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  1. Spencer Dinwiddie 2018-19 Season Outlook

    He was doing 16 ppg, 2 3's, 5 assists and 1 stock with a full Nets lineup earlier this year. Low TO's is nice with him in 9 cat. BBM and Yahoo rank him 114-130 or so ros. He's a luxury stash imo
  2. Goran Dragic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He was drafted as top 55-70. He finished last year around 65. That sounds reasonable as a ceiling ros to me. Honestly, anyone top 100 from waivers is gold in a deeper league =)
  3. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    2 combined rebounds, steals and blocks tonight. Seriously thinking about putting him on my dnd list next year.
  4. Dion Waiters 2018-19

    He's top 70 or so over the last 7 days. Some days it feels like his ceiling, other days it feels like his floor. I'll gamble on him
  5. Dion Waiters 2018-19

    Haaaaa, same. I thought I was the only one
  6. Delon Wright 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He's pretty bland. A Darren Collison light. I hate Darren Collison.
  7. Waiver Wire Thread - Post Trade Deadline

    Dragic was dropped in a few leagues. He's due back shortly after ASB. I grabbed him now to be proactive and there's no games so there's no risk. If news comes up during the break of a setback, I'll drop.
  8. New RW Forums Design Feedback Thread

    Colors are washed out. Forums are tight to the left of the screen, everything else on the site is centered. No scrolling, navigable news feed is annoying.
  9. 2nd half waiver wire gold

    In my deep bench 12 team I'm keeping tabs on Wes Matthews and Ellington for new faces in new places, Bam and Waiters in case of injuries to others, Melton and Crabbe if they can get minutes and are healthy and Shumpert, Shamet because why not. Lonnie Walker IV and Michael Porter Jr are hurt rookies that I'm paying attn. to. If either shows signs of life I'll take a second look. Walker is back but not playing much, Porter may be back as soon as right after ASB. There is a slim chance that Mo Bamba will be back for my last 2 playoff weeks, just something I'm keeping in mind. Dwight Howard was serviceable last year, he is available in about 50% of ESPN and Yahoo leagues. If he shows a few good games I'd be tempted to roll the dice. If Alan Williams ever made it out of purgatory I'd take a look at him as well.
  10. Succesful Punts?

    Ive been punting games played with all the *^%#ing injuries on my squads
  11. Enes Kanter 2018-2019 Outlook

    He is a backup C, defensive liability who shoots his mouth off with career averages less than 1.5 blk, stl and assists combined. We arent talking about Shaq in his prime. He is on the waiver now and probably for a while.
  12. Tim Hardaway Jr 2018-2019 Outlook

    I dropped him everywhere. He is a high volume guy who is suddenly going to need to find efficiency. I dont see that happening.
  13. Enes Kanter 2018-2019 Outlook

    Jeremy Lin. Waived yesterday, Raps rumors yesterday. Kanter, waived last week, no rumors, no signing. I agree, i think dude talked himself into a league wide time out for a few weeks.