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  1. In my experience, a weekly moves limit is more accurately described as a matchup moves limit. So, if the matchup is 11 days, then the moves limit applies for that period.
  2. Deep league SP waiver claim?

    Thanks, yeah I have thought of that as well, just could be difficult to find adequate streaming options in this deep a league. Thanks, yeah I have no intention of dropping anyone as I need the depth (as mentioned in my reply above). It's simply to use one of my excess RP to pick up one of those starters. Marquez seems to be the favourite, so it comes down to burning the waiver to get him or risk waiting for him to clear. Yep, regardless definitely need a trade! To everyone, I know that at least one other manager is in a similar boat as myself, so I wonder if he'll put in a claim for Marquez. He's #19 so could be a low risk move to claim.
  3. Deep league SP waiver claim?

    Thanks for the feedback. Yep definitely hoping to make a trade as well - we'll see what can get done. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not dumping any other starters as I still need the depth, so would be dropping an excess RP. Would you suggest a waiver claim (#1) like the above poster or wait until FA?
  4. Deep league SP waiver claim?

    Hey all,Just drafted (well, unfortunately had to autodraft and pre-ranked) in a one year, 20 team roto league. I would guess that around 100-120 starting pitchers have been drafted. My pitching turned out quite weak so having a look at the scraps on waivers to see if worth grabbing someone who has a chance at sneaky value this season (really all I can ask for at this stage). I have the #1 waiver so it really has to be worth it or save it and hope they go unclaimed. In a vacuum, would you claim (or pick up from FA) one of these guys, and please rank your second best as well. I would appreciate reasons for your selection(s) as I'm not up to speed on them:Tyler AndersonNate KarnsBrandon McCarthyJosh TomlinGerman MarquezBrandon FinneganMartin PerezIt's a 6x6 format - pitching cats are W,K,ERA,WHIP, plus SV and HLD. I've also posted on the league page for possible trades to improve my starting pitching. My current staff:ClevingerPeacock (who's likely relieving for now)GoharaFoltynewiczThat's it. I usually like at least 5 SP to start and since Peacock likely isn't starting, this needs fixing. I was given an extra two RP, one of which I won't need so would drop to make room for a SP. I might drop Caleb Joseph as well since I have Russell Martin but that would be a secondary option.Thanks in advance. If there is any other information I haven't included, just ask.
  5. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Yep there's a lot of turnover so it's deciding whether worth the risk on a guy that I feel is secure, or just wait for the later rounds. Or balance with perceived security and then risk later. Using that Shaw/Miller example, aside from saves+holds, Miller was better in K, ERA and WHIP. So Miller was actually better to use across the board. I don't plan on focusing too much on the saves+holds aspects all the time, as the other categories are important. And as you mentioned (which I'll touch on below), holds guys can change a lot during the season other than most of the top set up guys. Regarding the 'stronger teams' part of my post, I wasn't just saying that generally. I was mentioning it in context to a H2H league, where the window is smaller and figured the odds that a better team will have more wins in that week, I might get more saves+holds by using a tandem on that team. Sure, the Indians could win 5 games all by more than 3 runs and I won't get anything that week. Whereas, the Marlins may win twice and get saves in both. I understand that, and have known that in the past several years. The focus was on the weekly window and maybe it's worth going after a stronger tandem rather than a weaker one. As you touched on about getting guys to complement each other (low K with high K), I do feel that in a H2H with saves+holds, getting strong K guys could be the difference. The ERA/WHIP could be volatile on a weekly basis and even if the reliever doesn't get a hold/save, if he's a strong K guy then he'll help that week. Yep, I try to keep an eye on some changing roles e.g. seeing who's now getting into the game in the 7th with the team winning, whereas before was going into the 5th/6th with them losing.
  6. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    What part is wrong? My point above was referring to the top closers, not all closers. Yes I agree, given that a save is equal to a hold, is doesn't matter as much who gets them, but when looking at the other categories on top of that (need to look beyond just saves/holds), then the top closers give you the most strength across the board. Then, I asked the question about the better holds guys (with strong other categories) vs lower saves guys (with not as strong other categories). Guys like Miller etc. will be very valuable and probably will be taken above several closers, just not the top ones. About your point 2 - yep that's part of my plan as I expect to be able to get solid RP's later on in the draft. I guess the strategy will be - do I grab one top closer and then wait a bit for other RP, or just go for discounted players? That's just a general question for myself - no need to go into detail as that would make it a 'bench coach forum' type question.
  7. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah looking at SP eligible relievers will be a target as well.
  8. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    This year is the first time I'm in a saves+holds league (one category, I'm used to both separately). I figure the top closers are still much more valuable as 1) top closers give you more saves than the top holds guys, and 2) give you excellent rate stats as well, and likely high Ks. But I wonder about lower closers vs better holds guys. Given there are more holds guys then they will always be available, but having ones that give you strength across the board is key. The other temptation strategy-wise is to go after a tandem e.g. Allen/Miller. Especially if it's a H2H league, if you can get double the production in one game that could be very useful, especially on stronger teams who have more chance at wins. Just general thoughts and happy for you guys to comment on and/or suggest other useful strategies.
  9. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    I wonder if he'll be a good option in holds leagues? Of course depending on whether he's used in those situations or a middle reliever who can go multiple innings. Maybe a few wins and a handful of holds?
  10. Yeah saw that as well. Of course it's just a typo. Glad it's finally opening tonight.
  11. Mike Montgomery 2017 Outlook

    Assuming Montgomery is not starting, other than spot starts due to injury etc., do you think he would have value in holds leagues? I'm wondering about the type of situations he could be placed in, especially as the Cubs have a fair amount of reliever depth.
  12. Fantasy Team Name Thread 2017

    Tale of Two Fisters
  13. That's strange why it isn't a default option now given the variety of leagues nowadays. It's been an option for as long as I've been in that league which uses it (5 years).
  14. Yes, Yahoo has the IF position.
  15. Fantasy Baseball Resources Sites Tools Podcasts etc

    I use a bunch but my goto sites are Razzball and Fangraphs.