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  1. The irony that I tried avoiding Wiggins type players just to see them become fantasy relevant this season (good thing I own Ingram and Jaylen in one league), while Caris LeVert suddenly becomes a Wiggins type player. Smh, I hope he turns it around soon.
  2. Just got poked in the eye. Whew.
  3. Oof... Fox, Porter, and Ingram are out for me. I really hope the last two won't take much time out.
  4. Any insight as to this? Is it because he's matching up with Blake? Hope it's not going to be a trend moving forward.
  5. Would you say Gary Harris a safe drop in a 12 teamer?
  6. He looks like one of those "better in real life than fantasy" / "better suited in points league" kind of player, like Wiggins, Jaylen, and Ingram before (recently, they've become fantasy relevant in cat leagues too). But to drop him is a wrong move. The better move is to trade him instead for a more fantasy friendly player. I'm sure there is someone who'd want him in your league.
  7. Do you think he would maintain the same role and stats once Rodney Good comes back? I'm really tempted to drop Gary Harris very soon... (though he had a nice game a while ago).
  8. Funny how I used to compare Ingram and Jaylen to Wiggins in terms of empty stat lines. But their increased role has led to fantasy relevant lines. Who would have known? Glad I own them both in one league. Funnier thing is that Wiggins seems to be becoming fantasy relevant as well.
  9. The House of the Lord has been amassing a lot of disciples lately this year. The House has grown to accept Isaac, OG, Oubre, and recently the namesake of his church, House. Word has it a certain painter is also trying to get in but has yet to prove himself.
  10. This dude's a warrior.
  11. I was a bit worried with a quiet first half and especially a quiet first quarter. He did collect 3 stocks by then. He didn't shoot anything at all mostly in the first half. He turned it around a bit with 7-7 after the break. And now this gem ♥️ Never doubt the Lord. In the land of Isaac's and OG's, never forget the real OG.