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  1. 2017 Middle Relievers Thread

    Can anyone provide insight on what Brad Hand's role could be this season, and how it could change when Capps is ready? Roster Resource has him as a set up man with Buchter.
  2. Mike Montgomery 2017 Outlook

    Assuming Montgomery is not starting, other than spot starts due to injury etc., do you think he would have value in holds leagues? I'm wondering about the type of situations he could be placed in, especially as the Cubs have a fair amount of reliever depth.
  3. Lorenzo Cain 2017 Outlook

    Any thoughts on Cain this season? Last season was an injury-shortened one, and perhaps slightly disappointing (pro rata) relative to expectations. Or was 2015 more like his peak? Could we be looking at something like 80 Runs, 14 HRs, 70 RBIs, 20 SBs and a .290 AVG? Your insight would be appreciated.
  4. Victor Martinez 2017 Outlook

    No, just 1B.
  5. Off-season Closer Thread 2016/17

    In Yahoo, Iglesias has SP eligibility so it gives him good value, especially if your league counts holds as well. Having both possibilities from the SP slot is very useful.
  6. J.D. Martinez 2017 Season Outlook

    I agree, he feels like a safe, high floor option to anchor the OF. He was solid when he came back from injury last year as well. I would happily have him as my OF1.
  7. Bryce Harper 2017 Outlook

    Also, I think it can come down to the size of the league, and whether you feel you can adjust if Harper doesn't rebound close to the level we could expect for a higher first rounder. The deeper the league, I'd probably play it safer (whatever we deem as 'safe', of course). I think a little while back there was a discussion about safer players and I'm not sure Harper is safe (i.e. high floor) enough compared to others...yet. If you play OBP/OPS, then the risk is lessened a bit given his on base strengths.
  8. Bryce Harper 2017 Outlook

    Interesting you mention this as this is how my leagues are set up, and have been wondering where to place him. I keep flip flopping trying to balance risk, upside and the OPS boost. Right now I have him at #7 in front of Machado and Donaldson.
  9. 2017 Catcher Rankings

    Thanks for the responses, guys. Yeah I usually wait until the middle/later rounds in such leagues and it has worked ok but thought I'd see what you all think. If I were in more shallow leagues (e.g. 10-12 teamers), for sure I would wait until the end. Someone like Realmuto last year would have been a great pick. Looking at the original list by you, brockpapersizer, even someone like Vogt/Rupp/Murphy or someone who previously had (perceived) value e.g. Mesoraco, d'Arnaud, could give you modest production without using a higher pick. It comes down to how we like to structure our teams of course.
  10. 2017 Catcher Rankings

    Thought I'd revive this thread to ask a draft strategy question. I'll keep it general, unless you think it should still go into the bench coach forum. In a deeper league (say more than 15 teams), redraft, start one catcher league, how would approach the position? I see the argument of going for a top guy since replacement level is much lower. Or perhaps wait until a middle tier-type player is available where there could more risk choosing other hitters/pitchers? Or would you just pick up who's left, assuming any of those in the 15-20 rank should still be serviceable? What would be your approach?
  11. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    And to add (why can't I edit my last post?), his ADP in Yahoo leagues is currently 233.7. But difficult to take much value of these figures at this early stage. I expect that will climb as the March drafts get going.
  12. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    263 is his pre-season ranking (formerly o-rank). When you filter based on projections for remaining games, his numbers equate to a ranking of 103 (for me - could be slightly different based on settings e.g. 6x6 is mine).
  13. Rotoworld 2017 Mock Draft I

    I don't post on here much but I have spent a fair amount of time reading through threads on players over the past few weeks, even the recent mock draft thread. For me (not being part of the draft), even though it's not a Yahoo timed mock, the RW mock is useful to read how people value players in the context of a draft (not just in general), how they are deciding on what strategy to use, adjustments as it progresses, etc. Especially when there's still plenty of time before the season begins, I'm at the stage where I take in as much information as I can to help me when I'm digging deeper for my own league prep. It's a useful exercise and appreciate you all taking part and contributing to the discussions. Cheers.
  14. Fantasy Team Name Thread 2017

    Tale of Two Fisters
  15. That's strange why it isn't a default option now given the variety of leagues nowadays. It's been an option for as long as I've been in that league which uses it (5 years).