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  1. 32 Team Salary Cap dynasty startup

    Bump. Four spots left.
  2. 32 Team Salary Cap dynasty startup

    Let me rephrase that, you can select one of each (QB/K/P) but you cannot select two starters. That is what I intended to say. This shouod assure everyone starts the season with at least at least one starter at those positions.
  3. 32 Team Salary Cap dynasty startup

    No sir. Initially, the draft is set up to only allow teams to select one QB/K/P in the first 12 rounds. Also, players that are kept cannot be from those position groups.
  4. 32 Team Salary Cap dynasty startup

    Bump. 22 teams taken.
  5. 32 Team Salary Cap dynasty startup

    Proboards are up and running! Already have 18 owners. Nflfantasy1.freeforums.net They still need work, but the rules are listed there!
  6. Just as the title states. 35 roster spots salary cap rookie draft proboards are under construction so if you’re interested and want a copy of the rules or any questions email jstoudt21@gmail.com free league
  7. Had an owner leave 4 hours before our entry draft tonight. League is free, but owners are requested to lay their share of the $2.67 management fee on Fantrax. Some teams do cover others. The team available is LA. Nhlfantasy11.proboards.com the draft starts 8pm EST tonight, and LA has the #2 pick. Sign up on the boards or email jstoudt21@gmail.com
  8. Going into our third season, the following owners decided not to continue. We use fantrax/proboards/google docs to run the league, with a group me chat. The following teams are available: Washington Redskins Kansas City Chiefs Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Buccaneers Miami DolphinsNew York GiantsMinnesota VikingsGreen Bay Packers New York Jets The above teams are ranked from best to worst (for the most part). Our site is nflfantasy1.proboards.com Our league is designed to mimic the nfl as much as possible. Right now, off-season transactions have been frozen until we fill the above rosters. Any questions feel free to post on the site or email me: Jstoudt21@gmail.com
  9. Both teams (ATL and MIA) are set up nicely for any newcomers. ATL is more win now, MIA is a year or two away with a healthy stock of picks and young talent. nflfantasy1.proboards.com You will find all rules and salary information there. If you're interested, just register for the GM sign up. Also may have a 3rd opening (NYJ) but that team is going to be one heck of a challenge. I wouldn't advise a newcomer to dynasty attempt that build. Any questions you can email jstoudt21@gmail.com Justin (BAL-COMMISH)
  10. 30 Team Salary Dynasty

    4 spots left, drafting tomorrow!
  11. I know the season started and the draft will take a few weeks, but if anyone is willing to try and build a 30 team.league I have set up such a league. I have NBA NFL and mlb but it just doesn't seem right without an NHL league. http://nhlfantasy11.proboards.com/thread/2/league-rules?page=1&scrollTo=2 I have many owners who are already interested, so we need only about 10 total. Any questions feel free to post them on the proboards site or email me. Jstoudt21@gmail.com (Yes I know this is an NFL board, but I find the most hardcore fantasy players frequent this board)
  12. Dynasty

    Nhlfantasy11.proboards.com Sounds like what you're all looking for.