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  1. Bump. Mass purge of people who draft and bail has left teams open. Quality of teams available range from competitive to rebuilding. http://mlbpipelinedynasty.proboards.com/ there is a rosters tab on the top of the site, feel free to use that to see the open teams rosters. The open teas are NYY, ARZ, DET, STL, SEA, ATL, TOR. Email jstoudt21@gmail.com with questions or if you want to join
  2. Yes I do have an opening. The team is Tampa Bay: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sUQ-KUykn2ZqVzx4X9v5uVXsvPpD-7Az50T6UXYenhM/edit#gid=696509648 Sign up here: http://nhlfantasy11.proboards.com/
  3. I am assisting a buddy of mine in designing a ncaa themed nfl league, where each conference is represented. The amount of teams the league will have varies. It all depends on demand. Right now, he is focusing on filling major conferences (ACC BIG10 BIG12 SEC PAC12) and then expanding to other conferences (MW/AAC etc) if demand increases. Each conference will run its own separate player pool. So essentially it’ll be 4 or 5 small leagues in one large league. There will be a buy in per team ($50-$100) with payouts for highest weekly score, conference championships, poll wins, nations champions, etc. Each university will have 100m to start with, and can assign contract years. The initial startup will be a free agent auction. The rosters will be QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/DL/DL/LB/LB/LB/DB/DB starting lineup of 14, followed by 10 bench spots. 20 man taxi squad. Devy players will be included in the startup. Each team may nominate 1. Others will be awarded via a snake draft each offseason (each conference has their own). You may own more than one team, but may not play in the same conference as your other teams. Playing yourself in the playoffs is a possibility. Playoff teams will be conference winners, seeded 1-4/6 depending on amount of teams. The site itself is under construction right now, however, if you’re interested I can forward your info on to the Commish. Reach me at jstoudt21@gmail.com
  4. Oakland, Chicago Cubs, LAD, and Pittsburgh all are looking. Philadelphia has been filled.
  5. Mlbpipelinedynasty.proboards.com Our MLB side of the league is full, however, the league was built on the idea that each owner would/could bring in additional personnel to help run their minor league teams. We compete at the AAA/AA level as well as the MLB level, so the additional help has been requested by a few owners. Our minors are relatively deep, with 90 players across 3 levels. You do win "prizes" for winning a AAA/AA championship. Those prizes are not monetary in value, they are in the form of additional MLB cap space, IFA money, or competitive balance round picks. A couple things to keep in mind. You wouldn't be responsible for the MLB team, however, would allow you to stay involved until a MLB spot opens up. Each owner may have their own "stipulations" that they would want you to do. Whether it be just setting lineups in the minors on a weekly basis, scout future draft classes, or help move players between levels. The possibilities are truly endless. I encourage everyone to at least consider the idea as this could become a truly interesting league with more than 30 owners, maybe even enough owners to have a separate person controlling each AAA team! If you are interested, please post in the GM sign up thread. I will maintain a list of owners who are looking for assistance. Once you sign up I will let those owners know you are there and they can begin "interviewing" you, if you will. Hope to see you there! Justin, Commish, PHI Owner
  6. Unfortunately no, however, the league was built on the idea that MLB owners would "hire" minor league GMs to run their minor league teams (since we compete at the AAA/AA levels). If you are interested in that, please register at the forum and I will let my MLB GMs know that there is a prospective MiLB GM out there. I myself am interested in bringing someone on to my franchise.
  7. Register here mlbpipelinedynasty.proboards.com and I will get you squared away.
  8. Hello, What I’ve tried to do is construct a realistic, yet simple style fantasy league for baseball enthusiasts. This league will require a lot of attention. Welcome to the MLB Pipeline Dynasty, where you not only compete at the MLB level, but also the AAA, AA, A levels as well! Each league has its respective structure and prizes that can be used to develop your farm system or mlb teams! The proboards site is a work in progress, but I have began to construct the spreadsheet and the MLB rules page is already up. Feel free to check it out and post any questions you may have! Hope to see you there! Let’s make this league amazing! http://mlbpipelinedynasty.proboards.com/ Justin - Commish
  9. Anaheim owner left due to time constraints. Team is fighting for a wildcard spot. Quite a few injuries. Jstoudt21@gmail.com if you’re interested!
  10. Milwaukee was taken, but the new owner seems to not be willing to register for our proboards. So i'm going to go ahead and replace him, the team is 0-10. If you provide your email I will send you over the roster and information.