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  1. 9 Cat, h2h, 12 teamer Paul George Rudy Gobert Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Montrezl Harrell (won me the final week, beast!) Kawhi Leonard (thanks for the 22 minutes, man) Derrick White Thaddeus Young Jimmy Butler + Clint Capela that I got for Vucevic and Bledsoe (it turned out pretty even) I let go of Otto and Gary Harris and streamed Isaac Dion Waiters Josh Okogie
  2. O rly? I'm standing by what I predicted. #1 player in fantasy. This second round pick gonna win a LOT of leagues.
  3. Is it crazy to grab both Tyler and Justice? I need counting stats for the next couple of weeks as Otto/Gary heal up.
  4. I'm just so confused. How does a player go from beasting to this so quickly?
  5. Down 18 points halfway into the 3rd and this dude has played 8 minutes? Wtf Doc?
  6. Jimmy and Otto tonight, thank you for the 14 minutes!
  7. Staying the course is sometimes a winning move. I’m bullish on Jimmy Buckets performing in the playoffs.
  8. It'll look worse IRL than it does in fantasy. As worst, he'll be an old Karl Malone with incredible passing and a viable 3point shot. I don't see Lebron ever averaging less than 24/7/6 on less than 48% shooting.
  9. I didn't say I'm hoping for 2-5 weeks. Just planning accordingly.
  10. So happy I didn't trade him in the first 5 weeks.
  11. Y'all don't deserve the niceness of Gary. He'll be back and be the steadiest player on my roster after ASB (not commenting on the injury, I have no info. I'm guessing 2-5 weeks).