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  1. 12 Team deep bench, start 2 C's, H2H 8 cat. Auction. I made the playoffs with this team; G: Booker, Sato, Middleton, Redick F: Love, Lamb, Collins, Powell C : Gobert, Capela, MitchRob Stream 3 spots Admittedly not my best draft. I ended up punting Ast due to injuries, punting Stl soon followed for the same reason. 2nd time I've won this league in 5 years, felt great. In the conversation for the best waiver work I've ever done in any league, ever. Won the champ. 6-2 but only won Ast by 2, Stl by 2 and Blk by 2. This could easily have ended up in the Cool Story Bro thread if I had less luck. Above all other things, nothing beats taking your friend's money fair and square XD
  2. I think you'd be looking for minutes vs start or not start. If his minutes will be 24+ per, he will contribute nicely. Even off the bench he does well with that kind of minutes played.
  3. He's just entering his prime and his per 36 spiked after the trade this year so those are good signs. He really needs minutes though. His last few games were absurdly good but that was on like 38 avg mins per. I'd take a round 7-10 flier on him, similar to Sato.
  4. Legit won my main league for me 😃 . I take back 1/2 the bad things I ever said about you
  5. I see the case for Doncic. If PHX got Morant + Booker, I can see Ayton sliding. Not enough touches. Maybe that's just me though.
  6. Yeah man! I usually take a ton of guys in rounds 2/3-5 in auction (depending on value). I hope to have 1 of those guys perform top 10-20 every week, its kinda like a rotation. You don't have a true stud like that but you are hoping that on any given week, you can have 6+ guys in the top 30-40 and one stands out every week.
  7. I'm a Bealiever. If he drops past 10 consistently I'm all in.
  8. Agreed and I'm a huge believer in this. In my main league I drafted 5 guys in the $36-$25 range and filled out the roster with low cost shots in the dark. Combined with a lot of waivers work, I ended up with the deepest team in the league.
  9. I paid 3rd round value this year. When healthy he tops out as a top 15-20 player. I wouldn’t pay 3rd round value next year though. I’m really trying to stay away from injury prone guys next year.
  10. The 4 playoff teams in my main league are loaded with UFA's, RFA's and player option guys. Something to consider when drafting next year
  11. I disagree a little. In auctions, I almost never draft a top 10 player nowadays. I'd rather have a bunch of 2-4 round dudes than stars and scrubs. That's to specifically insure myself against injuries. That's not luck 😃
  12. Add Kevin Love to that list. He's dope when he plays, he just don't play often.
  13. I didn't see a thread for him. I think he's a good stream for at least Saturday 3/30 and Monday 4/1 (if your leagues go that late). C.J. McCollum is going to be out at least that long. 18.7 pts, 2.7 3's and excellent percentages over the last 7. He always seems to have a good end of season and fall flat the beginning of next season.