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  1. Hey all, we are searching for a GM in our 3rd year dynasty league. Draft will be offline. Here are the league details: And the team: 5 Player to keep. League is free. You can contact me here or under
  2. Hey all, We are in the 3rd season and searching for a manager. It is a superflex league with 12 teams. 5 keepers. League: Team: Please send me an email to
  3. Hey, We are in the 3rd season and one of our starting manager has no time in the future. If you are interested in the team, please contact me under Mike
  4. One manager has a change in his life and a team is free: Please contact me .Team has a 0-3 result, but it is possible to make the turnaround. Mike
  5. Hey all, we are searching for 3 new manager with a dynasty commitment. We have to keep 18 players. Draft will be in the next 2 weeks (4 rounds): The league is free and the following teams are waiting for you: Please write me a mail and I will invite you. Mike
  6. Hey all, one manager dropped out of my dynasty league. He has two picks left in the draft. Team is otc now. All players are available to pick. If you are interested please contact me: League: Team: Would be awesome to get you as manager in this league, Mike
  7. Hey all, we are searching for a new manager at the end of our draft. Team roster QB Wilson / Cousins RB D.Johnson/Kamara/D.Booker/Wilkins WR A.Brown/Michael Thomas/Baldwin/Marvin Jones/John Ross TE Gronk/ Ben Watson Def. Seahawks 1 rounds left of our draft. 10 starter / 8 bench / 5 player to keep after each season. 3 open slots to add on the fa market for this team. If interested, please write me