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  1. man im going to have a hard time between keeping him or hield..Heild was the obviosu choice just a month ago..but imagine Isaac after another summer and expanded role next year..sheesh
  2. Good point thanks. Plus I don't think any b2bs for playoffs
  3. He's coming off bench tonight. I'm kinda worried about him for playoffs I don't think it's worth the risk to roster him then.
  4. heres where it gets dicey 2019 Sacramento Kings’ top-1 protected pick ( most likely a late first rounder this year) Memphis Grizzlies (If pick falls outside top-8) - WASH Los Angeles Clippers (If pick falls outside top-14) - WASH clips dont want to make playoffs Own pick 2020 Memphis Grizzlies (If pick has not yet been conveyed and falls outside top-6) - Again, late first rounder? Los Angeles Clippers (If pick has not yet been conveyed and falls outside top-14) - Not great Own pick 2021 Memphis Grizzlies (If pick has not yet been conveyed. Pick would be unprotected) - Only real trading chip i see...how bad will Grizz be in 2021? So I don't see any surefire home runs here guys with Celtics picks..I DO see Kuzma, Ingram, Ball though.
  5. Is Tatum really that much better then Kuzma? He's regressed a bit; however he does have the age upside!. but lakers were offering a treasure trove of young players lol.
  6. You willing to bet your job on that? A LOT can happen between now and July..ESPECIALLY WITH THE LAKERS!! i mean the deal is technically ALREADY gone if you think about it. Zubac just got traded away. so in that respect yea the offer is gone. and with so many big time free agents theres no telling what lakers will do come July 1st...
  7. i need steals but not assits. i need rebs but not blocks. FML
  8. I agree, Tatum is kinda overrated overall. Siakam is the better blue chip prospect imo (who would have said that at beginning of year?)
  9. The thing a lot of people dont realize about Siakam, he started playing relatively late (much like his fellow Cameroon countryman Embiid) These guys are physically and athletically gifted plus started playing a lot later, their ceiling is higher then normal. I think both STILL have lots of room to grow. imagine they started playing at age 5 like most others..
  10. Markanen has the slightly better playoff schedule as well..
  11. hes offering me Markkanen who has been the better overall player for two weeks. i guess hes trying to sell high?...
  12. In a vacuum do you do it? I give up Siakam. I am just worried the last few weeks hes kind of dropped off a bit, while Hield has basically been a second-third round player.
  13. i know hes early but what do you guys think he goes next year. i got siakam and him on my roster debating who to keep.
  14. im just praying he plays majority of playoffs but i doubt it. going to be some random low minute games.
  15. https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/1093885189321834499 well still better then most fantasy players with this tidbit lol
  16. so the Lakers deal remains and teams know that...they can beat that now vs later. whats going to change later. Boston? you think Danny boy giving up Tatum with all the negative talk from AD's camp specifically to Boston.? this is wack. i really dont think u can compare how Toronto and OKC took a chance..this is legit taking a huge chance openly knowing the players camp saying they have no intent to resign with you..before even being traded to you LOL.
  17. again..how can teams offer better this summer vs now? I really don't get that narrative. wouldn't his value be at an all time high RIGHT NOW with 1.5 years left vs 1 year; ergo its in Demps interest to sell him off now for highest bidder. like what would change a teams mind now vs the summer to INCREASE their offer? Anyways water under the bridge lets see the price he ultimately goes for compared to the Lakers offer. I am pretty certain they wont get as good as a package as right now. Lakers are desperate and throwing the farm at them.
  18. you guys still don't get it. hes not going to some random team like Chicago. its not on his 'list' . he is depressing his value so other teams wont offer some golden package better then the Lakers are. and why would a struggling team like Chicago even make that deal, whats the end game or point for that matter. only a contending team can make a deal or a team on his list. the choices really are limited when you factor in we live in REALITY. Trust me.DEMPS is a FOOL and out of spite hes going to ruin their franchise even more. #clown
  19. symantics. fine Demps + ownership + assistants. whoever makes the final calls. Do we know for a fact that ownership blocked or interfered with his role? If not, that it lies on DEMPS.
  20. Whatever side your on, I don't think NOP gets a better deal then Lakers offering during the summer. Its a depressed market with AD openly wanting to go to LA (See Kawhi value/Spurs) Like realistically what is going to top the Lakers offer? Boston? You think Ainge isn't going to try and screw another GM again? I be surprised if he included Tatum at this point, plus AD camp is devaluing Boston as a destination. Demps is the worst GM in sports and should be fired, they had 6-7 years to do something with this generational talent, and nothing to show for it. I don't blame AD at all man for wanting to leave.