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  1. Bump... any info will be helpful. Thank you
  2. Anyone know who is coming in for the Rangers today after J Hernandez?
  3. This could be the hump and dump play of the year if White is out week 2. Seems too good to be true and I don’t think Belichek cares about the birth.
  4. Go ahead and laugh, but he’s my #1 waiver claim this week. Looked like a monster, C Davis Zero catches, and he didn’t get more catches because Titans were up big. The 43% snap rate will go up much sooner than later.
  5. I think the bigger concern is this dude is going to get double teamed cuz the skins have no one else and he should be commanding double teams after seeing his skills
  6. Not a bad finish to the season... kid is incredible. Will be interesting to see if he goes to AA Montgomery now to help their playoff run.
  7. Let’s just call him “The Animal”
  8. I play in 6 leagues and I do not own Luck or TY Hilton. I have Hines in 1 league. This guy is a damn coward! Another softy from Stanford. Injury concern? Nope. Mental issues, really? Middle of pre-season on a Super Bowl contending team? Stanford is an outstanding school. If I owned an NFL team and my GM used a 7th round draft pick on a player from Stanford, he’d be fired the next morning!
  9. Top 5 prospect right now? I vote yes
  10. Yes, after the first year auction, it will be a full dynasty. In year 2, we will have a snake draft for the incoming rookies and veterans left in free agency. If you want 5 draft picks, you will need to cut 5 players prior to the draft.