at advertised...not really close
  16. NOP should sell the team. Their ownership sucks plain and simple. Or fire everyone top to bottom and do it properly.
  17. This guy seriously going to play all 5 games?! Fml
  18. What's with this whole notion that he's supposed to be a FG anchor? 43% last two weeks
  19. lol who is this guy? look at some of his passes..crazy