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  1. we hang onto this ******** s--- head all year and this is how he delivers in the playoffs. will never draft him earlier than the 50th round in the future.
  2. if all the other pieces of s--- on my team are any indication you can expect this guy to score maybe 4 points today
  3. I had him in as a 1 week plug in to cover my qb being on a bye week. I didnt think it was too much to expect him to be able to score a single ******** point?
  4. this was a swell week to plug in Tannehill as a bye week replacement
  5. hamstring tightness for Queen Charmin. luckily none of us are truly surprised
  6. i ******** knew i should have started Yeldon over Charmin Fournette. never drafting this princess ever again
  7. its almost guaranteed that whenever he does come back he will miss at least another game for another injury later
  8. he's got more TD's in not even 3 games this season than all of last season. wow
  9. he needs to up the ante and retire after the first quarter
  10. Bradford is Kaepernick's single greatest piece of evidence of league collusion keeping him out of a job
  11. so clearly i cant start fitz again until the cardinals franchise relocates, can anyone that is actually watching the game tell if if he is even in the ******** game still?